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    Possibility of Beachhead Studio giving forum support ???

      Ok - this might seem like a hair brained idea, but let me give it a whirl.


      Every day there are posts from clan users needing help. A lot of the time it is a clan leader who is having problems with App management. Alas, most of these problems are not fixable by forum members or Atvi Support.


      Not everyone has twitter to reach @beachheadstudio. I have already sent tweets on behalf of a couple of customers without twitter. Moreover, not everyone knows that it is Beachhead who runs clan wars.


      My proposal is simple - how about a Beachhead representative pops into the Support Section of this forum twice weekly, perhaps on a Monday and Thursday.


      Advantages --> quicker response time,, easier to support when not limited by 146 characters,, cuts out the middleman of Atvi CS,, reaches beyond the twitter audience,, gives more purpose to the forum,, increases forum traffic,, improved customer satisfaction.


      I'm sure the following Posters would appreciate it:

      confidential roster clan leader?

      I got kicked of my own clan. HELP!

      Got app, now I'm 'classified'

      my app isnt loading my profile. i have loged out and reset my phone a few times but nothing. anyone know?


      What do you think gang, worth it?


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