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    WHY are we having to put up with this??

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      WHY are we having to put up with this??
      Activision and Microshaft need to do something to stop this cheating. I watched a RECRUIT yesterday in a Gilly suit get riddled with bullets from two players and just ran away from it, unharmed.
      I paid over $100 to play this game (+ my MS Gold XBox Live account fee) and shouldn't have to put up with hackers who are getting rich from selling their cheats. Is Microsoft putting up with this because they're getting $30-$50 a day from hackers who have to start a new account?

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          Re: WHY are we having to put up with this??

          I agree with you, but with any large scale multiplayer game people will mod, hack, glitch etc. They will always be one step ahead of the developers.


          Secondly, if someone wants to use cheats, if they want to keep shelling out $50 every time they get banned, that's what they will have to do. For most players, after a few bans, $50 will be a lot of money and will discourage them from doing it. You must have not played this on PS3 where people can create accounts for FREE. Your beef is a legit one, but Xbox players on a whole have it way better than those on Playstation where those on PS3 can hack all they want without real repercussions.

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