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    ATTN: CLAN LEADERS - Bored of Pub Stomping?


      Hello there! My name is Evan and I am part of the CoD: Ghosts clan RusH. We are an organized and active clan that is searching for competition as well as providing an easier place for Clan Leaders to organize Clan Scrimmages. We've discovered that there really isn't a place on the web for this organization to happen easily, mostly because all forums on the web reach a large population of CoD players.  Essentially, there are forums upon forums on several websites that do not organize content in a way that makes it easy to find other clans for this type of organization.


      With that being said, we have set up a FACEBOOK GROUP for Clan Commanders and Lieutenants only. The goal of the group is to better organize Clan Scrimmaging and Competition by allowing a smaller pool of Clan Leaders to communicate and setup clan vs. clan matches.  


      If you are a Clan Commander or Lieutenant and would like to be a part of this group, simply request approval to the group here:


      Call of Duty: Ghosts | Clan Leaders


      Can't wait to here from you!


      Evan Kosters (RusH)
      Xbox Gamertag - WForsakenW