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    Ping Compensation horrible on ps4 needs adjustment

      the ps4 ping or lag compensation is so off its like i either kill everyone and cant be killed or i cant get a kill at all unless the guy isnt looking when i shoot him.


      on the ps3 its perfect and very consistent. the problem is they tuned both games to the same compensation

      ill explain:

      when the game loads it checks everyone's ping, my ping is about 20 ms. if there is a guy with a 150ms ping i will get a delay of 130ms to make it equal so the fastest connection wont always be the boss. its supposed to level out the game play.

      the tuning on ps3 is fine because the low graphics setting.

      the tuning on the ps4 is extremely bad because of the high graphics it needs one of 2 things


      1. increase the health on ps4 to 130% which is about one extra bullet but it totally makes the game play even. OR

      2. adjust the compensation separately for the ps4. cant use the same settings as ps3 needs compensation adjustment.

      or hook up a cell phone hotspot for the internet and then you will get the instant bullet fire and the other guys with good connections will have the delay.

      i have tested high ms ping with my hotspot and it was like shooting people not moving. 15 and 1 KD on search with hotspot

      1 and 8 KD with cable connection. gotta go back to black ops until they address this or just wait for the real deal in november. this game is still a beta as far as im concerned.

      get rid of infinity ward. you lost all the good guys after mw2 and since then infinty ward has second class developers who were so lazy they used the same engine from mw3 that engine was developed in 2009 5 years ago and its still in use un reaaaaalllll

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