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    To: Commandante, Gen. Claire, Brig Gen. BlackIce, Col. TopFighter...

      Chief Moderator


      To the folks that I've grown to consider my friends and extended family over the past... What?... 6-7 years??? We have spent many years, months, days, hours on the various (and THE ONLY ACTUAL, well besides IWF) HQs for CoD debating everything. From CharlieOscarDelta, IWF, WaWHQ.. all the way up to this point. I wish I had more time to give you guys a proper send off.


      Me and iif0xii have had our disagreements... Yet he has always been there to help me with advice on something. I usually can rely on him if I'm looking to invest in some kind of electronic. Since, most of you do not know.. HE is a machine. For years I always wondered if he ever slept... Then I discovered his secret.

      He never got angry at us for raiding his stash in his office, or for throwing the GRaS parties. For bagging on Jinx's Sister for being "EASY" pickings. For the  Napalm raids back and forth between here and the IWF. I still remember when I found out how old he was so long ago... DO YOU EVEN DRINK... No, because he wasn't old enough,

      I still remember the 1st time you heard my voice..


      A lot of us abide by a rule... Yet he truly Cut Slack... And J, thanks. There were many times that the Unspoken of Hammer could have been brought out on me, and so many others, but you let us slide knowing we were just trying to pass time, or having a heated discussion with teh nO_oB militia, civilians in the Outer Territories. I still remember you would PM me during the WaWHQ days telling me to chill out, calm down because you didn't want to have to ban me. I still remember the days you let us all get together and organize this..

      Sucks the original version can't be posted to show JD pull that troll move on you waaay back then on Discovery. Hahaha!!! That s*it was hilarious! You've helped people find their way into starting up on Youtube, helping people with setting up their home networks with your guides, helping us try and get our accounts unbroken from the various issues we had in the moves.

      You have been a important fixture of the Community for years, SIr. Thank you for your dedicated years of service to us.


      Gen. Claire: You have always been so kind to us and always seemed to give back just as good as we gave. You always have tried your best to help the little guy with whatever way you could. You could always come up with some kind of treat for those who were looking for some kind of DLC, trinkets. You can always find a way to say, post something silly that could even make Snake let you on his lawn. You truly are the Communities Mother. I hope things come back 100x in the positive for you in whatever you do.

      Brig Gen Ross: You Sir, are a man that deserves mad props for all that you do with staying connected with us week after week with the CGN. I think you should be given a "Key" to a ATVI server just so you can keep this up. You are like the Goodwill Ambassador to Gaming. You are another that is willing to give things away because you're a good person. You sit for hours out of your evenings staying connected with so many. Though it is hard to get a win on you it is still a heck of a time. You have connected a lot of people through social media with these CGN nights, whether you realize it or not. I hope you get all that back in return.

      Col. TopFighter: You Sir, are sneaky! Laying it wait like EviL ready to pounce on a defenseless fluffy Kitteh. You have been there for us through the years as a "reg". You've been there during those long, lonely nights when it wasn't very active. Keeping a discussion going whether in the Territories or here in the Majestic Lands of Offtopic. You've played a part in me staying around here when things seem to be getting so slow that I almost went A.W.O.L. I hope you still get a chance to make it up in that plane like you want. Hopefully, with the good you have done for me and others... Good favor will be bestowed upon you.

      I truly hope you all become very successful and prosper very much in whatever it is you are going on to next. Keep up the CGNs. Get some DAMN PS4s.