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    Is Origins' storyline non-canon or incorrect?

      Pardon me if I'm not mistaken, but I'm pretty sure the radios found in Moon describe Maxis' death occuring on the moon when Samantha was locked in the pyramid. Yet in Origins, Richtofen says many times about how he killed Maxis in the trenches because he had become infected and needed his brain?


      Also, in the radios on Call of the Dead it describes how Richtofen had previously been experimenting on Takeo and Nikolai and had gone bat-**** crazy BEFORE meeting Tank Dempsey. But, yet again, in Origins it is clearly implied that Dempsey met Richtofen way before this?


      Is there something big I'm missing here, have Treyarch screwed up the storyline, or is it so simple that the stories for zombies in World at War/Black Ops and Black Ops 2 aren't the same?

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