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        10. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

        That doesnt necessarily mean they arent active. They simply may have no strategy or organization.

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          11. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

          thats because clan wars match up is with all machine. consoles and pc. i learn that in last clan wars, as i faught same thing.

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            12. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

            If they are boosting, they should be dealt with. You should message atvi assist twitter. You may also want to re tweet back to beachhead giving the details you left out of your previous tweet.

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              13. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

              thats not boosting, he said they caped them all withing a couple hours,


              well 6 ppl in the clan ingame. thats 6 capture points a win. most modes are 12cp for the node. so its only 2 wins on each gamemode.

              the rule in my clan is everyone has get together when it starts and get all the nodes.

              that normally takes 2 hours. then they just go back to there normal gamemodes.


              so i dont see why someone would clam there boosting from that

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                14. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                How did they make it to platinum if not one person on one team can manage to win one game. Just doesnt add up. System is broken... theres no way these people are active.

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                  15. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                  Yep, I understand how the lock works. Just seemed odd that they added 4 so quickly, but then I realized they had about 28 hrs to add the 4 members. Maybe they kicked ones that couldn't play before lock & added them back after. Either way I know it's 12 vs 12. I just don't understand how it's fair and balanced when their KDR & win% is double ours. We will have to play twice as much just to keep up. I know they had at least 5-6 playing together so no issue with them capping all nodes quickly. Thanks for input

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                    16. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                    My initial thought was that the message was related to matchmaking in-game during clanwars rather than matchmaking within the bracket your clan competes in..

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                      17. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                      i completely agree... but i will say this, your oppoents are in the same position my clan was in last war... what is the point of playing if 1 clan already has every node and there is no chance of playing?  especially if you are paired up against a clan that has a higher win %, higher kdr and puts in more hours on average?  so, we just made sure we were in 2nd or 3rd to keep us in platinum so that we could live to fight another day.

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                        18. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                        Very true.  However, there was a war where we had all nodes on the board, racked up a sizable lead (150-200cp).  Then, come weekend, 1 team absolutely grinded and took all nodes away from us with the double point value and easily passed us and took the win because we couldn't put the time in on the weekend to stop their momentum.  There was no other clan participating in that war other than us and the 1 other clan.


                        They won, but not sure it was worth their time lol.  The low win percentage teams usually join games, find out they will lose, leave, take the loss, join game, find out they will lose, leave, take loss, join game, find out they will win, take the win and points, join game, yadda yadda.  They are game searching and trying to find half finished games that they end up on winning teams.


                        The CW should only account for full game wins and not piggy back wins on other people's back.  I'm speaking from a smaller party type perspective here.

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                          19. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                          my last clan wars, 1 the other clans caped all the nodes, and as pc is pared with console in clan wars. there a big difference in the amount online.

                          blitz. cranked and alot other gamemodes. show 0 people playing, and after 10pm, i cvant find any gamemode other than tdm.


                          so thats not right to be paired with consoles. when we cant compete on the same level.


                          as for this clan wars. amazing that my clan all gone quiet, so ive had to it by myself. 1v8,

                          2 days without sleep to cap all the nodes.

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