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        It made the game faster and added a level of awareness and skill. Low thinking players couldn't handle it so they catered to whiners despite a majority who had no problem adapting.

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          What you mean the 'majority' that already left this game with it's worst online player count in the franchise since COD 3 back in 2006?

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            The original Infinity Ward and creators of Call of Duty realized there was a place for footsteps and made them loud in Cod 4 and MW2. Even if you had Dead Silence, you could be heard in the same building or room next over.


            The idea that Dead Silence should mute sound channels is the most dumb idea since David Vonderhaar implemented the target finder. It's funny that three or four of you guys keep posting in this thread over and over again to dominate the posts. You guys are the cancer of Call of Duty.

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              This is EXACTLY what I've been saying these past months.  Why make something as common as footsteps into a formidable weapon?  It forces the players against Amplify to crouch walk, thus slowing down what is supposed to be a fast-paced arcade shooter.


              ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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                This doesn't happen. A majority of players hear gunfire and footsteps and move towards the player. Please explain why there are more campers since the Dead Silence buff/Amplify nerf if Amplify was the problem.

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                  Why, because we disagree with you we are cancer?


                  I never said DS should mute all sound channels, did I?


                  What I Did say was there was no need to INCREASE the sound channels to counter a counter. DS is a counter to footsteps. It should lessen the footstep sound. I still think there should be equipment jingle and climbing/falling noises, etc. What I don't think should happen is having a perk that counters another perk. There were always ways to counter DS... as you pointed out there was still sound for those attentive enough to hear it, not to mention your eyes, ears, and game awareness. I think instead of Amplify, you make DS sound damper, not a mute. You add sound elements relating to the environment (The original Black Ops did this well), such as stepping on broken glass, metal floors as opposed to wooden, gravel, etc. Players could use the environment to their advantage, rather than some silly perk that does the work for them.


                  You are quick to attack. It would seem that is more of a cancer than anything we have to say.

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                    Prove it.

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                      Best solution is to remove BOTH dead silence and amplify. Make EVERY players footsteps equal.

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                        There is far less camping since the patch in my experience.

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                          myevo8you wrote:


                          Best solution is to remove BOTH dead silence and amplify. Make EVERY players footsteps equal.

                          I agree! I think DS is used to much and it's almost a must to use both DS and Amplify to survive in certain GM's. Take them all away and we are on even ground.

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