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    Let's Discuss the Ripper (Not a whining thread)

      I think this gun is good, but not the greatest thing ever known like I have been seeing and hearing people complain about.  SMG mode is about equal to CBJ or Bizon imo, which honestly I don't think are great but aren't terrible in the same sense.  AR mode is equatable to the Maverick which yet again is good but not great or terrible.

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          SMG is pretty beastly.  AR is below average. lower than Maverick

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            I didn't buy into the hype and get the season pass, but there are more than enough laying on the ground after I kill the people using them to know it's a decent gun. I really like the sights on it for both versions and the fact that you can switch quickly between the variations is nice. I'm not sure about getting the new dlc yet, as so far the multiplayer maps just don't look good to me and the gun isn't worth the money. I imagine once the new factor wears off most people will go back to the old standby weapons though.

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              In SMG mode, it seems to be very effective - along the lines of the MTAR if you use muzzle brake.  In AR mode, it isn't nearly as effective due to the slow fire rate.


              The iron sights in SMG mode are very good and allow you to take 2 other very useful attachments.  The MTAR's iron sights are awful IMO and impacts your FOV way too much.  It's a good DLC weapon, not OP, but a nice progression of the gun game.

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                You summed it up pretty well.  In SMG mode it's like the Bizon which most people think is a terrible gun (I did too at first) but really isn't.  In AR mode it's a low end AR.  Probably on par with the Maverick but not really better than any of the stock ARs.  For long range SMG firing it reminds me of the MTAR.  The stock recoil will pull you off target if you aren't careful but it's manageable.  The iron sights are perfect.  It's one of the very few weapons in the game in which I actually like the iron sights.  Overall I really like this weapon.  It just fits me well as an all purpose weapon.  Not the best at anything but good enough at most things for a person that knows what they are doing.

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                  I Didn't get season pass but pick up after I kill people. It's very accurate on smg, I like it cause I run & gun. Next year I'll get the season pass. Maverick was great too I use it a lot too. ass me on ps4 if you play a lot I do lol whiskey_49 is my psn

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                    What messes with me on the Ripper is how it strafes in AR mode. See I don;t use stalker with AR's and I am so used to the slow strafing of an AR, that it throws me off when I put the Ripper in AR mode.

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                      When I first saw the Ripper I thought it was an over-thought concept and didn't think the whole switching between AR/SMG would be used very much if at all. To my surprise, it's come in handy on a few occasions already. As an SMG, I consider it to be as good as any SMG in the game. It's got good power and a good rate of fire yet still has manageable recoil. I also like the iron sights in SMG mode. However, as an AR... it's a different story. In my opinion, the AR has too much recoil and not enough power. The AR sight is decent but at a distance when you're really going to need it, the recoil is going to take away the advantage of having the sight anyway.


                      Overall, a good weapon. Like I said, looking at the other SMG's I can't see one that's obviously better than the Ripper. Yet looking at the other AR's I can't find one that I would put the Ripper in AR mode up against. I highly recommend running around with the Ripper in SMG mode and only switching to AR mode when you absolutely have to. I'd also like to mention that the Ripper is so ugly, it's cool lol

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                        So far I've been using it almost every match and loving it. That being said it fits into my play style very well. I tend to move from point to point.. not so much run and gun but more of a stealth sneaking around type. I play mostly HC and run it with it silenced with the grip. SMG mode when moving from point to point.. find cover.. flipe to AR mode with what I think is a very nice sight and take a few longer ranged shots.. get a few kills.. back to SMG and move on to the next point. It echos my SMG/FAL overkill classes from previous games with no need to spend the space on the perk and a 2nd weapon. My only real "complaint" (put that in quotes because it was prob done for balance) is the mag's and the ammo supply seems to be a little on the short side. Other then that I'm really digging this gun

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                          I made a similar post the other day, I really like this weapon. Its very predictable when in AR mode (at least for me it is). I like how it has a fast strafe movement as I only use smgs and shotguns, The ripper fits right into my game play. The rapid fire only works on the AR not when its sub. At first I was disappointed about that, but i find myself using it in AR mode often so the rapid fire works for me. Also I like the extended mags and muzzle break.


                          Btw I bought the season pass saturday for the ripper..and that the map pack was released into regular rotation. I was not gonna buy the season pass until they released the maps because whats the point for buying something you're not gonna use! Now lets hope they keep releasing good guns....Ive yet to mess with the maverick, gotta get the ripper gold first!

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                            AR's tend to suit my play style better, but it seems like a decent gun. I like that there is no need to run stalker with it. That really opens up my perks.

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                              I finally decided to break down and buy the season pass this afternoon. I have picked up plenty of rippers off the ground recently and run with them, but after setting up my own classes with it, I really am having fun with it. I am a huge SMG fan, which LT-shinysidez has probably noticed from other threads lol.


                              The gun is really good as a SMG, and it is best used staying in that mode.


                              The AR version is the slowest firing in the AR category, maybe even for the entire selection of automatic weapons in the game. 600 RPM. Even though the AR is not that great, being able to have the ranged accuracy on a SMG to pick an easy target off in the distance is awesome.


                              One other thing I noticed about it, for some reason I almost feel like I need to run extended mags. If I run into those occasional spray situations, or even ADS trying to kill more than 2 people I am screwed by the fast fire rate lol. My best setup on it as of now is extended mags and silencer. Grip is nice, but I do not think the gun needs it. 

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                                With Grip and Rapid fire, there's very little recoil in either mode.  I can reliable snipe folks with the thing.  I alternate between Grip/Rapid, Grip/Muzzle, and Grip/Armor.   I'm an AR/Marksman/Sniper player, so I like guns that function at range.  The Grip feels like a must if you're wanting to get mid to long range kills.


                                It is quite nice to have something that's effective in tight quarters for a change.  I've hip fired my fair share with the SMG.


                                A solid gun all-around.

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                                  I want access to all attachments on the ripper or they can have it back . What is the point of buying a gun you can't setup for different game modes . They need to move the ability to switch between smg and ar  to the D-pad  and leave the site controls in the circle button , then we could change the sites and keep the function of the ripper .

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                                      I disagree with the idea of adding all the sights to it.  I think having them would create an OP weapon.  The only real drawback to the current gun is that it doesn't have optic options.  Remove that, and I'll take it over just about any other SMG/AR.  You're basically asking for a Bizon and an SC2010, without the need for overkill or to physically switch weapons.  That's going too far, in my opinion.

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                                      Got it gold the day it came out. IKR No life.


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