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    Bugs/Glitches Thread (9/8/2014) [EXODUS]

      Hey everyone!


      Please add any glitches you have found to this thread and hopefully IW will see them. This includes leaderboards and menus.

      REMEMBER that many of these may have been fixed since they have been put on here, including mine, so please read the dates of everyone's posts before you make a debate!

      Also, no talk of any nerfs or buffs you want, these are not bugs or glitches!

      This page has also been featured as one of our Google Extinction topics, so big thanks to the forum team in the hope of making 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' the best it can be! Enjoy yourselves!



      ~If a portable/grenade turret is used and exited near a wall in Mayday it is highly likely to get 'stuck' in the wall, impossible to get out of unless you bleed out.

      ~If stuck in the 'glass' wall at the chlorine chamber, aliens can attack you through the glass once the valve section has been cleared.

      ~Sometimes the valves at the chlorine chamber section do not change colour to let you know when they are damaged.

      ~It is possible to not spawn to the Kraken area when your team mates are down there if you are on a grenade/portable turret.

      ~The roof above the 2nd hive is not solid, and can be passed through by jumping (with or without drill), allowing access to such room without activating the drill to it.

      ~Members of the lobby who receive notification that their Xbox Live Gold Subscription needs to be renewed are automatically disconnected from the game, even though it is only a notification and their Gold hasn't actually run out yet.

      ~Although not game-breaking, Rhino's can still spawn in the 'middle' or the bottom of the crane section of the map after you have taken the crane to the top. They are visible through the open section on the 'main deck'.



      ~After the recent update with the new chaos mode, escapes on the new leaderboards show a ridiculous amount. It is seemingly random with hundred's of thousands of escapes on mine and all of my friends profiles.


      UPDATE 24/5/2014:

      ~Cryptids still fall through the map on Chaos Mode

      ~If you use the upgrade, "Hypno-Knife a Rhino" before the Rhino has fully emerged from the ground, the Rhino falls through the map occasionally and disappears.

      ~Crates still spawn in the locked-off section of Mayday, they are unobtainable.

      ~The 'no-alien Kraken glitch' is still possible.

      ~'Rejoining squad mates' still occurs on Nightfall and Mayday at the final section, even in solo games. There is no time to prepare even though you used to be able to.



      ~ 2nd area of Awakening, aliens can glitch out of the map into the 'foggy' area on the outside of the 2nd area. They sit on an invisible wall and can't move.

      ~ Gargoyles can shoot through the walls of the map. (I was in a solo game and in the 2nd area I was being shot by the 'mini gun', but couldn't shoot back to the other side.

      ~ When Gargoyles are hit by an explosive and they do the 'hit' animation (don't know what else to call it), they can move into walls surrounding the map or on the insides of the map. From the walls I have had them in, they can also shoot out of them.

      ~ Aliens seem to be running with half their body in the ground more than ever now, especially hunters.


      UPDATE (11/6/2014):

      ~ It is possible to crouch on the edge of some mushrooms on the map, "Awakening", dis-allowing aliens to attack you. In some of these areas aliens also pile up allowing for unlimited XP off kills.

      ~ "The Architect" achievement on Mayday is still not possible for some players, even after numerous attempts.

      ~ Many players cannot find games in playlists even in a 200-300 range of players. The message "No Games Found" occurs.

      ~ Rarely on Mayday, throwing team support can result in the package falling through the map, as with the occasional alien that can also fall through the map.

      UPDATE (9/8/2014):


      ~ The Ancestor that is supposed to spawn at the gas station's 2nd generator does not always spawn. This results in a skill point that is unobtainable. Even the marker above the usual Ancestor's head does not appear anywhere. (MAJOR ISSUE)

      ~ Samantha Cross is not always at the Medusa once all the generators are complete. This may coincide with the above point. When this happens, the game is impossible to finish. (MAJOR ISSUE)

      ~ Many achievements are still bugged and won't work. Most notable are the achievements, "The Final Chapter", and "Mass Exodus". "Hat Trick" also seems to be causing a few problems.

      ~ When in the Medusa battle, after the major 'Gargoyle' spawn, there is a notorious section of the map for them to get trapped. To the far side of the arena where the generator for the traps is, if you look out to where the ancestor spawns in the 'apartments', there is a room that the Gargoyles get trapped in and can't escape, this is most noticeable with Feral Vision. (Personal experience, I've had more than 3 get trapped in that section before).

      ~ The unlock able patch to 'find all hidden Extinction eggs' is unobtainable to everyone. Unless, we are missing something, but I highly doubt it.

      ~ Sometimes, escapes on EXODUS do not count towards the escape tally, even if the game is completed.


      ~ The challenge for the second hive of the last area is still bugged, and sometimes does not appear at all.

      ~ The Hypno - Knife a Rhino on POC is still bugged. Sometimes, the Hypno - Knife does not Hypno or kill a Rhino at all, other times it kills the Rhino instantly, but is still obtainable from the Rhinos body, other times it Hypno's the Rhino, but, is still obtainable to use again, and the rest of the time it works perfectly. Very hit and miss.

      ~The Vulture now affects accuracy challenges, whether or not this is intentional, it is unnecessary.

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