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    Titanfall will not be the death of Cod

      So i recently bought Titanfall just like everyone else did probably and im about to return it already. The game is boring, much more boring than ghosts. People didnt like ghosts because the streaks were bad and it feels the same. But in titanfall there are no streaks except for the titans and they are easy to get. The maps are huge and the bots are horrible. There are only 10 weapons so they get bored. The main point is the game is boring and Cod will easily survive.

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          1. Re: Titanfall will not be the death of Cod

          Seems like you wanted Titanfall to be another CoD. Well of course you got disappointed.

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            2. Re: Titanfall will not be the death of Cod

            I did want something similar to cod i guess but i still think its boring as hell. Dont get me wrong, i dont think its a bad game, i just think it is not going to be the death of cod. Mainly the only thing i like in it is the cloaking and wall jumping.

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              3. Re: Titanfall will not be the death of Cod

              cod killed itself with the lag.

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                4. Re: Titanfall will not be the death of Cod

                I agree the game is not a  cod killer.  Not a bad game, but most your kills are from bots And it does get repetitive and boring.

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                  5. Re: Titanfall will not be the death of Cod

                  I am on the opposite side. I was expecting it to suck and got it when it was 20 bucks off.


                  You are right it wont be a COD killer but it has a better chance of being a killer than anything else so far.


                  TF feels even better than BF games. Of course I am still only around level 15 so I havent gotten bored of the changes you can make.


                  But COD does have a LOT more things to choose from.


                  Whats funny is the TF Forum. Some of the theories on there are worse than this forum

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                    6. Re: Titanfall will not be the death of Cod

                    Like there is no lag in Titanfall ?


                    I still get killed around corners in Titanfall because of packet delay.

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                      7. Re: Titanfall will not be the death of Cod

                      I just purchased a nice Giant bike so I cant afford Titanfall at the moment but I am surely looking forward to. I like mechs.

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                        8. Re: Titanfall will not be the death of Cod

                        Mate, I'm level 17 on PC and I don't know what I'm doing. Respawn is ignoring Eyefinity players and I still don't have a mini map and hud. It feels better than BF4 and the engine is so much lighter than BF's. I'm hitting 60 fps on 1 GPU at 5K resolution. I have 2 GPUs and I think I'll hit at least 100 fps when they remove the fps cap. I stopped playing the game and will not touch it until they solved it. I'm getting impatient but the game feels good.


                        I would love to see a prequel of Titan Fall. Make the setting pre- Titans and pilots only. Make the maps smaller and add some killstreaks.

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                          9. Re: Titanfall will not be the death of Cod

                          It's interesting.  I've heard from multiple sources that TF's player base has died off swiftly and steeply.  This is attributed to a few different things: lack of single player campaign; lack of customization (esp. limited weapons, only a handful of which are actually viable anyway); and the Titans being too easy to obtain and too lacking in variety, which makes getting them not really that cool after the novelty has worn off.


                          I honestly think the "CoD killer" is something of a white rabbit.  CoD games may be formulaic; but they are invariably finely tuned and benefit from iterative improvements.  Just one example: in MW3 the consensus was that Assassin Pro was OP.  So BO2 nerfed the Ghost perk to the point that it was rarely used, because it forced stealth players to also be run-n'-gunners.  Now Ghosts has, it seems, achieved a good balance with Off the Grid, a perk that has not elicited any complaints as far as I am aware.


                          The point is that each new CoD game has years of market research and player feedback behind it.  And the game has a core audience that will buy every new release unless/until the quality starts slipping.  Which, let's be honest, it hasn't.  Each outing, the controls remain tight and responsive; the weapon and perk balance is good to excellent; customization options and game modes are substantial; kill streaks are interesting and rewarding to work for; and there are enough efforts at innovation (BO2's branching campaign and Strike Missions, Ghosts' Squads Mode and Create a Soldier) to prove that the design studios haven't run out of ideas.  You can complain about BO2's three lane maps, or Ghosts' guns killing too quickly, or about quickscoping being too easy or snipers being nerfed too much or whatever; but generally whatever you're complaining about is making a different brand of CoD player happy.  And as long as most of the playerbase is mostly satisfied, this franchise ain't going anywhere.

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