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        Yeah, this was a pretty great episode!  I think they're starting to get on a roll, so I hope it continues through the end of the season.  Things are really starting to get intense with their discoveries about the Clairvoyant.  The whole team is on edge with Ward shooting the fake, May going after Fitz, and Coulson threatening May.  I'm not sure May's spying for Fury, though that would make a lot of sense.  It could be another high-ranking agent, though.  And now Hand is going after them, so things are going to get crazy.  I guess this episode and the next one were intentionally aired right before and after Cap 2 because they're supposed to play into things that happen in the movie somehow.  It definitely makes sense, considering the big role SHIELD looks like it'll have in that movie. 


        As a side note, I'll probably be a week behind starting next week.  ABC only puts the episodes up online a week after they air now, unless you have certain cable providers.  I'm gonna have to miss the next one's airing, so I'll have to catch up on it a week later which will put me a week behind on every episode for the rest of the season. 

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          Guys, this weeks episode just got a whole lot more intense thanks to Cap TWS, that actually makes this show all the better.

          I'm not going to spoil the movie for anyone (although I might with some spoiler warnings later..), but everything makes so much sense, and it gives me hope May isn't lying that she's bad! Honestly I'm more worried about where Garret and Trip lie after this!

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            I just saw Cap today, and I can say that now I get why they kept having breaks between episodes.  They needed these episodes to line up with the movie for it to work.  It's actually a pretty awesome and risky move to do on their part, and I think it's awesome to tie this so closely to the movies.  It just made me even more excited to see the next episode!

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              Okay just saw the latest episode and another really good one and even had a bit of a twist I didn't expect and a very big twist at the end. Is Ward really Hydra or did he and Coulsen hatch a plan to insert Ward into Hydra by killing Hand, or maybe fake killing her and her guards, hmmm. But the episode was fast paced, action packed and fun. All things I was hoping for when they announced the series. I really like how they tied the movie into the show with Hydra rising, pretty cool synergy.


              Ok just read an article, More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/news/tv/2014...with the guy who plays Ward over at Marvel and Ward really is a Hydra agent and really gunned down Victoria Hand. According to the actor they just told him a day before they shot the last episode and he was shocked but also excited to be playing a bad guy since he gets to do his scenes with Bill Paxton. So that is a bit wow for me I didn't think this show had the guts to go that dark. What do you guys think? The guy played Ward as such a straight arrow to have him been Hydra all along is really interesting to say the least.

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                Yeah, that episode was crazy!  The show is really picking up.  It's too bad Hawk and Jad haven't been keeping up on it, because this SHIELD vs. Hydra stuff is just what we've been waiting for.  It was really cool how the show ended up tying in so closely to the movie.  This is the kinda stuff this show can do with being part of the Marvel movie universe.  Making Ward part of Hydra can really lead into some crazy stuff, especially since the team doesn't even know about it yet.  It looked like Ward was a little regretful of it, though, which makes you wonder if he'll stick with Hydra, especially because of his whole thing with Skye, 


                This totally opens things up to go into crazy directions, though, since SHIELD is just about totally wrecked.  It makes you wonder what might happen with some of the super-powered villains like Graviton and Blizzard that they've captured. 

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                  Yeah it really leads to a lot of questions about how they are going to be able to continue. If Shield is defunct or pretty much defunct who is going to pay for the enormous costs of keeping that giant plane in the air? They say the upkeep and fuel on a small private jet is upwards of a million a year, where are they going to get the money to pay for the plane, all the gadgets and so forth? Also do you think security agencies around the world are going to just let ex shield agents run around the world doing what they want? I mean Maria HIll joined Stark, Carter is in the CIA, there is no Shield so how do they stay operational? Also where are they going to get their intelligence on what to do without Shield to provide it for them? I really hope they address some of this stuff quickly otherwise it will completely defy the logic and continuity they are trying to establish. Maybe Coulsen or May has access to some huge, secret slush fund, maybe they are on the run from other security agencies, there are lots of way they could go. But if it is just them flying around this plane acting like they are still Shield that would be crazy. I have really enjoyed the last two episodes and I hope they can give us a good explanation on how Coulsen and his team are going to operate in a world where Shield is toast.

