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    What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

      This is what i want from sledgehammer's cod



      1.zombies (i know zombies is a treyarch thing but it would be awesome to have it)


      2.if not zombies mw3 spec ops survival. Ghosts safegurad is **** no computer to buy weapons from and no helicopters attacking.


      3.Gameplay like black ops 2 or mw3


      4.futuristic killstreaks and weapons like bo2


      5.bring the mp7 back


      6.lag for campers

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          Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

          Another thread with hate towards campers...

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            Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

            Why would you spend 60$ for a carbon copy?


            You guys are silly.


            Unless mommy and daddy are buying it for you. I can't fathom paying 60$ for a game I already own. Ghosts is great. Know why? Cause they tried some DIFFERENT stuff. Its too bad you kids never learned to adapt. When everybody wins there's no reason to get better right?

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              Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

              1. I don't like COD Zombies. I do like Killing Floor on PC. Zombies are getting overused in everything though. No more gimmicks please.


              2. MW3 Spec Ops was boring and rarely played. If I had to get stuck with zombies or spec ops....zombies for the win.

              MW3 was a terrible game and nothing should ever be re-used from it. TAC INSERTS. Game ending nukes. enough said.


              3. COD needs to move forward and not focus on bringing back bad ideas or gameplay from older COD games.

              Players want something new with a challenge. Not the same boring predictable thing every year....oh wait, I guess they do want the same garbage every year.


              4. Less kill streaks and add in vehicles the players can operate instead. More options and useful guns for every weapon type.

              No more rewarding bad players for dying!.


              5. New content please! Nothing old or that has already been done 1,000,000 times already in every other cod game.


              6. Less lag and better servers. Perhaps a faster pace and style that takes skill needs to come back to COD.

              Encourage players to move around more without the fear of instantly dying from magic bullets that curve around all corners. Increase the health. Remove all kill cams. Fix the damn spawn system.

              That is living in a fantasy world though asking for all that. I already know the answer.

              Activision: If it costs us money, we won't build it.

              If it works with our old school engine and does not cost us money we will add it.

              As long as it makes us loads of money.

              Harry Enfield: loadsamoney - YouTube - Killing Floor

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                Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

                1.Zombies were fun in WaW after that is just the same over and over again. No thanks just spend time getting the multiplayer right.

                2.same goes for spec ops, fun for 5 mins

                3.Blops2 in my opinion is the worst cod ever made why would you want the same game??? MW3 was ok but nothing special and second game in a row which had terrible lag.I would much prefer a new game engine and WW2

                4.There are loads of games with futuristic guns killzone etc go and play them if i had to choose between swords or futuristic i would go swords.

                5.you what futuristic and mp7?????

                6. Camping is part of the game get over it, if we only had rushers then the game would be rubbish.


                things i think are important

                Dedicated servers

                Min connection requirements i.e. ping below 50, upload above 1mb and no wifi

                Mixture of large and small maps

                remove grenade launchers

                remove kill streak options go back to 5 7 9 of cod 4

                better in game comms

                and most important a NEW GAME ENGINE


                On a personal note i would like to have all modes in HC and if lauchers are included that they are banned for HC

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                  Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

                  This is what I want from sledgehammer.


                  1.A new engine.


                  2.Multiplayer only.


                  3.A WW2 or a modern warfare title not a furture warfare title.


                  4.Player increase to 32 players (16v16) infantry only, larger maps 2-3X bigger than stonehaven.


                  5.Squad feature from WaW.


                  6.Weapon customization similar to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Medal of Honor: Warfighter.


                  7.Bring back MW2 perk system or remove perks all together.


                  8.The 3,5,7 killstreaks.


                  9.More hardcore game modes.


                  10.MOST IMPORTANT THING, A BETA!

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                    Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

                    Zombies won't happen and it's likely to be another Modern Warfare.

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                      Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

                      I hate it when i spot someone ADS at me , so i go back round my corner to die 6 ft behind a wall. Killcam shows them getting hit markers on me but in game i wasn't receiving damage and ghosts wasnt too bad until recently.

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                        Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

                        I'd say they need to do these things:


                        Actual dedicated servers that everyone plays on *not this hybrid system where a lot of people never play on dedicated servers*

                        No optics with diamonds/outlines or other "crutch" enhancements *thermals are fine, been in the game forever*

                        Keep specialist

                        Don't put in overpowered streaks like BO2 *swarm/dogs*

                        Lock on rockets to counter air power

                        Better maps with less rubble/clutter and better color schemes.

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                          Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

                          wow, no one mention a better plan to STOP HACKERS!!!!!!!! Its crazy how even on the PS4 there are hackers, just look at the leaderboard scores. Every year the leaderboard gets hacked and nothing is ever done about it. So, my number 1 thing for Sledgehammer would be a better plan to stop hackers.

                          number two would be more players on maps, up to 32 like mention before. The more people the more fun

                          those would be my main two big ones.

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                              Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

                              ya right man about the leaderboard everyone know on the top they all hackers.

