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    Call of Duty Black Ops 2: How to Level up in Zombies


      let me start by saying this is my journey to get the dual shotguns and any information you can get from this thread I hope helps you on your road to dual shotguns. XD


      A couple things to note

      • this took me 6 days of playing
      • started from scratch and built my way up
      • not everything has been confirmed


      in the beginning of this long ass playing spree I started with zero kills and worked my way to the dual shotgun in just six days.  Basically the going theory with the ranking system in zombies is that you have to be a well rounded player,  But how does a video game know when you are a well rounded player in my opinion the game has to take all of your stats into account. AKA:

      • kills
      • bullets fired
      • downs
      • revives
      • grenade kills
      • headshots
      • deaths
      • gibs
      • pirks drank
      • doors open
      • % of accuracy
      • miles traveled

      The game has a series of minimums of which when you meet you get to level up, unfortunatley no one has been able to find out what those minimums are so we can only speculate but there are a few widly accepted general guidelines to which you should shoot for:

      • the tally marks haave nothung to do with rank
      • the tally marks are just time played
      • to make the jump from skull to skull with knofe have a K/D of 70 or bigger
      • to make the jump from skull with knife to skull with shotguns have a K/D of about 150 to 160 and make it to a very high round(40-50)
      • if you have the K/D requirements work to have mor revived and be a better team player such as open doors and dont let anyone die etc.

      Heres what I did:

      Starts from Skull without a knife

      • went into a private match with three other little kids and carried them to round 27 without getting downed and when I got downed the game ended
      • after that match I had the knife behind my head
      • after I had the knife behind my head I played about three days of zombies getting relitivley high and paying attention to my K/D
      • Then to get the Shotguns:
      • started a solo game of Die-Rise and made it to round 52 solo and promptly after I had the Shotguns

      Here Are my stats to proove it:




      Try to copy my stats and you should get the shotguns


                                  -Lazy Drunk Cat