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    Hi, first time call of duty player, need some help.

      I know im a little behind with the game, and the whole franchise, but i just recently picked up a copy of ghosts and finished the campaign, played against some bots and then gave shot at multiplayer, TDM, and needless to say i absolutely suck. In one game i died 14 times with no kills and another 15 times with one kill.


      Here is basically how i play.

      Game starts. I run around like a caveman trying to find people to kill, get picked off left right center by people i dont see coming, or campers, and the ones i do see from behind or so, i cant aim for shiz.

      I aim, hit, miss, die. At point blank i cant even get into aiming mode before i am dead. I tried sensitivity 6 then 10 then 14 then 20 and still i cant aim for shiz.


      I googled for best gun, so i tried the MSBS, its powerful when it hits but i cant hit anyone and before i can fire 3 more bursts i am dead.


      I use only perks, no secondary or tacticals or lethals.


      So can someone please gimme some advice on how to aim better and what guns and sensitivity to use or just, idk, gimme some tips to be better i guess.


      I played squads offline alot but that doesn't compare to online, plus there is no lag in squads so yeah...


      Thanks in advance.

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          Learn the maps, use a lower sensitivity for more precision, don't take the MSBS since it's a burst weapon and

          your aim is not good enough to use it efficiently.

          Try using SMGs like Vector, Bizon or Mtar - those are pretty strong atm.

          Another thing you could do is sticking to higher prestige players and follow them around the map to see what they do

          and how they play - plus they will be glad if you provide some cover and die less

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            Try 7 for sensitvity. Walk, don't run, around the outside parameter of the maps. Use amplify and dead silence if you can. Core will take a lot more bullets to kill people so keep that in mind. You can also use an ied strategically placed to get a few kills. Gun wise you'll have to see what works for you. I prefer the Vepr personally.

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              Alright, i'll try and help as much as i can. I would suggest you start by camping (As much as everyone will disagree with me). Try with an Assault Rifle with a suppressor and grip.Perk wise i would go with incog, slight of hand, fully loaded, and whatever else you feel would help. IED's are good for protecting your back well your looking the other way.


              If you're going to Run-&-Gun, then i would suggest the Vector or the Mtar with Flash suppressor, suppressor, grip, or extended mags. Perk wise i would go for Sleight of hand, ready up, scavenger, quick draw and whatever else.


              But in all actuality, it all depends on you.I started playing in Black Ops and sucked all the same, if not worse.If you're on PSN you can add me and i'll give you some tips and pointers and we can play a few tomorrow. I more then willing to help you out =)s


              My PSN is LumpyPlug.


              Have a good one and i hope this helps.

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                So here is my suggestion. And some people may disagree but to each there own. I started playing COD with MW3. Then got heavy into Black Ops 2 and with ghost. Everything that everyone above is saying is correct. Stick to the outside, learn the maps, walk not run, etc. Here is what you may want to try. Set up a class with an Assualt rifle. Remmington, SA-805, or AK-12. All great guns with good overall stats. You will just have to figure out which one you lilke best. Perks: Incog is a must due to all the sniping and camping in the game, Amplify is a must to start, don't need dead slilence as you should be moving most of the time while starting out. Blast shield is a must as well. To many explosives being thrown or laying around. And my last piece of advise, which I know sounds crazy,try play TDM in Hard Core. Yes. Hard Core. In core my K/D raito is a 1.52. In HC I have a 2.20 K/D. I feel it levels the playing field, first gun pulled, first bullet fired wins! As far as sensitivity goes on the controller goes, just starting out I would not go above a 7. I play at a 12 but I worked up to that. One of the best guys in my clan plays at a 5 and his K/D is a 2.67. Just do what works for you. It will take some time. Don't get frustrated and quit just keep playing. Remember going 4-0 is good and will help you K/D in the end. My clan is MLI and my PSN name is jmillerohio. You can add me if you'd like. Good gaming and shoot straight!

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                  If you are AR inclined then I'd suggest the SC-2010.  Put a Red Dot sight on it and I like to use a silencer.  Try 8 for your sensitivity.  It's plenty fast enough without being too crazy but if you find that you are having trouble staying on target, lower your sensitivity until you find one that fits you.  Higher sensitivities will only make the problem worse.  You might find this crazy but a lot of pro players run somewhere between a sensitivity of 2 to 4.  Make sure that you use Focus as one of your perks.  Past that it's all about map knowledge and learning when to push in and when to wait for a second to see if somebody runs by.  That all comes with time in the game.

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                    I'm not great but my advice would be as others have stated learn the maps. Before playing multiplayer I spent a week on squads, learnt which weapons/perks suited my style v other situations. Only through experience will you learn where you can run and where you have to be careful. Keep an eye on who tops the lobby and then keep an eye on what they do. You also ask them if you got a headset most ppl will give you tips.


