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        160. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (4/3/14)

        How about unnerfing the bolt action sniper class with silencer.!  Also unnerf the IEDs.  Why are you coders catering to only one style of play.  Run and gun nonsense!!

        Last Edited: Apr 4, 2014 12:37 PM
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          161. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (4/3/14)

          Cant log on the PS4 Ghost ,


          tried rebuilding database

          uninstalled the game and re-installed

          internet connection is good

          lan connected


          at first when I booted the game it jus recycled to the beginning
          , un-installed the game , now re-installed and it wont get pass the opening screen

          what do I do next ?

          Last Edited: Apr 4, 2014 7:34 PM
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            162. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (4/3/14)

            First off, I have a 2.4 k/d, am master prestige, dislike campers and am not a noob to cod. I write this to address certain issues in this game. First reduce the effectiveness of the IED. Second increase the recoil of the m27-iar every noob from here to Kansas uses that gun. Third be loyal to your true fans and stop nerfing snipers. Increase the radius of c4's so I can get those corner campers. Why does incog even exists?

            Last Edited: Apr 5, 2014 1:13 AM
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              163. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (4/3/14)

              I am still getting frame rate issues..anyone ?

              Last Edited: Apr 5, 2014 11:06 PM
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                164. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (4/3/14)

                You ruined the game and turned it into BO2 with the smg boost. Absolutely insane the new range and damage on then. Shouldn't the assault rifles be the most balanced interns of range and damage and smgs just be the most manueverable and quickest? Now I get insta-killed by them from anywhere and there's no balance.

                Last Edited: Apr 6, 2014 8:04 PM
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                  165. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (4/3/14)

                  anyone want to join my new clan jurassic elite we have 4 members and growing

                  Last Edited: Apr 7, 2014 5:04 AM
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                    166. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (4/8/14)

                    After the Apr 3 update, when one of our lobby members loses connection to the lobby host, the entire party is pulled out of the ongoing game in order to keep us all together forcing an automatic loss.  Previously when this happened, only that one member dropped out of the game. When this happens an error message is shown.  It reads "One of our party members lost their connection to the lobby host;  we followed him back to the party screen."  This means that we can no longer invite this member to our games unless we are willing to lose most of them.  Since this has only been happening after the Apr 3 update, and never once before, I have to assume it's related to the update.

                    Last Edited: Apr 8, 2014 1:56 PM
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                      167. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (4/8/14)

                      Ever since I downloaded the latest update for ps4 I have had people jumping over my I E D , I spawn in front of the person who just killed me , in domination I always spawn near the enemy position , in C Q B situations where I shoot first at enemies that did not know I was there I die , even when quick draw is equipped , the new match making is unbalanced and flawed : just because I am 10th prestige does not mean I am good nor do I want to play against other 10th prestigers every match all day every day , I am not playing C O D because I want to prove I am the best in the world , I play for fun because I like the game and want to earn in game unlocks . Silver division clans should compete against other silver division clans and diamond should play against diamond.


                                   Aim assist does not work , the only time my accuracy increases is when I am prone , when I stand or crouch my gun will not stay on target regardless of the attachments used . Other players kill me with less bullets than it takes me to kill them . Run and gun perks are over powered , no one should be able to get away from I E D  or I M S  or bullets . In domination players should get a whole point for capping no matter what , the players defending should earn killstreaks just as fast as the player on the other team not capping at all , why punish the people actually playing the objective and reward the people that are not helping there team , domination is about capping flags and holding flags and getting kills in the process . The frame rate needs to be fixed it is only getting worse with every update.

                      Last Edited: Apr 9, 2014 1:12 AM
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                        168. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (4/8/14)

                        Excellent choice on adding points for playing objectives such as KC and DOM.  I was playing KC last night and had a WTF moment since within a few minutes into the game I was already calling in an Oracle.  Not sure how I missed the update notes.

                        Last Edited: Apr 9, 2014 9:57 AM
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                          169. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (4/8/14)

                          Please give us an option to turn off/on the dlc map pack in the match making just like mw3 did. Since the map got into the regular rotation, it screwed the matchmaking for the ps4. It kept matching on the same 2-3 player groups every time.

                          Last Edited: Apr 14, 2014 10:06 PM
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