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        I don't know, I don't really think of Natasha as someone that would hide behind fake personalities.  She takes on fake personalities when necessary, but I don't think she'd put on a fake persona when she's just being Natasha and hanging with her friends.  She's completely unapologetic about the fact that she'll murder, torture, and do what she has to for her job.  I think she'd take a like it or lump it stance rather than trying to lighten it with silly jokes.  She wouldn't be the sort to feel like she needs to impress Cap or have his acceptance.  And I feel like with her past, Natasha is relatively open about it.  Maybe not all the details, but she hasn't been shy about acknowledging she wasn't a good person before she joined SHIELD and got a shot at redemption.   She had some cool moments in Cap 2 when they had to avoid Crossbones and his crew in the mall and the way she tricked Bucky, but I feel like Avengers had the best Natasha.


        You need to put it up on his wall when he isn't looking.  Then when he does see it he'll think a ninja snuck into his house and put a Cap poster up!

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          I don't think she really does lie to Cap or anyone about what she does or tries to get his acceptance.  After all, she tells him that if he's looking for friends, he probably shouldn't be with SHIELD or working with spies.  Or there's even the part on the boat at the beginning where she doesn't worry that Cap thinks they should be focused on saving the prisoners.  She just focuses on her mission to get the data.  The more I think about it, the more I think her sense of humor has less to do with fake personalities and more to do with this being the movie universe, where everyone has a superhuman sense of humor as an extra superpower.  This is a universe where Thor got tasered, after all.  It's not the most serious place  So, I'm back to where I started now, I think.  I wanna look out for this when I re-watch the movie on Blu Ray later, though, to see if it looks like there's some fake personality stuff going on.  That's assuming that I manage to hold off on watching it again while it's in theaters, of course. 


          Because that's the only logical explanation.  It has to be a ninja. 

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            I have to agree with Rogue on this one Hawk. You seem to want a carbon copy of the comic version to be pulled off in the movies and it just isn't going to happen. It is a different type of entertainment and humor is something that lets the audience into these movies. I loved the War Games movie reference it was really funny and I loved the way Steve deadpanned saying he had seen the movie. Each actor is going to bring their own interpretation of the character and try to bring them to life and in some cases it will be different. I mean RDJ plays Tony way different than in the comic, but I enjoy his interpretation and can appreciate it and understand that they are two different formats of entertainment and still like both interpretations.


            As far as Hawkeye in the Cap movie I read a quote from Feige that both him and the Hulk will get a lot of time in the Avengers since they have not had their own movies. I knew with the Falcon in the movie that they were not going to add anybody else as they had plenty on their plate and we all agreed they delivered big time. From everything I am reading it sounds like Clint is going to get his time to shine in Avengers 2, which is really cool because he deserves it after his under utilization in the first Avengers.

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              Yeah I'm late to the party as usual.  I actually saw the movie last Friday, but have been a little busy (and since they changed the website it now gets blocked at my work so I can't post when I have down time anymore.)  I loved the movie!  It had hard hitting action, some nice twists and turns in the plot, a great supporting cast, and was just all around awesome.  I like to wait to have a repeat viewing or two before I really rank the movie compared to the others in the MCU, but after first viewing it is up at or very near the top.  I would probably repeat most of what you guys said you liked, but the highlights for me were -

              The Winter Soldier - yeah he didn't say a lot, but he didn't need to.  When he was on the screen you knew anyone he was after was in trouble.  The action scenes with Bucky were definitely some of my favorite. 

              Peggy's appearance - I loved TFA so it was good to see Haley back (even if she was not really recognizable under the impressive CGI aging effects).  It was a nice callback to the first movie and it was cool to see that Cap still has a special place for his "best girl" even though her mind is fading with old age.  Really was kinda sad!  I was kind of hoping for that dance, though.

              Falcon - I have really liked Anthony Mackie in the few movies I have seen him in and he seems like a cool dude in interviews.  I think he was a great addition to the cast, he had some very cool scenes, and hope he returns in the future.

              Alexander Pierce - how cool is it that Robert Redford was in this movie?  I think it was great that he didn't phone it in either.

              Evans has really grown into the role and I can't imagine anyone else playing Steve as well as he does now.


              Really I don't have many complaints about the movie at all.  I could have done with a little less of the shaky cam but it really wasn't that bad.  I am very excited for both Age of Ultron and the next Cap movie!

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                Jad glad you saw it, yay. It was just a fantastic movie and I need to go see it again for sure!!!!

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                  Glad you finally saw the movie!  It really was awesome, as I've ranted about plenty around here.  Maybe you can't rank the movie yet, but I'm ranking it at the top! 

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                    Hey, I remember this thread!  Feels like forever since I posted in it.


                    @Jad - Good to hear you finally got around to seeing the movie and enjoyed it!  Did you stick around for the mid and after credit scenes!  They were both pretty exciting teasers for the future.


                    @Iron – I’m open to interpretation: EMH isn’t a carbon copy of the comics, the Tomb Raider reboot is nothing like the original origins, Daniel Craig’s Bond is a lot different than Connery, Bioshock Infinite is a lot different than the first Bioshock, etc. But I just didn’t like how they made Natasha in TWS (style and frequency of the jokes), especially when Whedon wrote her near perfect (for me) in Avengers.  The portrayal of Natasha between the two movies is different and I think it’s fair that I can prefer one over the other.

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                      Hawk I can see your point as Natasha was much more the comic relief in this movie. probably because she didn't have to compete with RDJ for the funny lines, I don't know. I guess they needed the humor to come from somewhere and although they gave Evans a few funny lines they want to keep Cap pretty much a man of serious purpose and since Natasha was the person who got the most screen time besides Evans she became a bit more humorous than in Avengers. Just didn't bother me and liked a lot of her funny lines. But I am not as invested in BW as you are so our differing  points of view make sense from that standpoint.

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