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        770. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

        Horrible horrible horrible mention of stats, I have all 4 consoles, and the game 4x. Xbox 360 is 100k to 300k at the most still not the norm 500k we seen for Blops 2 and not the 1,000,000 for Mw and Mw2. Ps3 is roughly 100k to 200k online at peek time usually closer to 100k.  Xbox one is like 35,000 MAXIMUM EVER its more usually 15-25,000 online. Ps4 is 40,000 online by 10am and roughly 60-80k online around 7-9pm Est.


        Ghosts is by far the most underplayed cod of all time, but thats because its a transitional game, from old to new, where as Cod4 was more like a brand new game to everyone rather than the 4th installment of Call of Duty.

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          771. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

          Spawns fixed yet?




          Face Palm

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            772. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

            Voods wrote:



            #5 The game was clearly rushed, It is very evident


            Ghosts may have some issues, but I think calling it a "rushed" game is a stretch. A big stretch. There's a lot in the game and that took a lot of time to think through. Errors? Sure, but there's a huge volume of game to begin with so you're gonna have more issues. Ratio of errors to the hole? Not that bad, IMO. MW2 was far worse in that regards. FAR worse.

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              773. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

              The changes are a step in the correct direction!


              What I still think needs to be done:

              - Snipers should have no aim-assist at all. They have the highest damage, and the highest accuracy.

              - Snipers should not be able to hip fire. When an SMG player sees a sniper and puts themselves at the advantage (point blank range) they can still find themselves killed by a lucky no scope.

              - Snipers should not be allowed to carry another primary, EVEN one off the ground. A pistol secondary only. Again, the amount of times I have rushed a sniper only to find them with a SMG secondary.

              Snipers are very powerful weapons and should require skill to use. The changes I have proposed take no functionality away from the weapons, but makes them fair when compared to AR's and SMG's.


              On an unrelated topic: Danger close needs to be taken out of the game. Either that, or it should just change the blast radius of explosives, not affect the damage at all. Blast shield should protect against it.


              In regards to the MSBS, the nerf is fine. On release, it was like a shotgun up close. The skill gap needs to come back to cod!


              You know what, while I'm here. The Guard dog AI needs to be altered a little. Dogs that come out of nowhere when you aren't near it's owner or don't have a direct line of sight on them are annoying. Perhaps adding a little hesitation when it kills? Or reducing the lunge (so players can move around a corner and prepare for the dog) BUT increase the health of the dog to balance this.


              What do you guys think?

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                774. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                On an unrelated topic: Danger close needs to be taken out of the game. Either that, or it should just change the blast radius of explosives, not affect the damage at all. Blast shield should protect against it.

                Just though I would correct you here, Blast Shield does protect you from explosive damage.

                Even with Danger Close on.

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                  775. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                  maybe buff the arx-160, because right now that gun eats dirt compared to any other assault rifle at medium to long range. I would like if they buff the first three fast shots of the arx so they did more damage

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                    776. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                    I’ll tell you what I think. Let me start by sharing with you something from one of the most famous, most knowledgeable mythologists of all time …


                    “the makers of legend have seldom rested content to regard the world’s great heroes as mere human beings who broke past the horizons that limited their fellows and returned with such boons as any man with equal faith and courage might have found. On the contrary, the tendency has always been to endow the hero with extraordinary power … The whole hero-life is shown to have been a pageant of marvels with the great central adventure as its culmination”

                    -          Joseph Campbell

                    The Hero with a Thousand Faces


                    In other words, if you want to become the legend, the myth of “above average” skill, then you need to be capable of doing what no other gamer can do. It is not enough to have statistics that “prove” your skill. It is not enough to play in a match with players of equal skill. It is not enough to play in a match where all the weapons, perks, etc. are of equal capacity.


                    What elevates one to a legend is the ability to be the underdog … and then still be able to defeat the better equipped, better trained, better teamed players.


                    Until then, these “buff this, nerf that” posts and threads? They are the dreams of would-be foils.

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                      777. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                      Hi, I am new to this forum. I just have some ideas and questions I want to share.


                      I am almost deaf. It is very hard to do things with a team on Call of Duty because of this. I already struggle enough that I cannot hear what is going on, and I wish Amplify could help but even that is just a worthless perk to me. I cannot communicate with a team, and it really hurts the fun factor. So...I had a few things I am wondering about as far as possibilities in THAT regard first.


                      1. Amplify- could visual indicators for footsteps be added so that hearing impaired and deaf people can know about them? maybe there could be like a green visual indicator very similar the red indicators we get when we are shot at or hit by explosions. Is it even possible?


                      2. Is there a possible way to add an option to increase voice volume in the game, so we can hear the voice packs better?


                      3.  Can we get subtitles in the official CoD help videos? I cannot watch them and know what is going on or what the Devs are even saying. It is unbelievably frustrating to be deaf and try to learn something from a video with no captions.


                      4. Can we get Mercenaries modes back in Core and Hardcore? I am really frustrated of playing against clans when I don't have the ability to communicate with people at all with this hearing problem.

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                        778. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                        Another thing, on weapons.


                        I use LMGs a lot, whether it is for rushing on Core or Sniping on

                        hardcore. I am always getting beat in gunfights with SMGs. The thing that frustrates me is that an LMG is SO handicapped in terms of movement, that I feel they should be more powerful, at least on core. There are many time, though I use focus, that I am overpowered by an SMG, though I have gotten 1 to 3 hit markers first in most cases where I lose the fight to the SMGs combined power and speed.  I feel like very often my unsilenced LSAT build, for example, is just getting shredded by people I have shot first, second, and sometimes three times in a row before they even start hitting me. I feel like the faster a players mobility with a weapon, the weaker it should be, and the more powerful, the slower I should move. Well, I think pistols and shotguns are fine the way they are. An LMG user cannot move quickly, so I think it should take 3 hits max to take someone down, even at longer range. The movement speed is just such a handicap. I'm not sure the answer would be an SMG nerf, but I feel like LMGs should pack a much more serious punch, especially considering that they fire rifle bullets.


                        I am also curious about the developers theory on things like this? Do I have a bad perspective? I just feel frustrated that my LSAT takes equal or more hits to kill people than an SMG does, while taking a serious handicap in movement speed. In gunfights, it is just a helpless feeling to fend of SMGs because I lose almost every time head-on whether I shot first or not. I am using FMJ, Foregrip, and Focus on everything. I know there are other weapons I could use, but I am a huge fan of the thunder and power LMGs have in real life, and love using them in FPS games. What would a developer suggest if they feel like LMGs are perfectly balanced? I am open to any advice or suggestions a person on the Dev end might have.Thank you much for the time. I really, really like Ghosts a lot and think it is just a dream come true for an FPS game. Keep it up!


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                          779. Re: Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

                          One thing I REALLY would like to see is an option to report people for trolling online games. These people play the series primarily to disrupt and ruin online matches. They ought to get disciplined for it.


                          On the subject, can we get a ricochet affect when teammates try to destroy my IED or Killstreak? Too many people purposely blow up their teammates within the blast radius of IEDs or C4 in order to kill the person who placed it. I have seen people try to destroy their own teams' killstreaks too. Also, it would be cool if I could climb over people who try to corner trap me until the other team kills me and that person both. I was using a Maniac and got corner trapped when I tried to hide on my last bit of health and thought of this.

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