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    Ghosts Appreciation Thread


      Everyday I hear this game sucks and nonsense like that. Even on the forum boards 50% of it is people complaining. Well I thought it would be good to acknowledge all the good things in this game like the recent kill confirmed update allowing tags to help towards killstreaks good job! Keep up the good work can't wait to see what's next.

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          This will be the shortest thread ever......

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            I've played cod online multiplayer since cod 2 and only missed cod 3 (beat cod classic campaign). Ghosts is one of my favorite cods of all time. If I were to review the game the list would be heavily positive for me, but it doesn't make sense to just start listing random things. When it comes to specific things I like in the game I prefer to leave comments in the appropriate threads in response to others either as new points or counterpoints. There are positive threads here and there that come up anyway. It's important to address your opinions there. Talking about this game in general terms is kind of pointless.

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              The positive elements of Ghosts IMO:


              1. The killstreaks (both assault and support) are generally weakened so they don't do the work for you.  As a result, it allows for gun-on-gun gameplay to be restored to its former glory.  People also like specialist, which also returns.
              2. I like how the streaks are more ground based, which again brings more gun on gun action.
              3. The perk system is amazing.  I like being able to choose whatever perks I want without being restricted on a certain number or one per tier.
              4. I like the squad points.  Finally, a Call of Duty where my favorite weapons and perks are no longer unlocked at high levels.  That way, I can customize my best setup early instead of being destroyed in the first 50 ranks.
              5. The prestige system is neat.  Instead of having to delete previous unlocks, I can simply unlock a new fresh soldier.  With each soldier, I can customize them to be specifically empowered for certain game modes.
              6. The weapons kill rather fast, which makes the game a lot more faster paced.
              7. The connection is great due to the removal of Theater Mode, which was causing lag in previous titles (I have a 90mb/s download speed, so that's the reason why I am benefited).
              8. Being able customize my soldier's outfit and changing their gender is a first for the series.
              9. Field orders are a nice twist to the action.  Certain field order killstreaks that are exclusive the map are neat as well.
              10. Extinction mode is WAY better than zombies; It's less difficult, more fast paced, has a lot of customization, and the story is actually understandable without having to go through complicated procedures
              11. Dual rendering of the scopes was a neat feature.
              12. I like how the MAAWS rocket launcher is a support streak.  Now I can use a pistol as my secondary instead of having a lock-on launcher permanently strapped to my back.
              13. Infected is back, and so is Drop Zone.
              14. I like how the multiplayer lobby music changes with each DLC; The current Devestation MP lobby music is the best so far.


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                  if i was to write a list, it would be exactly this. thanks for saving me some time.

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                    Infected= full of screaming kids

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                      Good job on the list ,, I like the changes with each installment of cod I don't want the same stuff over and over ,, i like the mix of map sizes , I like the different weapons , I really like the marksman class that they added. Everything has a counter , I like that as well.  Im always in favor of things that add incentive to play the objective. I am also a fan of someone that takes the time to write a positive post and those that respond to it in a positive way. I won't say that extinction is better or worse than zombies but I am glad that they didn't try to be zombies and did something different. And the fact you can level up separately in extinction is brilliant.  There are many things I am forgetting just wanted to throw a few out there.

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                        Extinction mode is WAY better than zombies;

                        Yeah that's why masses more people play Extinction than Zombies. oh wait....

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                            Pepsi and Coca-cola. Two different flavors to the same formula.

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                                The Black Ops 2 Zombie section (Worst zombies in the series) of the COD forum had more topics than any other sections in Blops II, including the PS3 and 360.


                                The Extinction section of this forum only has more activity than the Off Topic section and even less than the Wii-U.


                                The 2 different flavors analogy is correct if you have Zombies as Coca-Cola and Extinction as Caffeine-Free Diet Sprite.


                                It's like trying to claim Gun Game is a better mode than Team Deathmatch.

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                                    pretty sure sprite doesn't contain caffeine in any of its varieties dude. Just sayin'

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                                      Here's what I can compare between zombies and aliens.  I can either:


                                      A.  Play zombies, a mode that takes 2 hits for me to die and a storyline that became very convoluted.  The only way to understand the story is if I completed various tasks that are impossible unless I Google the steps.  Also, everyone is the same in terms of abilities, with or without perk-a-colas.  Sure, there are positive elements like pack-a-punch, song playing easter eggs, and very atmospheric maps.  However, the experience heavily depends upon story and enjoyment, and zombies has lacked in both categories in the recent installments.


                                      B. Play extinction, a mode that doesn't allow me to die so quickly, which keeps me interested in the game.  No more hard-to-understand story elements (especially with the easy-to-find intel items).  There are clear objectives that motivate people to advance the plot and complete challenges with more optimism.  There are more varied enemy types and even some awesome boss fights at the end of the newer levels.  Lastly, every player is unique in terms of their abilities, resulting in a more varied experience that also requires some considerable planning and effort.  Granted, the challenge may not be "hardcore" (unless you set it that way), and the map locations may lack ingenuity in their design.  But as far as I'm concerned, I enjoy fighting aliens more because they aren't "overdone" like zombies.

