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    Live agent support

      When I signed this morning all my stats, squad points, emblems, gold guns had been reset. Contacted live agent chat, it says wait times may vary, I have been waiting 2 hrs. Will the wait be hrs or days?

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          Re: Live agent support

          Stats been reset to zero- prestige1, level 1? Do not have an answer for "live support". We  sometimes get a quicker response by using  twitter to contact support- the social media sites are monitored regularly and response times are much quicker. Try contacting ATVIAssist with your info and  see what they have to say.  You can also click on the support button at top of page (next to flag), sign in and start a thread to support there. Those on the forum can not answer why the stats have been reset- if it is a glitch, they (Activision)  are the ones to help. If the stats were reset due to a violation of COC- no one here on the forums can help or really discuss it as that violates the COC and forum guidelines. Good luck to you- hope it helps get you the info you need!

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