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        on another note, i had seen winter soldier two days ago, and i totally totally loved it! best Marvel movie till date, by far! and i never really thought i would say that.. have never been a captain america fan. i'm guessing some of you may or may not have seen it yet, so, my mouth is zipped. no spoilers.

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          Hey Mike glad to have you back


          Hawk that was quite the opus, lol,


          Nova read Iron Man 200 to about 235 that has the armor wars in it and some nice upgrades in IM's armor that are nicely done. I would also recommend the Extremis graphic novel by Warren Ellis.

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            Oh wow, this is painful. I always watch Agents of Shield with my dad, but he's out of town until tomorrow night and I have to wait until then... I'm having to avoid most of Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, and basically everywhere until tomorrow night. Not cool, not cool at all.


            @Mike: Oh hi Mike, I don't believe we've ever met, unless you suffered a name change at some point. But hey, I'm Nova, another friend of this group of survivors, haven't been to active until the last couple days though! So yeah, nice to (kind of, if you see this!) meet you Mike!


            @Hawk: Wow! Now that's a list of suggestions if I ever saw one! Lucky I asked for suggestions right when Rogue did, useful for me too! Haha, thanks for that


            @Iron: Haha, going in with low expectations is a smart idea. Makes things less painful a lot of the time. Haha, ok that sounds a bit more like what I've been hearing. That's a shame that is wasn't too good of a movie if it that good to the original legend. I actually never even knew it was based on a real legend.

            Is Marvel Heroes the MMO or the game you play on Facebook? I remember they had painfully similar names...

            Would you say the IM story is improved over the last story? I really did not enjoy Iron Metropolis and stopped reading after that ended.


            @Rogue: Happy birthday! Huh, you must be getting pretty old now.. Catching up to Jadryx I'd expect?


            Hmm, I'll be sure to check that one out! Heroes on the run from the gov is one of my favorite storytypes (so I bet you can guess which movie was EXTRA awesome for me?).
            I actually strongly considered moving the Widow to my group of comics that I actually buy, but the new Captain Marvel series won that spot. So you quit buying All-New X-Men? What a shame, it's a great series!


            Unlimited comics... Woah. And on your phone? Woah... Ok, wow, that sounds like something I should check out soon! I really hate subscription stuff, but I feel like it might be worth it. How did you manage to get this for free?


            Zero debt?? Impressive! You are already miles ahead of a lot of people because of that! Haha, that's got to be a nice feeling.

            Writing would definitely be an awesome career to get, but only if you publish books as Rogue Shadow of course. But yeah, got to have that job to pay the bills. I don't think writing a book with no way of living a life is really the way to go. Even if the job you get means you have to spend your winter housesitting a giant hotel, got to pay those bills.


            Well... The class I had with him was film production and that was the one class I did the best in, so there wasn't much to be distracted from and having him there was actually help. But not having him around will be better for my work ethic. And it'll also be nice not having him around me cheating. He pissed off every one of our friend group with his constant cheating. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what got him kicked out. And if so... He kind of deserved it for that. At least he's still in high school, so it's not like he has nowhere to fall back on.

            But on a bright side, I finally had the guts to look at my transcript, and it turns out my grades were better than I thought. I still got one C, but at least it was only one instead of two.


            Ahh, yes, now I remember! Fun topic to read! You're pretty far into this, how long ago did you start writing it?


            Oh, I think I remember it, is it the one you can play on Facebook? Or wasn't it an MMO? Or aren't there both but with painfully similar names?


            Oh yeah. there's a ton of figures, almost every character you could hope for has been made. I mean not all of them were made as modern age figures, which look nicer and are much better pieces than the older ones, but even if it's an older piece, it's still there. And yes, there's a Mockingbird figure! Unfortunately she was only ever included in a starter pack, so she's either painfully hard to find online or unpleasantly expensive. You don't go to comic shops? You must! They're amazing! Well most of the time. They are a big pain to your wallet and you will indeed want to buy everything. Thankfully my local shop is big and kind enough that they provide couches for customers sit around for hours and just read all they want. It's really great, and because they do that I'm even more inclined to buy stuff from them. Sadly I know most places will not allow you to do that...

