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    Clan Hoppers-


      Here we can make a list of everyone that is a Clan Hopper. If you don't know what a clan hopper is, here's my definition of a Clan Hopper.


      Clan Hopper - Someone who feels the excessive need to apply to any and all clans, Once joined to a clan, they leave then join the next higher level clan.


      If you're interested in making a Clan Hopper list, Just leave the name of a clan hopper and i'll add it this (the main post). Thanks.

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          You're kidding, right?

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            I'll tell you why I'm here...because this isn't your personal board for shaming other gamers because YOU don't like something. You don't get to make up the rules anymore than I do, it's really as simple as that. If you don't believe me,  just stick around for awhile. To be blunt though, your suggestion is remarkably silly.

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              I do not mean this is a mean way but maybe you are a bad clan leader? Maybe others in your clan are a pain to play with? Maybe they find people that they play better with. There are many reasons people dont stay on a particular clan. Making a shame thread is kinda lame.

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                Yes it can be frustrating for a clan leader, but that should not strip the rights of a player from making their own choices. Say I join your clan and my favourite game mode is domination and the clan doesn't play domination.  Its pointless for me to stay, therefore I will search for a clan that has the preference as myself.  Say the clan leader doesn't login or any players at all, I will search for a more active clan. Say I want to play diamond wars but the clan plays gold. I will search for a clan that plays diamond wars. There is millions of reasons to leave a clan, and there is no shame in being unsatisfied with a clan your in.


                I think it's best if you focused on how to meet your clan members needs more than shaming them for what they couldn't get from your clan.


                I don't think much really care about the level of a clan as much as their own interest of satisfaction.


                I left several clans and I am a very loyal and committed player. First clan were squeakers,  which preferred to camp in tdm. I didn't like the style of gameplay,  so I just left. The second clan was amazing, but they all went to ps4. The third clan I joined was cool, but then they recruited hackers, so I left.the fourth clan I joined didn't play clan wars, so I left. The last clan I joined is just terrific.  They like the same game modes I play, they are legit, they cooperate alot and they play clan wars. I joined at level 16 and we just pushed it to 25 maxed this morning with the bonus from diamond wars. I played 8 clan wars with my current clan and haven't left and have no intention of leaving because I am satisfied with it. So that is how it goes for everyone. .. players like to find where they best fit in and where they can do their best and have fun.

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                    I agree.


                    I don't know why people put so much stock in clan level anyway. If you are trying to join a clan with a higher level, it's not that, the effort was given by you if you're new. The new player in a clan just gleaned it from the other players who put the effort in to get it there. Even then, it really does nothing for your own personal stats.  Besides the brightly colored camos that make one stick out like a sore thumb, the clan levels don't make sense to me. I guess you could say it shows how often a clan plays but, is it the whole clan or just one guy in the clan that never sleeps.

                    Maybe the clan level should be individually based, instead of group based,  just to show who really put in the effort..


                    Oh and yeah, the clan hoppers; what can you really do about it anyway? Not much. It's hard to tell if some one dislikes your clan, or if they want to just hop around. Unless they just say it to your face. How would you know? Just my thoughts..

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                    It is never a good idea to make a post on the forums that includes gamer tags and negativity, all it will do is backfire.


                    - Friendly Advice

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                      I think we should be making a hacker list clan hopper's are nobs,but they also have a choice there are no rules on how many clans people can join or leave.I was just in a lobby where,yes you guessed there were hackers 1 was 10th prestige in only 4 days lol it makes me wonder how the makers don't know I report all hackers and there still on.Thanks for reading.

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                        Name & Shame is not allowed on our forums. I think the community has given you some excellent advice here though.


                        Locking thread.


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