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      Note: If you are not from AUS/NZ on 360, please skip to the section in red as we have a way for you to play and win diamond clan wars with us

      About us:

      across a heap of game modes. So far we have won all but one clan war, two of those wins earning us war cry gear in diamond. As a clan we strive to win and as the title says we're level 25. We were the first clan within Australia to reach this maximum level.







      What we are looking for:

                                                   *Someone who is friendly and can possibly lead a team

                                                   *Generally good players who won't lose games when playing in a party

                                                   *Players with a mic and/or the Call of Duty app


      *If you think you can help us out or would like to apply, leave a post in this forum and we will get back to you! *



      For players not within our region or console: As a console we strive to win. If you believe you can help us do this but don't play on our console or region, there is a way for you to still win with us. BizR are also looking for teams of 4 - 6 players from any console or region that meet our PDT time slot. If you have a team, or a group of friends you would like to be considered for BizR please let us know. Keep in mind if you are not within our region or console, we are only accepting teams if you fall under those circumstances.


      Looking forward to playing with you all!


      - Malbyyy