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    Camping Epidemic on COD Ghosts

      I'm specifically talking about TEAM DEATHMATCH.  Not talking about objective games because in some instances you have to hold spots down.  And I'm not talking about the one camper that's in every game.  You're always going to get that one camper in a game that really doesn't know what they're doing so they sit in a corner waiting for an easy kill.  I accept that.  I don't accept half of the team camping.  It's getting really nerve racking lately.  Is it me, or is this one of the most campiest COD games EVER?  I'm constantly running into 2 and 3, sometimes 4 people sitting in a corner with a Tracker Sight or Thermal just aiming.  And it's not a "legitimate" strategy and I'll tell you why.  You have to ask yourself this question.. If EVERYONE in the game used this camping strategy, would there be a game?  No there wouldn't.  Every player in the game would sit in their own corner and nobody would be moving for 10 minutes.  How about Run and Gun strategy?  Of course that's legit because people would actually be moving around the game if everyone used that strategy.  I think maybe they have to up the health or damage or something.  You don't even get the opportunity to turn on a camper because you die with practically one bullet in this game.  And this is the reason there are so many campers.  They don't want to die easy, and it pays off to camp because you can shoot someone in the back without having to worry about them turning on you and killing you instantly.  Thoughts?

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          Re: Camping Epidemic on COD Ghosts

          TDM always has campers, that's why I avoid it. I've played a few games in the Devastation playlist and I hate it, hopefully the campers stay there where they belong, stay out of DOM.

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              Re: Camping Epidemic on COD Ghosts

              But camping in Dom should be expected since your objective is holding down a point, so holding down the area between two points, albeit camping, is acceptable because you're stopping the other team from advancing towards the objective point your team currently holds.

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              Re: Camping Epidemic on COD Ghosts

              I only play TDM and don't see the epidemic your talking about.


              There's always been camping but I rarely meet teams where the vast majority are camping for the entire game, it did happen three weeks ago on Storm and I told my pal about it because it was so unusual, and it was a pretty garbage game to be honest.


              There are those who run around, those who patrol, those who camp but the majority are probably like me who do all three depending on how the game is going, if I'm in a game with good players who are giving me a kicking I will keep my head down, too right I will.


              I don't like corner campers who sit in one place for the whole game but it's part of the game as much as those mindless idiots who run to the same spot and get killed again and again and again.

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                Re: Camping Epidemic on COD Ghosts

                This is precisely why I don't play TDM unless it is the new DLC deathmatch playlist, which mixes TDM and KC, or the Clan vs Clan TDM eSports playlist, because without killstreaks and IEDs it is really hard to camp. Lately, I've been playing TDM with my clan and have noticed that some of my favorite maps (Warhawk specifically) suck for TDM because of all the camping. We all know Freight is another terrible one for camping, but really it is the map design. Any elongated map will suffer camping because the map is divided like a candy bar where the spawns are long side divided but not short side divided. In comparison, the quadrant map design (Strikezone is a perfect example of quadrant design where there are three to five specific quadrants that meet in a middle section) suffers less from camping half the map because the spawns rotate through the quadrants and the firefight doesn't just meet in the middle since you can also go around.


                Personally, when I run into too many campers, I change my run and gun direction (clockwise to counter clockwise and vice versa) or I stop playing TDM and instead play KC or an objective based game.

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                  Re: Camping Epidemic on COD Ghosts

                  Well, you could sit full well knowing that once you have this base locked down (i.e. Castle/TDM/Stonehaven) They will come rushing up to their deaths.


                  You could argue all day and night on whats legit. Why? Its perception. Play how you want, but dont be mad that another player plays with their team or alone, to do as they wish. Die as few times as possible, while scoring the most kills.




                  Im a stealthy slow kinda player, I use my wits and move about after only carefully considering my team positions, chokepoints, and possible enemy spawn points, do I move out. Sometimes this path leads to 35-4 others 35-18 (Give or take)


                  Its awesome for me, because not dying is good, I still yell at people for mindless quickscoping, but hey its what they wanna do.

                  So essentially I can do nothing about it. Posting on a forum and saying the only difference between campers and legit-tactics is a game mode is out-right ludicrous.


                  Heres my new understanding of this word...


                  Camper: The term used by a player who has been killed in a FPS, to help alleviate the pain of their death. In the sands of mindlessness, the word has lost its original meaning, now even existing in a match is considered camping.

                  My only gripe about Run n gun, is thats IT. "Run- until you spot enemy, blast away!" No level of conscious thought beyond what words will be used to emasculate the next poor sod for playing a game different from him.

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                      Re: Camping Epidemic on COD Ghosts

                      Im a stealthy slow kinda player, I use my wits and move about after only carefully considering my team positions, chokepoints, and possible enemy spawn points, do I move out. Sometimes this path leads to 35-4 others 35-18 (Give or take)


                      This is exactly how I play 80% of the time, with the remaining 20% taken up by general run-n-gun tactics. I'm a mini-map whore who is always judging where to go based on where my teammates are moving and where I guesstimate the enemy to be advancing. Usually, I can ambush people if I go the opposite way my team is going, and there's nothing sweeter than that feeling of flanking 3-5 members of the enemy team and taking out most of them before the last guy picks you off.


                      Also, I have to say, the only camping I don't like is spawn camping, or camping half the map as a whole team, it's really disappointing when a whole team is camping chokepoints on a map waiting for run and gunners to come piling in by the truckloads. I can handle the one or two campers, but the real problem with Call of Duty these days are the dropshotters.