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              I go to bed early one day and it seems like I have tons of posts to catch up on, haha.  First off, happy birthday, Rogue!  I hope you had a good day and watched Thor: TDW in between stretches of Lightning Returns and reading comics, haha.


              @Mike - Hey, good to see you popping up here! I agree, the new Cap movie is really good!  Not sure if it beats out Avengers, though it's easily the best Cap we've gotten so far!  It's the first time we've really got to see such a confident, take charge Cap and hopefully that carries over into Avengers 2 with him being their leader.


              @Iron - Haha, I had a little more, but I cut it off since the post was already massive.  I also totally blanked on some sweet X-Men stories, aside from the obvious like Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past.  I could name some Punisher stories, but I don't know if Rogue or Nova would like something as dark as Garth Ennis likes to get.  I think I have the Avengers pretty well covered though and despite my bias they aint all about Clint, haha.


              @Nova - I hope you get to see SHIELD soon!  The spoilers I've read have been very juicy with some big stuff going down!


              Haha, yeah, I wasn't really expecting much in the way of Hawkeye, but it kinda sucks that they reference almost everything BUT Clint.  You would think with the plot of the movie being what it is they woulda threw out one quick line why he's not involved.  I guess I gotta wait for Avengers 2 to finally get my Hawkeye fix.  The Morgan and Liu stories I listed should fill the Widow hole in your life, haha.  Don't bother with the Deadly Origins book by Cornell though.


              @Rogue - 13,000 seems like a lot until you think about there's like over 500 issues of just Cap and that aint connecting like separate little mini-series.  Hopefully you can find most of the stuff I listed though!  I don't think you've had a chance to read any of New Avengers: Reunion or H&M when it first came out, did ya?  You're in for some fun!  It has the old letters pages reprinted , some cool alt covers, and some of the art in its various stages.


              That sucks, but you probably just bought the HD remaster for FF X anyway so ya still have that to replay and enjoy.  That's a pretty interesting gameplay system.  Are the bosses pretty hard being that its just one character?  There's still potions, right?  I guess you can't use phoenix down though.  Haha, I've heard that's been the case with the past few Final Fantasy stories.  Apparently, Square has decided to go back to more traditional JRPGs after the popularity of Bravely Default though and maybe we'll see stronger stories.  Clearly what Lightning Returns is missing is Lightning becoming a pop star, haha.

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                Nova, Marvel Heroes is what the game is called and it is the MMO. You can download it on Steam and would recommend you do that if you want the game. It is free and a blast, but like I said you need to have a video card with RAM on it. As far as the new IM goes I really like it since it as Malkieth is the main villain and now IM is in their land being hunted in his stealth suit, but he just had got new armor and he is about to tear the Dark Elves a new one, lol. Remember elves cannot abide Iron.


                Hawk maybe you should save that post so you can cut and paste it in the future that must have taken you an hour to write, lol.

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                  @Mike: Hey, it's been a while!  I guess you got this info from that Facebook thing I never use anymore! haha, I probably should check my page eventually.  Thanks for the birthday wishes.  It was pretty fun.  I went to the Twins home opener for it a few days ago and also got a few cool things as gifts, too.  Got a Marvel Unlimited subscription so I can catch up on all kinds of comics I've missed before.  How's it going for you?


                  @Hawk: Wow, you weren't kidding about it being long!  I'm shocked to see lots of Avengers and Hawkeye stuff in there.  I'm definitely going to have to look into those suggestions, though.  I've been wanting to read some of the stuff from Thunderbolts and Avengers that you mentioned, and lots of the other stuff sounds interesting.  I was mostly looking at reading Brubaker's Cap, but it looks like I should check out Waid's run, too.  My list has also got some late 90's to early 2000's Spidey on it, along with that X-Men Legacy run with Rogue as the main character. 


