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    After scanning Xbox One Forums......

      i recently scanned Xbox one forums to see if I would detect numerous of complaints pertaining to Lag, host, or network issues. My findings is zero results as I didn't go into depth through search. i will be getting the Xbox one this week. Do you any of you know if the same problems persist as some gamers experience Ghost on the 360. my experience with ghost is terrible as for lag/network issues. I can't seem to fix the issues I suffer as I tried everything. Before I dish out money to Ghost for the Xbox one, I wanted to know if it plays better, has less network issues or experiencing technical difficulties elsewhere.  The only issue I have with cod ghost for the 360 is the network issues I'm experiencing. For example, when I forwarded my ports and set the Xbox and priority on my Linksys router; I suffer worse network issues. •_•. once again, I will reiterate the reason for my post as a question, is attaining cod ghost for Xbox One worth the purchasing from what you heard or experience if you had?  Do you think it will play better as I could not find a forum labeling the issues some of us 360 players experience. Sorry if you cannot understand as the iPhone acts crazy for some reason to this site.

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          1. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

          I haven't experienced anything too bad on either next gen system. But, I play ghosts more on ps4. TF is the only game I play on xb1 , if it was available on ps4 I wouldn't play my Xbox at all. Ps4 is just a better gaming machine.

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            2. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

            And that's all it'll ever be. XB1 does much more, has much more exclusives too, all ps4 gets is a bucketload of small indie games that no ones really bothered about.


            PS4 also has a system breaking bug the blue light of death, so don't get PS4 you might get this problem, xbox one doesn't.

            I've also seen numerous complaints about psn errors and lag in games like ghosts. In all my time of playing xbox one the lag occurance is very rare and only happens once in a while.


            It's best to get an Xbox One, much better deal here in the UK 2 retailers slashed the price to £349 and comes with Xbox One, Kinect, Headset (lol they kept saying ps4 comes with a headset and in the end it comes with headphones, cheap sony lol), Titanfall (which your practically getting for free) and xbox live.


            Also the PS4 controller's thumbsticks get worn out after a while or can even peel off. The buttons can also stick down and the blue light on the controller sucks the life out of the controller. Another smart move by Cheap cheap sony. Also why get a PS4 at this point in it's life cycles with very few ps4 games? KIllzone and Knack and Infamous that's it. And now a last of us re-release, sony should be focusing on new games not a ps3 game. Sony are so money greedy they are re releasing because they know how much of a success the ps3 version so they can get more money.

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              3. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

              I Haven't had any issues on the xone ,,, for ghost coming from the 360 to the one the graphics almost make some of the maps look new. And get ready to adjust the sensitivity the number scale does not match the 360, you'll see what I'm talking about once you start playing. i haven't really had any issues with the 360 either though.

              quick edit ::: how could I forget the issue with the xone is the occasional reconnect controller while you are playing even though the controller is on and never shut off,, remove battery and put it right back in continue playing.

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                4. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

                I'm guessing you haven't played both. Your post is about the most biased unfactual post I've seen regarding next gen. However, don't take my word for it, try them yourself. When I say the ps4 is by far the better machine, I mean all around, everything included. There is a reason xb1 is getting destroyed in sales.

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                  5. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

                  Wow I can't get into the PS4, I think the controller for Xbox is easier to play with. As for the PS3 the graphics wasn't up to the 360 and online play was more laggy. But to each own, I keep hearing about that Titan fall game I might have to buy that one or demo it if it's offered. It's probably like perfect darkness, the featured game for the 360 when it came out.

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                    6. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

                    Also just so you aren't surprised if you do eventually buy a xb1, the "headset" you speak of is the same basic thing that the ps4 has. And honestly the sound quality is better on the ps4 headset. Also I've ALWAYS been an Xbox guy . They just really missed some things by a mile when it comes to what I'm looking for in a gaming machine.

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                      7. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

                      im very curious as to what you mean by the sensitivity. But I do have a question or ask for your advice since you have the one. as I mention I am getting it monday but do you think it's wise to keep the 360?  I'm really debating because they will give me $120 credit towards the one. But at the same time I could keep it and play the old games I enjoy like left4dead2 and etc.

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                        8. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

                        I like the xb1 controller better, but the difference on next gen is minimal. The ps4 controller is MUCH better than the ps3. But, the xb1 controller is still better.

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                          9. Re: After scanning Xbox One Forums......

                          I Didn't know the Xbox 1 came with headsets. Off topic, I do however like how the Xbox1 can act as a cablebox. That's $15 or more in my pocket a month I don't have to dish out to time Warner cable for a box.

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