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        SHIELD is a crucial agency in all the MARVEL universe...

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          Finally a truly great episode. I have been waiting for this all season and finally they deliver what I was hoping for. For the first time it felt like a Marvel comic and not a spy thriller. Lots of great action, Asgardian's kicking ass, Ward and May in a total throw down, knockdown, drag out fight, May having another agenda, yes. My only quibble is if you know you are going against an enemy who can bend any man to her whim than don't give her access to any man who is as lethal and resourceful as Ward or really any male Shield agent. It is just bad tactics to go after her with anybody but female agents, that would have made the episode practically perfect.


          If they could deliver episodes like this consistently than this is a show I want to watch next year.

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            This was a pretty awesome episode (just like the last Asgardian episode!).  Sif got to be awesome as always, and Lorelei was a pretty cool villain to deal with.  I'm also interested to see if Lorelei being brought back alive ties into that ending of Thor 2.  May and Ward's fight was pretty awesome, too.  At first, I was disappointed when it looked like Ward had the upper hand with the gun at the end, so it was awesome when it turned out she had already taken the bullets out.  Like you said, though, it made no sense to send a team of men in to fight Lorelei and to leave the only woman fighter on the team in May out of it.  I know they just did it to get Ward controlled by her, but it would've been nice to have a bit of an explanation for that. 


            Coulson and Fitz's conversation when Fitz was controlled by Lorelei was hilarious, too.  Just throwing that out there. 


            Surprisingly, in that last scene, Skye was the one who came across as not a moron, though.  Coulson's been talking about how secrets are bad, but now he's the one keeping secrets from the team and worrying about the drug.  It was weird to actually agree with Skye for once when she said that it's kinda ridiculous for Coulson to be mad about having their lives saved by the drug.  It'll be interesting to see where May's involvement in that scene leads, though...

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              Yep for the first time Skye was not irritating, wow. Yeah the whole Fitz under control thing was pretty hilarious, when he is chasing Simmons saying we cannot have you running around, like he was trying to catch a puppy.


              I really liked the Ward vs. May fight because they portrayed it pretty accurately and as the saying goes a good big fighter will beat a good small fighter, and I can attest to this because I was in the martial arts for a long time and did a lot of kumite, sparring, and even fought full contact a couple of times and reach, weight and strength make a big difference. Back then I was about 177 pounds so fought light heavyweight, but in my class we would spar everybody and even when sparring with women who were really high belts they had a very hard time getting near me because of my reach advantage and strength. So when you see Ward just picking May up and slamming her against the ceiling or to the ground that was very accurate and even though May is totally awesome against a opponent who is way taller, heavier and stronger with an equivalent level of skill she would go down.


              Loved all the Sif scenes and her fight with Lorelei was great, all in all the best episode and I really hope they don't slide back into mediocrity.

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                I'm not sure where you're getting Ward beating May in that fight.  It ended up as a draw, from what I could tell (which surprised me because I thought May was a way better fighter than Ward).  Ward thought he had the upper hand at the end when he pointed the gun at her, but it turned out there were no bullets in it because May took them out.  Before they could fight anymore, Lorelei's control got broken, so neither one really won the fight.  It was definitely a fun fight to see their totally different styles, though, with May being quicker and more agile and Ward being stronger and having that reach advantage. 

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                  Well what I am saying is that it was only May's greater skill that kept her in the fight at all, although I don't think May is that much better than Ward since they established on the first show that Ward was pretty a one man do it all machine who didn't need any backup. However in real life with the skill levels that close, Ward would have crushed her. The average guy is 50% stronger than the average woman, now both Ward and May are in great shape but with Ward's height and weight advantage May would be in serious trouble. But I did like the fight and I thought they showed each of their strengths and they used them well. It was a cool, brutal fight, although not cool of May to hit Ward after he came out of being controlled. I don't know why TV land thinks it is okay for a woman to hit a guy with a sucker punch whereas if a guy did it to a girl oh my gosh the outrage that would ensue. But yeah in the show they pretty much made it a draw for the fight which I was ok with.

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                    So, we don't have any new episodes again until April 1st.  They're really hurting the show's chance to build momentum by having breaks so often.  It seems like they have a break anytime they air a really cool episode like this. 

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                      Good point. That was the best episode of the season and now another break, argh.

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                        I doubt it will be released on april's 1st, since it's april's fool day =D

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                          So another good episode with some great twists. This is what I was hoping for and I am glad they are finally getting into a groove. Coulsen getting really paranoid, Deathlock was very cool, Ward just popping a guy, May who is obviously spying for Fury not the bad guy and of course the big reveal that it is a Shield Agent who is the Clairvoyant. All in all, good action, nice twists and some fun.


                          Rogue what did you think since Hawk seems to not be watching anymore.

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