                  So far, I've read that 2010 short ongoing Widow had that included the Name of the Rose story, Hawkeye and Mockingbird (since I did miss it originally), and the Widow Maker crossover between the two.  They were all pretty awesome.  You should definitely finish the Name of the Rose story sometime because it was really cool (though I gotta say that first issue was kinda disgusting).  I can see why you liked Hawkeye and Mockingbird so much, too, since it was a pretty awesome version of Clint.  That's the kinda Clint I'd rather see written in comics now.  At the moment, I'm reading some of that Whedon and Cassaday Astonishing X-Men run.


                  The first couple bosses weren't too tough, but the one I just beat today was pretty crazy.  It was the first one I've had to retry a few times to beat.  It was nice to have a real challenge with the fight, especially since I've been hearing Lightning Returns is a pretty challenging game.  It takes some good timing to block attacks with the right timing and stuff that you wouldn't normally see, and you really gotta keep an eye on all 3 of your classes to make sure you're switching to the right ones when they have enough ATB to do much of anything.  There's still items to use to heal (but no healing spells), and you can even use phoenix downs.  You can only carry a few healing items, though, so you won't wanna just stock up on phoenix downs or anything.  You want a balance of healing items, phoenix downs, stuff for status effects, and even items that give you buffs.  Yeah, I'd say it's a good thing that they're not trying so hard to appeal to everyone with their games.  If you do that, you just end up making okay games that no one really likes instead of making great games that some people really like.  I hope they don't take Bravely Default's second half as part of the reason it did well, though.  The second half was totally repetitive and re-used a bunch of stuff from the first half, so I stopped playing it there.  Haha, there's still time for her to become a pop star! 


                  @SBN: Haha, I don't think that's the way math works.  I think it's pretty tough to catch someone in age. 


                  Yeah, it was a pretty fun Widow run, and I'd say it's definitely worth reading.  I'll let you know about any other Widow stuff I read that like, since I got a bunch of Widow stories at the top of my list for things to read.  Shame on you!  The Widow series should be the number one series you actually buy!  We need to make this the first Widow series to actually last!  But, yeah, I stopped getting All-New X-men since I don't really wanna throw a lot of money around on comic subscriptions while I'm not making too much money.  It's a good series, though.


                  I just got it as a birthday present, so that's how it was free for me.  It's $70 for a year or $10 for a month to get the subscription, though.  You can read as much as you want while you're subscribed, so it's pretty awesome.


                  Rogue Shadow has to be my pen name.  It'd make me sound like a superhero.  Or a ninja.  A ninja superhero. 


                  Yeah, cheating is kinda a good reason for someone to get kicked out of school.  It's such a waste to cheat instead of just learning the stuff. 


                  I started my planning and outlining at the beginning of last summer, and I should have the story written so I can revise it during this summer.  That would mean it'll take me about a year to write it, which isn't too bad considering I've had school and work to deal with while I write it. 


                  This is the ARPG/MMO.  It's Marvel Heroes, and the Facebook game is Avengers Alliance.  It's a lot of fun, and it's always getting lots of stuff added and updated to it all the time.  It's surprisingly hard to get to run on a lot of PCs, though.  Me and Iron both happen to have new PCs, so we've been able to play it. 


                  I'm sure Hawk would track down that Mockingbird piece no matter where it hides! haha, but that's why I avoid comic shops.  I need to protect my wallet!  It's sensitive.  That's pretty cool that the shop there does that, though.  It's a little surprising that actually works and helps them make money, but it's awesome that it does. 

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                    @Iron - That took waaay more than an hour, haha.


