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    StaX Gaming Recruiting (Diamond Div) Level 20 [PS4] UK 100% Win Record

      StaX Gaming recruiting for Diamond Division. 100% 1st place record from Bronze division right up through to Diamond.


      Depending on how many applicants we get, we may use a format where by we have squads for each node. For example, 4 members dedicated to ONLY capturing HCKC node.


      Based on the above, some applicants may be automatically promoted to commander and will be in charge of other members for their squad.




      • MUST be available to play Fri-Sunday, 7pm-11pm UK time.
      • Must be a team player and not kill hungry. You may be required to camp and defend objectives for the sake of winning the game for the clan.
      • Headset with microphone
      • Can speak English fluently




      • Experience in playing clan wars
      • COD Ghosts app
      • Can communicate via Facebook chat
      • Live in UK


      K/D is NOT important. We value teamwork, determination and discipline. We have won every clan wars we have played with some members who have a K/D of only 0.35, 0.49 and 0.56.


      Please reply with following information:


      • Preferred game mode (TDM, Dom, Kill Confirmed etc)
      • Where you live
      • Do you have a headset and microphone
      • Can you play Friday-Sunday, 7pm-11pm UK time
      • Do you have experience playing clan wars
      • Do you have the COD Ghosts app
      • Are you willing to communicate via Facebook chat
      • K/D
      • Win/Loss ratio
      • Prestige level (to determine your level of experience)
      • Your PSN username


      You may be contacted via private PM so please keep an eye on your inbox.