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        80. Re: PS4 frame rate issues recently (March)

        I have been told to get my PS4 Nat Type to Type 1 or "Open". If you go and test your internet connection and it says Nat type 2, apparently that is moderate and can restrict your PS4 from accessing the servers. Apparently the game NAT type and the PS4 Nat type are 2 different things. So try and get a Type 1 Nate type. Im having trouble setting up my router to try it

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          81. Re: PS4 frame rate issues recently (March)

          Type 1 would  be skipping the router.  You would need to plug right into the modem to get that.  Besides it's not a connection issue it is broken frames and shuddering frames.  They are caused by COD Ghosts trying to go over the 60hz limit.

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            82. Re: PS4 frame rate issues recently (March)

            but have you noticed framerate problems on multiplayer. sometimes it feels like my sensitivity is getting faster on its own and everything looks really glitchy. some maps are worse. free fall seems really bad especially when you are respawning and when theres a lot going on at once

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              83. Re: PS4 frame rate issues recently (March)

              Same problems here and it's obviously a framerate drop. Claims of it occuring when framerate exceeds 60 makes no sense. First off, capping fps is the easiest thing for a programmer. Secondly the issues occur usually when there's a far draw distance and/or more action occurring than usual. If it were an issue with fps exceeding 60 then it would usually occur when nothings happening and your in an area where you can't see far off in the distance.


              The lag claim makes no sense either. How would that explain every single CoD on 360 never having severe performance issues like this? Or people playing Squad Mode solo and still getting fps drops.

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                84. Re: PS4 frame rate issues recently (March)

                I agree with you 100%!
                The "60 fps" theory make no sense, because the drops occur when the graphic card "sweats" (lot of elements, far distance). I wrote about this few times - it make sense and it is logic.

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                  85. Re: PS4 frame rate issues recently (March)

                  Yes i've been experiencing the frame rate issues and hopefully the Devs are aware of this and they can fix it because it's really noticeable and really disrupts gameplay.

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                    86. Re: PS4 frame rate issues recently (March)

                    Okay, I noticed this while playing it on PS4,  and being primarily a PC gamer (with a $4000 PC) I've seen this from time to time so I know what it is. This isn't the Frame RATE dropping. It's the Frame TIME dropping (frame rate dropping would still remain just as responsive but the motion would appear less fluid, frame time dropping causes the controls to feel laggy and the images appear to "skip" onscreen). The PS4 is set to only display 60 frames per second, but the problem is, it's not set to only GENERATE 60 frames per second. So no, the PS4 is not too weak to run the game, it's actually more powerful than the developer realized so they couldn't optimize it properly. Think of it this way. When you see a constant 60 frames per second, each frame is on your display for a specific time, 1/60th of a second. The PS4 is generating around 120-144 frames per second so each generated frame's time is only 1/120 - 1/144 of a second. So what it does is some of the frames in that time span get dropped and then the frames that are displayed have their times extended so that something that should only have taken up 1/144 of a second now takes up 1/60. Problem is, without a v-sync option on the PS4, it's not precise in which frames get dropped, so you could see stuttering because the frames aren't evenly dropped so it's displaying frames that should have dropped and dropping frames that should be displayed, which makes it look like it's skipping. Sadly, It's not something the developers can fix on their own. Sony has to release a software/firmware update so that the system's APU is set to only generate a maximum of 60 frames per second. I hope this helped and I hope I explained it thoroughly enough because it's a kind of complicated thing. Just know, there's no easy fix for it and it may be awhile before we see one.

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                      87. Re: PS4 frame rate issues recently (March)

                      Here it is: June. And the Frame Rate issue has still not been solved? Will this game ever be fully playable? Have we already forgotten this game since the announcement of AW?

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                        88. Re: PS4 frame rate issues recently (March)

                        @SquishyTheTitan This makes the most sense. I am thinking of switching to a gaming PC (roughly $4000) Do you like it much better than console gaming

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                          89. Re: PS4 frame rate issues recently (March)

                          Hi, yesterday came new update for PS4 (1.74) - and I've noticed that after this update FRAME RATE ISSUE finally GONE
                          I am playing COD almost everyday and since march I had this issue - specially on Prison Break map, but yesterday, after update, this map was displaying fine. I hope that next update will don't break COD again...

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