                    Mtar is my preferred smg, red dot sight as it ain't bad at distance or swap it for a suppressor, rapid fire certainly adds damage through weight of fire and a grip. Use marathon,focus,extra attachments and scavenger at first and blind eye. No secondary you can always pick up a gun and no lethals or tacs.


                    Like I said practice on squads, once your accuracy improves try different perks and set ups until YOU feel right .Same goes for the other weapons but stay away from the msbs until your accuracy is good.


                    You could always join a clan, not all are after 3+ kd, but don't get to disheartened we all had to start somewhere spring chicken to shitehawk takes a while don't get dragged down by kd or other stats have FUN and a bit of craic good luck!

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                      Everybody starts somewhere and we all sucked,normally in InfinityWard's games the better guns are always the ARs and the LMGs because all the maps are so big, with that being said a camp-type play style works better. For specifics try out this


                      M27-IAR VMR (blue dot), silencer





                      Lethal: IED      Tactical: Motion Sensor



                      Hardline, Focus, Extra Lethal, Extra Tactical, Extra Mags


                      I suggest playing Drop Zone and finding a nice high spot above the drop zone and just kill on. On the map Bayview (DLC 1), at the end of the train tracks there will be a ladder leading up to a platform that has a doorway if you go into that doorway you will be enclosed by railing and you can see just about all of the middle of the map there will be 3 drop zones that spawn around you which will bring you lots of traffic. Hopefully these directions weren't too scattered and if so can someone please further explain?

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                        Add me firefighter121 can help u out really good teaching players Check out my clan website halosavengers.tk.

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                          here is how I did it. never run in the center of the map. I ran on the edges of every map (where your player can't go any further out). a week into the game I got used to my weapons, controls, perks and MAPS, probably the most important thing to learn, because to this day when i play in a map from the new map pack i get killed very quickly. afterwards you will feel more comfortable with the game and can go to the centers.


                          My preferred loud out is



                          Quick Aim, Marathon, Quick Draw, Agility, Slight of Hand, and on the run.


                          Strike Package:

                          Satcom, Guard Dog, Trinity Rocket


                          Primary Weapon:

                          Ripper or Victor (with Grip and Armor Piercing attachments)











                          as you can see i am a player that likes a fast paste game. I reload while running and my movement is very fast.


                          my PSN is RaDiCaL_Evil


                          add me and we can party up.


                          Good luck and have fun.

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                            My favorites, they call it "the try hard classes" oh, and i know what you mean, when coming online, you deal with the animals...


                            (Mid/Far range) Honey badger/tracker sight/foregrip/armor piercing, perks sleight of hand/ready up/incog/extra attachment


                            (Close Range) Bulldog/Muzzle Break/foregrip/extra mags/. perks ready up/sleight of hand/marathon/focus/extra attachment/gambler


                            (Far Range/Sniper) L115/Armor peircing/variable zoom/chrome barrel. perks quickdraw/incog/focus/extra attachment


                            You can use your perks as need be, but these classes are why they call me a "try hard".


                            Hope it helps bud.

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                              honestly man all this is good advice but heres what i run and since i started i haven't had any trouble since


                              Maverick or remington = silencer and extended mags. no secondary, lethal or tactical. stalker, marathon, agility, focus, DEAD SILENCE!


                              The ripper, or k7 = silencer, extended mags. just perks, marathon, agility, ready up, blind eye, focus, dead silence!


                              Of course you can change it to suit you but those two classes are so fast that nobody can keep up unless they have that class. it takes some getting used to, so my suggestion is try one of these, see how you like it. but to start out "run to hide" in other words run to a camping spot after camping spot.


                              Also support is a very good streak for these classes because you will die but once you get used to it you will kill alot more than you die I promise lol I run ballistic vests, support squadmate, and oracle.

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                                My brother just started playing COD with ghosts. He was horrible at first. Some will disagree, but set your sensitivity to 3-4. You won't be good enough yet to snap aim or turn on anyone. Your best bet is to use a lower your setting so you can make every shot count. Also pre aim, pre aim, pre aim. Every corner you go around, every piece of cover you go around, just ADS and  assume there is an enemy waiting for you. Also I wouldn't suggest camping, but I would say find an area of the map you are comfortable with and stick to it as much as possible. Try to find some vets to play with, You would be shocked how much having a team that does good call outs and communicates will help.

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                                  Learn the maps and learn player movement so you can develop a strategy to counter an enemy's movement without being obvious


                                  Find a pace that suits you best. You don't have to run around the whole and you don't have to sit still the entire match. Find a speed that you can stay active but not over extend yourself


                                  Find a style of weapon that best suits your skills. Full autos are great for those that find themselves in a constant battle. Semi-autos are best for one on one gun fights where you have the accuracy to make every shot count.

