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    Questions,glitches,advice to newer players .

      HI everyone now I reached prestige 2 (lol ) I have some questions regarding extinction , I will update with more soon !! .


      1- what is the bonus pool I know from other threads it gives teeth but .. How and when ?

      2- do any relics affect the number of aliens that spawn ?

      3- were more prestiges added with mayday ? I have sen players with green prestige emblems .

      4- for solo players .. Vulture or sentry ?


      I Have seen some glitches on mayday I will post


      1- on the 3rd area after you go on the container to the ships deck the challenge .. Stay in the circle will sometimes not spawn ..

      2- sometime you become the drill ... To fix this you must down yourself

      3- aliens can become glitched behind a certain container on the main deck You can kill them but they will spawn behind it and can't attack you .


      Finally any solo tips for players Using 2-3 relics would be very helpful   as would help on getting teeth faster .


      NOOB question ... Does custom game on regular or higher save stats and leaderboards ?

      Apologies for poor English and grammar a little tired today

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