                      Seriously ask yourself, if a terrorist walked up to you brandishing an AK-47, would you drop to the ground and lay down before taking a shot at the terrorist? No, you wouldn't, it's a dumb tactic that is abuse of the game's mechanics. If you play tactical setup and complain about panic knifers, you're the problem with Call of Duty these days, not campers. I'm still hopeful IW will patch it so that laying down reduces your accuracy dramatically. I'm already satisfied with the reduction in the amount of quickscopers. Nowadays, the only quickscopers are the people who know exactly where center is on their screen and usually hardscope for a hot second before firing, and I can handle those people because they're no longer a dime a dozen.

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                          Re: Camping Epidemic on COD Ghosts

                          Im a bit more on the stealthy side, but Ive learned that its all how each person wants to play. Putting the death off on anyone else, is just an excuse. You will die, or they will. Now my little trick is making it hardest thing possible for them to see/hear me, only running to cover open ground faster, and crouch-walking behind almost any object.


                          "I fight here in this war, not for blood, or glory, but for the safety of me and my team. I do not wish to kill you, I wish to complete my objective. For you are just man, fighting doing what YOU believe is right, just like I am."



                          Watching so much RvB may have had a hand in it too, I like the idea of Role-playing  (Not in real life, but maybe someday? it scould be fun) Doing it in a game makes it easier, because I can see what im RP'ing

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                          Re: Camping Epidemic on COD Ghosts

                          It's pretty obvious that you're a camper.  "Stealthy slow kinda player"?  You might as well just come out of the closet.  Anyone can sit in a dark corner aiming down sights.  It's a video game.  Don't worry you'll respawn again as soon as you die. Congrats.  You paid 60 bucks for a game to sit in a corner.  You might as well play Minecraft.

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                              Re: Camping Epidemic on COD Ghosts

                              Congrats for making my post.


                              lol Sorry the world isnt so simple to you. Sorry I can have fun in another manner that allows me to confuse and enrage you.


                              This is Survival of the fittest. Games are more than just games to some, while remaining just that- a game- in reality.

                              I choose to play while keeping my beliefs in check, Im sorry your whole sense of one-ness and ego are deflated so easily, that when someone plays smarter than you, it drives you to whine and complain instead of thinking "Oh wait, If I DIDNT rush through that door, there may have been a window or side entrance" but instead we get you, the guy who says WERE bad because every day you play you never learn a single thing.


                              Maybe you shouldnt be playing games? If you can understand even the most basic of concepts of what its about then youre just wasting your life my friend.


                              If this game was meant to be what you idealize it to be, the only guns would be SMG/Shotgun all the maps would be inside building/outside simplistic boxes, because you cant stand thought of any kind. You want to run like the wind and keep running until you see something move that wasnt you.


                              I understand and respect your playstyle, but YOU as a human being -on the other hand- is a whole different story. Thanks for showing me what kind of person you REALLY are

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                                  Re: Camping Epidemic on COD Ghosts

                                  Its sad that you havent found a way to stand out yet- Seriously, go listen to Survival by Eminem, the song WAS made for ghosts after all... lol but its words ring true across all planes.



                                  Just to TRY and help you understand. You see "Aiming sights up dark corner"


                                  But to me Its more like:

                                  The cold air of the freight yard nipped at my exposed face. "ok... lets move up keep sectors covered" Then 6 snow-drifts rose up from the ground and began moving as one, guns on swivel, knowing one mistake could be the death of all. "Keep that 3 meter spread" Leader whispers, "Congestion leads to chaos."


                                  Our unit moved, one by one into the dilapidated, rusty warhouse, because even for just a few seconds, any respite is welcomed.

                                  "You think theyll find us first or vice versa" asked Vassili- the demolitionist guerrilla of the group-


                                  "Not sure" muttered Nisshoku, "but there is only one way to find out...."

                                  At that time crunching snow could be heard outside. "Eyes up front!" leader yells, as everyone takes a position around the warehouse. I ready my blade, atop the ladder nearest the door. "Here he comes!" Sayuri yells as she dashes out the back door as a distraction.

                                  "It worked!" I thought, as the enemy charged after her, his sprint was cut short as I dropped from above and introduced my blade to his neck. "Tango down!" I whispered excitedly.


                                  After acknowledging green light on all weapons' ammo stock, we pushed forward, into the frozen, desolate, unknown.


                                  I can see this kinda stuff going on in my head when I play with my friends. With them, im stealthy as a MF. But without them, Im forced to move with my team, but use the same stealthy maneuvers Ive been taught.


                                  You can say this is stupid or whatever, but then again, I think youre style is stupid, so it kinda evens out eh?

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                                      Re: Camping Epidemic on COD Ghosts

                                      One last thing, your quote "You might as well go play minecraft" interesting...


                                      You like to play THIS game rather simplistically: run, point, click, wash, rinse, repeat.

                                      Doing that time after time over and over again hmm... lets change gears a bit.


                                      Minecraft in its simplest terms: Break Block, place block wash, rinse, repeat.


                                      These "Simple terms" are how you define your gaming experience.


                                      How I define mine? See above post.


                                      Perception is everything my friend, and you, unless you really start being introspective, will acheive nothing more than a small child, who after hearing your warnings about not doing exactly what you did, will repeat this pathetic cycle.


                                      Myself on the other hand, im quite happy with life, and everything within it for its differences and same-ness no matter what it is. So I hope youve learned something, if not, I shant return to your ignorant post, Good day and good luck!

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