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                    They've done all kinds of interviews, and they're definitely addressing what they'll do without SHIELD.  They've said all kinds of stuff about how they suddenly have no oversight and have to make do with way less equipment because they don't have SHIELD to supply them with stuff.  The next episode is supposed to have them butting heads with a big-shot Air Force commander or something, I think, so it looks like they're trying to answer all your questions!

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                      That is good to hear. I really hope they don't skim over that stuff as really it should be difficult for them to operate and also where is their mandate now that Shield is no more? They are basically a team that has no real purpose outside of fighting Hydra I guess. Also since they operate in America and they have no official mandate is the US government just going to let them run around? Maybe this Air Force thing you are talking about will deal with that. But it seems to me they would be really vulnerable and ineffective at this time. I am really interested in seeing how they write their way out of this situation.

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                        Okay they handled almost everything I was worried about and that was great. Loved seeing Shield taken apart, no fuel for the jet, having to be on the run, taking their badges away, all of that was spot on with what was going on. I like Ward way more as a bad guy than I ever did as a good guy. Loved the line where Flowers says "Coulsen is a good man don't you feel like you owe him something," and Ward's response "Yes but I owe him," pointing at Paxton, "everything", loved that writing. It was like this knew role allowed the actor to just relax and be much more animated and compelling. There is no doubt Paxton is awesome he just has charisma, something this show was in short supply of, and every scene with him in it is awesome especially know that he is just being his bad old self, lol. The raid on the fridge was great and really any scene with Paxton and Ward was spot on and interesting.


                        Outside of the way they properly handled the dismantling of Shield I found almost all the scenes with the good guys pretty boring and flavorless. Coulsen being agitated was okay up until he tried to really emote at the spot where the secret base was before he threw his wallet. He tried to act out being completely unraveled and boiling over with rage and it just felt forced and untrue. When he threw his wallet it was pretty ridiculous. I did like the base but I am not a big fan of Patton Oswald I don't find him that funny and he comes across as a complete administrator not someone who Fury would trust with the secret that he is alive.


                        The show does have one major problem as far as I can see and that is the good guys are really lacking in charisma, Coulsen has never had any, May is great when she is in a fight but outside of that she is pretty bland, Fitz and Simmons wrangling can be funny sometimes but as a running gag it can get old and I don't see any chemistry between the new specialist and Simmons even though they are trying to convince us otherwise. Skye is actually getting a little better but not good enough to carry the team.  This is especially true when you compare their scenes with any scene that has Paxton in it, they are more engaging, funnier and just way more interesting. Paxton is hilarious and when he chastises the guy for his double armed Hail Hydra that was hilarious. I wish the show would be renamed Agents of Hydra and we follow them trying to take over the world. It will be interesting to see if that dichotomy keeps on happening and while the shows have gotten way better what is happening right now is pretty indicative of the problem with the show in general and that is the team they have picked to be the stars are pretty doggone boring when it comes down to it and having Paxton on the show just bolds, highlights and underlines it.

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                          Yo am I the only one watching Shield right now? At the beginning of the season I was the one being the most critical and you guys were telling me to be patient it would get better. Now I am the only one watching when it gets pretty good, hilarious.


                          Well liked the latest episode as well. Love the dark Ward and glad Patton is no longer on the show although being garroted is not a good way to go. Did like Coulsen and his cellist but was kind of sad as well. Skye is getting better and what is up with May. Like the darker approach still like Ward and his stuff then the main team right now but maybe it will integrate into a better show. Maria Hill is on next week's show, like that, so enjoying the way the season is ending.

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