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        60. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

        When you look on app.
        if you have a certain TARGET you would like your clan members focus on.

        Push MARK Target on app.

        when members check there mobile app on clan wars the will see that there is a mark target that the leader designated that the should focus on and capture.

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          61. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

          Matching clans solely based on KDR and win % will lead to corruption as long as you are allowed to add players during clan wars. For example, my clan can consists of 5 players. These 5 players may have KDR of 0.10 and win % of 10 prior to the roster lock. Then I can remove these noobs once clan wars start and replace them with 5 players with 2.5 KDR each along with win % of 85. Would that sound fair?

          They are already trying to match clans based their DD leaderboard points. Clans are more likely to be match with those around their ranking.

          How does it make it more fair that a noob clan matched with other noob clans receive the same reward by placing in 1st place as those that are competing against clans with 2+ KDR only. Should I make a tournament just for NOOBS ONLY for a chance to win 1 million dollars. Then create another tournament just for MLG players to fight for 1 million dollars too?

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            62. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

            The people at Beachhead aren't mind readers.


            And past history is not always a perfect predictor of future results.


            What a clan did two weeks ago in regards to playing a lot, might not be what they do next weekend. A lot of clans break up. Some stop competing once they get the prizes. There are lots of reasons.

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              63. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

              This is absolutely correct. For example nearly everyone from my clan doesn't play ghost until the day of the clan war. All the time between we mostly play other games online with only a few exceptions.


              MInd you we are almost all 10th prestige with 10days game play so we are a bit burnt out ATM. But to assume we are going to be less active for a war would be a huge mistake as none of us even miss more then a few mins of it. So I am not sure how they would be able to use any real stats to match clans.

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                64. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                ^^ correct. Another very real reason activity can be misleading.

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                  65. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                  Maybe they should only look at activity during clan wars or at least give that time more weight than non clan war activity. I'm sure as we get more wars completed they will continue to compile data & make improvements. It's just frustrating to see so many clans that do not appear to be active. When we moved up to platinum I expected more activity and nodes being capped, taken away & then capped again by other clans.  Just the opposite has occurred last 2 wars.

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                    66. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                    Look crying your out classed in platinum and crying that you need to be bracketed against weaker plat teams is kinda dumb sounding. Its like saying we made it to the superbowl but should be playing a team that didn't make the playoffs because we aren't good enough to be here.

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                      67. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                      How many 12 member platinum clans do you think might be playing in clan wars??  I'm assuming enough that the groups of 8 should be more competetive. When 4 of 8 clans in last 2 clan wars appeared not to be active at all and lead clan won easily because they were very active, organized, & skilled.   There should not be that much sepetation in my opinion. If you don't have any input on the subject then quit replying to the post. You think I'm crying. Ok. Your opinion. You stated it, now move on. Good day.

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                        68. Re: "Improved matchmaking" & "equally skilled"

                        Any clan can go inactive for any given war. Have you taken the time to check their rosters? Most times they are full of players with many hours of game time.

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