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        10. Re: Nerf the M27 IAR

        Its funny how a gun that is rarely used percentage wise can ruin someones experience.

        There are more people annoyed at the mtar but LMG's will prob end up being the next hit negatively because a few people have issues with them and the mtar is used by alot of people. Basically nerf something heaps of people use is usually out of the question because then IW would lose a certain crowd.


        LMG's = slower movement speed and need for more perks to bring it closer to optimum performance which still = being slow and heavy. I love the LMG's equally because i dont run with the crowd and use mtar, ripper, ak7 etc and because they do have a fair few benefits stated above. There arent too many levels where you can constantly get away with camping so put a LMG on a smaller level where you run into alot of players wile moving around and you will see you do not have an advantage against great players running something with faster ads and movement speed.


        Once a gun gets past a certain level of damage/range-fire rate i then prefer accuracy over a bit more damage and go with the LSAT.

        Most guns make up for lower higher stats with their own lower higher stats eg high damage weaker range - high range weaker damage etc

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          11. Re: Nerf the M27 IAR

          Xzues wrote:


          It's a campers crutch and needs to be nerfed.




          So it all boils down to your camper hate. I get it, you don't like campers and have difficulty dealing with them. LMGs are designed to hold down an area. If a camper is using it to hold down an area or a room then it's serving its purpose.

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            12. Re: Nerf the M27 IAR

            I personally don't have a problem with the M27, I can beat it with most of my class setups and I use the LSAT over the M27 when I need an LMG. If anything needs to be nerfed it's the MTAR-X, I literally can't go a game without one or two MTAR runners bumbling around the map like a bunch of methed-out freaks who can't seem to run fast enough to your new spawn after killing you only seconds before. I'm forced to switch from a class I want to have fun playing to a class I have to use to counter MTAR runners but have less fun playing. It is really bothersome to me that the MTAR is so popular and so overpowered, yet it is not restricted in eSports. I wish there never was an SMG with Assault class damage and range, worst thing to ever happen in CoD in my opinion. I won't even use the weapon out of principle, it is far too easy to get kills with that weapon.

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              13. Re: Nerf the M27 IAR

              Sounds more like you have a problem with people camping rather than the m27 because in this game people camping with ANY weapon is annoying.  I use the m27 but unlike yours or others mine has recoil and sometimes all I get is a hit mark on people and other times I completely smash with it.  One thing I've come to accept about COD is it's inconsistent nature maybe you should to...

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                14. Re: Nerf the M27 IAR

                Im sorry, but with all the chance happenings in this game along with the human element, stats like that dont mean ****. lol

                I can use any gun, and outplay any standard player using any gun.


                However, when the more skilled players use the same gun, I may be defeated. the guns stats seem like a moot point, past using them in proper ranges and attachments/perks/etc.

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                  15. Re: Nerf the M27 IAR

                  Its more like the inconsistency of players you go up against, more than the game itself.


                  People seem to think this game has a life of its own... but its just that, an experience, and the "experience" (may change during online play) remember that? Its because they knew, that anything and everything they teach you in-game, goes right out the window, when dealing with other real-live players. They will do as they please, therefore the experience will not be perfect. But then again it never will... lol

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                    16. Re: Nerf the M27 IAR

                    Activision should" nerf " nerf this posts! Nerf whiners, if you want to nerf somthing go nerf yourself!!!!

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                      17. Re: Nerf the M27 IAR

                      Ajaffaroo wrote:


                      Its funny how a gun that is rarely used percentage wise can ruin someones experience.


                      I am not arguing for or against a nerf but I don't agree with this. In my experience the  AK-12, Remington, Honey Badger, MTAR and M27-IAR are the most used guns. And I said this almost three months ago here Re: Improvements or disappointments?

                      After the AK nerf (a while back) and SMG buff recently things may have changed but since the launch IMO these are the most used weapons.

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                        18. Re: Nerf the M27 IAR

                        Are you kidding? The Remington is a laser. Slight upwards recoil on the Remington is much more managable than diagonal recoil from the M27--an LMG! The Remington also has a much longer 3 hit kill range than the M27--an LMG! Your comparison is unfair if you're going to leave out the countless disadvantages of using an LMG before crying OP. It is like you expect LMGs to just be ARs with large mags and high penetration, but those two pros just aren't worth the tradeoff of using an LMG. They are meant to be stronger and more accurate. Too bad thanks to LMG TF crybabies from BOII they aren't, except may be the M27 which has a SLIGHT advantage TTK-wise if you compare it to the most similar AR, the AK12. The M27 has about the same recoil, like 3m more of range, around 20 extra bullets per minute, and practically the same damage at all ranges (3-4 hit kill). It's basically the same TTK wise. Considering that the M27 is sadly the best the LMG class has to offer and that it's STILL not worth using given its mere AR power, only 2 LMG class exclusive pros and many cons, why would you want a nerf? Why nerf the only decent LMG to subAR levels?

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                          19. Re: Nerf the M27 IAR

                          lold at this whole thing. Its scary how wrong you are.

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