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                                    A couple of pointers:


                                    1) always run a silenced weapon, if your aim is poor even if you miss your target, you won't show up on the mini map

                                    2) pre-aim around corners

                                    3) crouch walk

                                    4) don't get in the habit of reloading after every kill

                                    5) when you run around, never run toward the middle of the map, you are just asking to be killed. the periphery is your best friend.

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                                      Practice, practice, practice... set up private match... #1 start with one or two recruit level enemies, play until your k/d is at least 3:1 consistently (on every map)...add a couple more enemies and 1-2 friendlies, keep doing until there's 6 enemies and 3-4 friendlies, and you're coming out on top every time... #2 Then increase enemy difficulty, and go back to 2 enemies, no friendlies...repeat step #1.  Repeat until you're playing against veteran level bots and coming out with at least a 1:1 k/d every time.


                                      Then play a dozen or so squad matches.


                                      Now you're ready for multiplayer, and should be kicking a$#. 

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                                        want to increase your reflex? better your aim? learn the maps? go to private match put 11 enemy bots on veteran choose any map and go hunting play like that 5-10 times and you will see that your reflex and aim will increase cause the computers are attacking from everywhere, you might win games and might lose some games, you might lose some confidence in yourself but online the players arnt as good as the computers but your countering skills will be

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                                          I too started playing this as my first COD game in the series.  I sucked when I started.  All the off-line stuff makes you feel like you play great!  Then you play online and think, I suck!!!  Def start with the Remington or AK12.  You don't want to start with a gun that has alot of recoil.  That will throw off your aim every time!  Try using an IEP as well that will get you at least 1 kill.  Always use Marathon as your perk, it will help you when you need to run.  I try to use Hardline as well as Assists help toward earning a kill.  Try to use Support instead of Assault as your package in the beginning that way your killstreak won't reset when you die.  If you can, a support squadmate will help when using Support.


                                          Don't, DON'T run around like a crazy kamakaze!!!  Crouch and walk.  Stay to the outside of the map.  Try to not stay in one spot too much but watch where others have been when they kill you so you know where they were and you can learn good spots to hide.  Domination is a game that will allow you to learn the maps.  Many play Team Deathmatch, but Dom lets you go to the flags and learn the maps.  B is always in the middle.  You will learn the maps as you go, but practicing will help you and DEF go to private matches and put bots on.  I don't know if veteran settings are necessary, but at least not easy settings for them will help you.  You can also set  what type of gun you would like to try out such as a sniper or marksman or assault, etc.  As for sensitivity settings, I use a 4. 


                                          If you want, friend request me.  Kelloggs19 on PSN.  When I first started, my K:D ratio was like .235 or something, I'm steadily getting much better and am .377 now.  I have fun and kept playing.  That's the main part.  You WILL get better the more you play.  Keep trying different guns and perks to find out what you like best and what works for you.  You'll get it.  Most of all:  IGNORE the negativity of those making fun of NOOBS and those making fun of low K:D ratios.  You'll get it and do just fine.  I barely got 0-2 kills a game with like 20 deaths a game.  I get at least 11 kills a game now with sometimes lower than 5 deaths or sometimes 25 deaths.  Play smart, learn the maps and have fun!!!!!!

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                                            Try the crouch button and slow down just a little for a while. People camp a lot these days, btw sniping and camping are two different things, and until you get use to the maps and where people are at, stay crouch and slow down. I know for me, every new cod, I will crouch and walk around the outside of the map for a while, until I get use to the map and players. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not the best at the game, but I do have a positive K/D ratio on my main account. I also gave this advice to a clan mate who K/D was 0.4 range, and now is in the 0.8 range. So it seemed to help them and might be worth trying.

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                                              Thank you to all the people who replied and tried to help. I'll give all your advice a try and see how it goes. Cheers.

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                                                Another word of advice is to pay some Dom and learn the 3 flag positions so you can call out enemy movements and communicate better. I have bad aim yet I changed my play style to cope with it such as extended mags and grips(silencer can help) muzzle break can mess up your aim I feel. If you like running and gunning use an smg such as mtar or vector and put steady aim on and try to hip fire at close range.  the Remington is a great assault rifle especially with grip silencer. Perks I would recommend depend on the map etc. But I good starting point would be ready up focus sleight of hand stalker/quickdraw (your choice I strafe to aim) incog or off the grid to keep you hidden. Like I said I strafe to aim so stalker is a must but you could be different but at least try it out it helps me immensely. The biggest tip is to just play. Learn the maps and try to find a quarter of the map you really like and keep patrolling it back and forth until you can learn the spawns more. I don't recommend marathon bc you will die a lot if you continuously run around so try to walk around every corner even ads if your unsure around the corner. The hardest part is learning the spawns once you have an idea of where the enemy is going to be or where they will come from  you can prepare yourself and won't always be caught off guard. Try to stay on the edges of the map until you learn where the majority of enemy's will be and after that you will learn the best places to catch them off guard.