                                      We all have our opinions, and I've expressed mine while outlining the pros and cons of each presented side.  Don't get me wrong--I don't hate zombies.  I just don't enjoy it as much as I used to.  Now, if Treyarch stepped up their game for 2015, then I'll be impressed.  I guess we just have to wait.


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                                  The boards are probably more like 75 percent complaining but just like in real life the complaints will sho up more than the thank yous.


                                  Its like a manger of a restaurant, not many people are going to go out of their way and call back saying how perfect everything was about their meal.

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                                    I tried this about two weeks ago.


                                    Being that DLC #2 is right around the corner...


                                    I hope you have better luck than I did.

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                                      It's in the top three cods for me and in my opinion there's something for everyone, fast SMG and shotty maps, medium sized where a mixture of guns can be used and big maps such as Stonehaven and Stormfront for the sniper boys.


                                      This game is not all for Snipers, it's not all SMGs, it's not all LMGs and some people don't like that, they don't like the fact the game is not all how they like to play.

                                      AR's might be an obvious choice of gun but to me that makes sense, it holds the middle ground with long LMGs\ Snipers at one end and Shotgun\SMGs at the other.  Slide the balance too far one way and it's very hard to not make the other end useless.


                                      Some complain about the bigger maps because they like to tear around at 1000miles an hour with an SMG, these twitch kids are one-trick ponies who have only their fast reactions to keep them on top, when they find themselves on a big map where ( god help them) they have to actually think they don't like it.

                                      Let me tell you kids, your fast reactions will get worse with age (As I know only too well) so you'd better start learning to play in other ways.


                                      Making a game that will please everyone is impossible, here is a game that pleases the majority only some of the time and so they complain.  It's the diversity in Ghosts that to me is it's greatest strength.

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                                        I like it right next to MW2, Ghosts is one of my favorites.

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                                          As a bit of a lone wolf on COD I do like all the various things to earn. Patches, uniforms, heads, hats, reticules e.t.c.

                                          There seems to be loads more in this one than previous CODs .

                                          People tend to moan when devs try and do something a bit different to keep the franchise fresh and I think IW have really gone out on a limb on this one, which is brave. It isn't so easy for the die hard old school CoD players to show off on this one,  they don't like it and boy are they letting us know about it.

                                          The maps are varied the weapons are refreshingly different the choice of perks allows for much greater tailoring of your play style and the killstreaks are a lot tamer and don't dominate the game.

                                            It may not be a very fashionable opinion but I am really enjoying it , oh and knifing people in Ghille suits, that will never get boring.

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                                            Farmed all the easy patches?

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                                              Since all the operations, etc were opened up?

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                                                i really like cod ghosts. Its been one of the best and fun cod's i have played. im looking forward to more camo dlc and the last two map packs. i have enjoyed the first 2 maps packs quite a bit. i still get excited everyday to play.

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                                                  I will reserve my final judgement until the day the next cod launches, but I honestly consider this the best cod in many ways. I've been with cod since day one. My 360 came bundled with Call of Duty 2, and the cod series is the only shooter I've played concurrently besides the original halo trilogy. I love the maps, perk system, and gun balance in this game. The sheer number of perks has made it fun for me to constantly try to tweak my playstyle and experiment. The addition of squad points has added freedom and made the game less of a grind. The killstreaks aren't so bad as people say. I do well using the high killstreaks. I would have liked satcoms be a bit more effective, but I like how they are on the ground and out in the open. There's a lot more I like about this game, but I'm going to end it here for the sake of brevity.

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                                                    Noctis Everto

                                                    I love the open-ness of the maps. Their size, the customization, the camos could be better...


                                                    The squads, Extinction, the Campaign.


                                                    The ability for me to ACTUALLY immerse myself when I play.

                                                    Teamwork or die! +1

                                                    Mash respawn the second you die = another death +1

                                                    The fact that so many players quit this game because they couldnt adapt.

                                                    Eminem for making the theme song "Survival"

                                                    DLC has been phenomenal.


                                                    This was going to be my last CoD.... but perhaps I should say I will no longer be purchasing 3arc CoDs if they resemble black ops, and this faux "MLG" mindset.  more like MINOR league gaming what with all the restrictions and whatnot.

                                                    (Or Whiffle ball, cause the full ball is too overpowered, and therefore needs holes. Perhaps even nerf a string on it so it never goes out of the park.)

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                                                      Hi there,


                                                      Please be sure the discussion remains on topic.   We had to remove a few replies that were off topic.


                                                      With that said, we greatly appreciate the feed back.


                                                      Thanks! ^AH