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    Anybody noticed this?

      Hey guys, just want to check on a problem i have had since ive had ghosts.


      during single player offline/private match when an attack dog is called in the game is really jumpy and  unplayable.

      It runs fine if i dont use attack dog as long as the computer doesnt call one in.


      i know it is not that important as it is not a problem with multiplayer, but was wondering if anyone else had noticed this?


      Thanks in advance

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          Re: Anybody noticed this?

          I've noticed what I can only describe as lag, its like the game skips frames or stutters. I have noticed this with and without a dog. No idea if this is what your seeing but offline does have issues.

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            Re: Anybody noticed this?

            I was just playing Local and noticed the ingame counter quits at 99 kills. From 60-99 kills the "lag" gets really bad. Prior to 60 kills the game runs rather smooth. Not sure if this is the cause but It happened the same for two matches I had.

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