                    @Rogue - I know, I never read Avenger stories!  Haha, but I tried not to make it too Hawkeye heavy,  Clint's in many of the stories, but he's usually not the sole focus, even if it seems like he is cause of my summaries.  It's just that the awesome Clint moments are what most sticks in my mind, haha.  He's not even in Under Seige or in most of Busiek's Avengers run.  Didn't you have a sub for X-Men Legacy?  I remember ya read some issues from that, at least.


                    Well, that didn't take ya very long!  You've had the sub for, what, a week?  Maybe I should start on a part two of comic suggestions now, haha.  That's great to hear you enjoyed those stories!  You should definitely check out New Avengers: Reunion to see what Bobbi went through as a skrull captive and her struggle to overcome it.  I'm curious to what you thought of the Phantom Rider stuff in H&M since you haven't read the WCA story.  Did ya feel like you were missing anything by having not read that bit of history?  Haha, ya mean with that big of back alley surgery in Widow, yeah?  I love that shot of Natasha in the same issue with her all bandaged up and just calming sipping tea sitting in front of a wall of guns.


                    I heard that ya don't level up like normal so what do ya do in those situations where you're getting your ass beat by a boss?  Do ya gotta keep banging your head on the wall till ya win or can ya grind money to buy better equipment?  Good, I was worried there for a second!  A Final Fantasy game without Phoenix Downs is like a pizza with cheese!  Still edible, but sad.  How do ya use em if there's only one person though?  Maybe they're saving it for the fourth game, Lightning, Hit Me One More Time.


                    Haha, I have seen a couple Mockingbird heroclixes before.  There was one based on H&M, but I saw it being sold for like 25 bucks which is a wee bit much for me.  I would love to get a Bobbi figure in her modern costume though, since I already got a lead figurine in her WCA costume and a plastic action figure in her original Mockingbird costume.  I need a modern costume Bobbi to complete the collection!  I don't think the heroclixes are very big though.  They look tiny.

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                      That's why you need to save that sucker for future use, lol.

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                        But that would be way too smart for me, Iron, haha.

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                          @Hawk: Haha, it sounded like they were all Clint-centric, based on those summaries.  I guess you just have a selective memory here.  Yeah, I had a subscription, but I didn't get it until Christos Gage's run, so I want to read the Mike Carey run before that now.  His run was a lot longer and is supposed to be really good.  It was like a good 3 or 4 year run of Rogue-focused stories, so that's definitely something I'm looking forward to reading.


                          Yeah, I got Reunion on my list, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  I had heard about the Phantom Rider stuff from Wikipedia or one of your Bobbi-rants, I think, so I wasn't really confused by it.  I definitely felt like I was missing a bit from not having read it, but it all made sense and was interesting to see them go back to such an important moment for Clint and Bobbi there.  Even all these years later, the Phantom Rider stuff still messes them up.  It was a really fun run of stories, so it's too bad it got cancelled.  A Clint and Bobbi book would be so cool, but we probably won't have another one for a long time.  Yeah, I was talking about the surgery, and the part where she's in the real hospital but she's awake while they're fixing her up.  I probably shouldn't have read that while eating breakfast.  Oh yeah, that shot was cool.  A room full of guns is the perfect place to sip tea.  Everyone should have a room like that, right?


                          Well, you do get stat points from doing sidequests and the main quests, so you could always just leave and do some sidequests or get some better equipment.  In that boss fight, I just took option 3: Come up with a better strategy.  Strangely enough, I ended up with a 5-star ranking (the best ranking) on that fight.  I think it's because my best strategy was to just forget defense and blow all my attacks in one go to beat him real quickly.  Pizza without cheese isn't edible at all!  It's not even pizza anymore, and you can't eat anything that's not pizza!  But, they just let you use phoenix downs while you're sitting there knocked out, I guess.  I guess Lightning can somehow magically take an item out and use it while being unconscious.  There's a logic to that... somehow...


                          I thought there was never a price tag too high for Bobbi! haha