                              but for the number of player in the map i just want to say when you play cod you feeling that its about skills and how far can you predict the other teams moves right. when you got too many people in one map all of this will be lost, cause you will get kill ( way more than now) by someone far who saw u moving its totally frustrating if it get repetitive. and to avoid everybody will start to camp and kill the running noobs cause yes in this case the moving guy will be the noob

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                              Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

                              1) release a beta


                              Let's start there.

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                                Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

                                I would like to see


                                1. mostly med size maps ,  and more small maps then large maps, only 2 large maps
                                2. A NEW engine
                                3. character customization affected by perks
                                4. weapon choice affect character customization
                                5. faster movement
                                6. unlimited sprint
                                7. no lightweight
                                8. Ghost( only while moving, unless using a sniper rifle)
                                9. Pro perks return, 5 perk slots instead of 3( Perk Slot one: Character Abilities( Dexterity, Reflex,Ninja, Awareness) Perk Slot Two: Gear:(Ghost Gear, Flak Jacket, Ballistic , Toughness,  )Perk Slot 3: Elite Perks(Hardline, Sitrep, Wiretap,Blind Eye)Perk Slot 4:Equipment(Extra equipment,Scavenger, Strongarms, overkill)Perk Slot 5: Weapon proficiency(Weapon Handler,Extra Mags, Faster Melee,Ping)
                                10. better connections
                                11. theater mode( but if it hurts the connection then remove it)
                                12. option to remove sound
                                13. No ghille suit
                                14. Create a camo,emblem, and background (for micro dlcs you could do emblems and patterns(maybe an animated pattern pack which will allow you to buy animations for your background or camo)
                                15. Everybody gets a primary, a secondary, and lethal and tactical, cannot be removed.
                                16. Gadgets
                                17. hold the melee button to take out your melee weapon
                                18. more character customization you create your face, change body types ( regular, skinny(makes you faster and harder to hit(but less health), large (makes you move slower, a bigger target but more health)
                                19. Use your voice ( you can record your voice and that can be the announcer
                                20. more, bigger, better, and stronger SCORESTREAKS
                                21. UAV come back


                                Character Abilities:

                                1. Dexterity: mantle and climb faster, Pro: Gun is ready faster after sprinting and climbing
                                2. Reflex:  use equipment faster, Pro: swap weapons faster
                                3. Ninja: silent footsteps, Pro: character makes no callouts
                                4. Awareness: hear footsteps louder, Pro: hear callouts louder


                                1. Ghost Gear: No name when targeted, and cannot be detected by thermal or targetfinders, Pro: Stay off the radar while moving, or using the objective, enemies radar jams when nearby
                                2. Flak Jacket: Equipment does 75% less damage to you,Pro: killstreaks do less damage to you
                                3. Ballistic Vest: Spawn in with a ballistic vest (but you are more weak to explosives, and killstreaks) Pro: The vest regenerates
                                4. Toughness: less kick when shot at, Pro: No kick


                                1. Hardline: KIllstreaks are 35% easier to get, Pro: you get more 5% more score with every kill 
                                2. Sitrep: You can see enemy equipment in a bright red through everything,  Pro:enemy equipment is delayed when you walk by
                                3. Wiretap: Can use enemies uav( but when your team has a counter uav up your radar gets countered), Pro: you can use enemy's orbital vsat
                                4. Blind Eye:kill streaks don't detect you Pro: resistance to emp and counter Uav


                                1. Extra Equipment: One extra tactical and lethal, Pro: 2 extra tactical and lethal
                                2. Scavenger: replenish ammo, Pro: replenish Gadget
                                3. Strongarm: throw equipment farther, Pro : Speed isn't decreased when using heavy weapons
                                4. Overkill: Have two Primaries and a secondary, Pro:have 3 attachments on all your weapons

                                Weapon Proficiency:

                                1. Weapon Handler: Stalker, Pro: Quickdraw
                                2. Weapon: Extended Mags,
                                3. Ping: enemies nearby the person you killed are revealed, Pro: enemies are revealed as arrows and ghost people are spotted and the ping is larger
                                4. melee: melee faster  Pro: Knife at double speed and farther lunge ( at least 5 ft) and health is fully regenerated after knifing



                                1. Trophy System
                                2. black hat
                                3. jammer
                                4. Sword
                                5. grapple gun
                                6. Riot Shield
                                7. Handheld Heartbeat Sensor
                                8. Enemy's Radio
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                                  Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

                                  7.add vehicles for cod

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                                    Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

                                    The most important thing SledgeHammer needs to do is not listen to anyone that tells them what they should do. We all know there will be a large percentage of vocal players that will hate the game no matter what they do. So let them do what they think is best for their game. Hopefully the players like it and the online numbers are good.

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                                      Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

                                      As people have said this game needs an ACTUAL NEW ENGINE. The engine used is just ancient now.

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                                        Re: What Sledgehammer games need to do for next cod.

                                        We'll get right on it!

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