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    What to spend my teeth on?

      At first I was was like im going to hold out until I reach 40 but that might not come as quick as I hoped, Now im looking into the weapon specialist purchase, maybe equip that with the 5% damage increase and really light those aliens up. Ive seen the medic one once and the revive was instant pretty sweet. Will you hold out until you reach the 40 or 50 teeth or are the 5,15,20 more visible?

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          1. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

          I just don't see hypno'ing rhinos worth 50...until you've got most of the smaller ones. Or a locker key honestly. I'm interested in getting the free skill point. Gonna take a while though.

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            2. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

            im going to try and work down from top to bottom. but if the temptation is too hard i'll probaly spend some of them (or all of them)

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              3. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

              my son spent all our teeth (10) at his first play i hope they will be usefull even if i would prefer to wait before spending them...

              i will have some work next week to earn new teeth

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                4. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                I've already bought the Higher Quality Incendiary Ammo, Sentry Armor, Faster Health Regeneration, and Protection Again Seeker Damage.



                The seeker damage one, seems to work SOME TIMES only, and not always. Some times they still take 1/3 or even 1/2 of my health, then other times they take about 1/5. So I really don't know what's going on with that.


                Now, I'm saving up for either the Medic Upgrade, or Engineer.

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                  5. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                  So can you have everything you've unlocked active at once or do you only get to pick a few? and does anyone know if the flaming stowed riot shield is actually on fire when it's on your back?... because that would be cool.

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                    6. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                    I have invested into weapon specialist first thing and it is truly destructive on everything. I would immediately spend 5 teeth though on seeker protection because with that upgrade the explosion does the same amount of damage as a scout attacking you. The high grade armor piercing ammo has little noticeable effect on enemies except for the bosses and the rhinos. The 5% damage upgrade does literally nothing for you against most aliens and would only help for rhinos by making them 3 less bullets to kill. I would go for Weapon Specialist upgrade, faster health regen, seeker protection and spawn with skill point. If you dont like weapon specialist that much, then choose medic upgrade. Engineer upgrade is glitchy and the tank upgrade for invincibility lasts for like 7 seconds maxed out and i havent found a use for it. Hope this helps!

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                      7. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                      Thanks for the details Jon :thumbsup

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                        8. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                        I Currently have 62 teeth not sure what to spend them on and I can't do any class ipgtades since they are not available for ps4 until mayday is downloaded,..I'm curiouser about the stowed riot shield and how that works if someone can enlighten me on it ...can I still carry a portable turret and does the shield stay the whole gsme ?

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                          9. Re: What to spend my teeth on?

                          I would spend at least 20 of those teeth for the start with the extra skill point.

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