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    REBELS UK Lvl 25 Xbox 360

      We are looking to recruit 7/8 new members into our level 25 clan to replace members who left due to the intensity of diamond division. We won all Platinum wars entered and have got 4 top 4 finishes in Diamond with 2 wins. We have a set of requirements for new members but only because we want to be competitive during Diamond, we cant afford to carry anyone. We ask new members to -


      Have a K/D of 1.5 (Not essential but def above 1 especially if your a good obj player)

      Have a working mic

      UK based

      Play the objective and not just go for kills

      Age isnt important but must be mature

      We would also like to play with you before inviting you into the clan to see if you fit what we want

      If this sounds like you then please msg SkellyBob 84 on xbox live or get back to me on here.