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    Clan Wars: Las Vegas and Clan Wars: Siberia Rewards

      Clan Wars: Las Vegas and Clan Wars: Siberia have completed. Congratulations to all winning Clans and to everyone who helped push for victory in this war! We’ve always been amazed by Call of Duty fans’ dedication to Clan Wars, and these recent Clan Wars were no exception.



      Rewards will be distributed over the next 48 hours to both Bronze-Platinum and Diamond divisions.


      For those who finished first in Gold and below: your efforts will be rewarded by promotion into the next division.


      For those who came in second or third in Platinum and below: your efforts will also be rewarded. You will be, at a minimum, retained in your current division for your efforts, and might even be promoted if your efforts were sufficient.


      Call of Duty app Availability:

      We recognize that the Call of Duty app is vital to ensuring that your Clan is targeting the correct nodes, and that during Clan Wars: Las Vegas there were two significant periods where the app was unavailable. To reflect this, we will be awarding Clans who finished in the top three places of their division the equivalent of a win towards their next in-game unlock. Please note that only finishing in first place in Platinum division counts towards Diamond eligibility.


      Diamond Division: EU Timezone

      Diamond division Clans who took part in the European region will be awarded Diamond Leaderboard points equivalent to having finished one place higher than in reality due to limited availability of online play for Xbox One users.


      In both cases Clans must have achieved a positive CP count in their Clan War to qualify.