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    [PS4] [US] Lvl 23 clan WickedGuerillas are looking for THREE PS4 recruits



      I am NOON, a LTC, and PS4 representative of the WickedGuerillas. We started as a small PS3 clan, and have recently started to expand to the next gen consoles. Due to this, we are looking for three new recruits to help us on the battlefield. So far we have had great success in clan wars and we are looking to make a statement in the diamond division and get our war cry gear!


      Our minimum requirements are as follows:


      Must be 18 years old


      • Must have the COD App : We use this as our major form of communication outside the game


      • Minimum K/D of 1.00 : We need to depend on each other and when our back is against the wall we need to know we can count on you. I really don't care about k/d personally once you become a member as long as you are active and play the objective.


      • MUST BE ACTIVE: this is non negotiable, we are going for the win in clan wars and we are looking for daily players, or at least people who play 3 days a week. Most of the clan plays late at night so if you play then that is a giant plus, but we play throughout the day at random times as well.


      • Have Fun! :  after all this is a game and we are all trying to have a good time.



      - ALSO - 


      Due to the very small size of our PS4 subdivision, these are additional requirements:


      • North American players only (Sorry, but nobody has time for laggy games, and timezone wise it makes the most sense)

      • You must have a microphone.


      • During regular clan wars, being available right at the gate (Wednesdays 3PM EST) is a huge plus. During Diamond Clan Wars Fri-Sun night availability is mandatory (this is a bit complex, will explain more via chat when you are in your trial period)


      • We are looking for players that play nights. Anywhere between 6 PM-12 PM EST seems to be our sweet spot.


      • Finally, I want to reiterate with what was said above... we are looking for fun people to run with. All of the rules that we are enforcing are to narrow our scope down to the right people to win, collect gear, and have a good time with.



      If you fit the criteria, fill out an application on our forums: http://www.xwgx.enjin.com/


      If you are accepted, you will be on an initial trial period. This trial will be defined by the amount of applicants before the next clan war. The cream of the crop will then be chosen. If we have a huge amount of successful applicants, we will have to see when the time comes.


      I look forward to running with some of you in the future!