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                                                  I know how you feel when you first came into playing CoD Ghosts Multiplayer. I would recommend that you play in the private match mode of multiplayer against bots. Here you can use any guns in the game, and perks, equipment, etc. As well you can also put the bot on certain levels to match your skill level. At first play them on recruit. your best bet would be to get accurate would be to use the ARX-10 with red dot as your primary. Since you use no secondaries I would recommend that you run: Ready Up, Sleight of Hand, Focus, Steady Aim, Dead Silence and Blind Eye as perks since your new to this game. I would also strongly suggest that you start at 1 sensitivity and increase it gradually as you play these bots until your at a point that your comfortable. as you continue to play you will need to see if you feel like you move slow while aiming down you sights, and if thats the case get rid of blind eye and ready up, for stalker. this way you will move a bit faster.


                                                  If you have any more questions about what i have said or would like me to play with you and help you improve. Contact me on my PSN of: Faded_Ideals or Yz3r-_-Corrosion

                                                  I'm a 2.3-4.5 kill death ratio player(kdr)

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                                                    Quick update:


                                                    Thank you to everyone for helping me, i took all your advice, tried various guns and I have seen much improvement.


                                                    After messing around with almost every gun and attachment comb i decided to stick with my original AK 12 with the grip and silencer. I dont know why i just play better with this gun than any other. I use ready up, stalker, quickdraw, agility perk, and focus. I might take away agility for dead silence, good idea?


                                                    I've learned to strafe walk, ADS frequently and pay more attention to the mini map.


                                                    The most important thing i took from your advice was to stay hidden, not in the open, and now believe it or not from dying 15 times with no kills in a match, i get the lowest deaths in 90% of my games, seriously. But because i always play so carefully i also get fewer kills. My average score is usually around 9-10 kills with 7 deaths. Sometimes i get towards 20 but im always getting evens or better with the rare off game once in a while and normally place 4th in my team.


                                                    Even so i still find myself getting picked off  by campers and snipers, or spawn trappers ganging on you with their clan and sometimes me loosing my cool and rushing into fights. I'm still a noob but i have become much better, thanks to your advice. so i appreciate all your help. Cheers guys and if you would be kind enough to help me with a new problem i would be very grateful.


                                                    2 Noob questions..

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                                                        Instead of some of those speed perk try using Stealth perks like Of the Grid and Blind Eye. Or creating a similar class as the one you are using but ones with Blind eye and Off The Grid in place of the Speed perks. When you hear "enemy SAT COM" or "Enemy Oracle" or "enemy Chopper" being called out you can switch to it and still stay hidden.


                                                        I don't believe there is one perfect class setup as things change during the match so you have to adapt to the changes. Switching between classes during a match is always a good idea.

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                                                            Ok, I have a question.  I know you can switch classes during a match by selecting  "Change Loadout" but it tells you that it will happen next time you respawn.  Which means you have to die to make it happen.  I know you can't switch soldiers in a match buy can you change loadouts or classes during the match on the fly without having to die to do it?  

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                                                                dont know for Ghost but in the older games you could do that, the MLG players did that they had one class with all fast perks and as soon as they got to their ideal location they will switch the weapon they were really gonna use

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                                                                  Of course not but It's better once when an Oracle is up then many times by doing the same thing. It's better to die once from a chopper then keep running out there and getting shot. If someone calls in a KEM in Strikezone I throw out my C4 and wait until the timer gets close and kill myself right before the KEM goes off. I rather take a death than give the enemy a kill. Dying by your own hands with your own lethals or falling off a high place does not count towards your enemies kills. Think about it.

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                                                              I started playing FPS on PS1, it takes time to learn the game and the maps. Experiment with all the weapons in the game, this way you can find the right weapon for you. Me for example, I use the Remington with extended clip and a red dot. The more you play, the better you will be. Hit me up for Ghost, my PSN is JuGGalo__J4y   (Two underscores)

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                                                                Use the bots, train see what setup you like and as you get better raise the difficulty on the bots. Its really a great way to see what works best for you make sure to try other game modes see how you are with Blitz or hide in the brush with some Infected whatever works for you. To improve your aim try using sights red dots and VMR sights are good for most weapons when going around corners go slow and swing wide, run into a gun fight squat or go prone it helps a ton. Hope this helps