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    [PS3][DLeG]Platinum Division LvL21

      We are looking for individuals that will participate in Clan Wars. Which are normally very active.

      [DLeG] have members all over the UK and US who are active every day.


      Requirements to join [DLeG]:

      • Must be active (Be able to contribute at least 20 wins a day during clan wars)
      • Have a Mic
      • App is preferred


      For those who fall short of these requirement for any reason feel free to PM me, We do make exceptions on people we feel that will benefit our clan.


      If you are selected to join the clan, we expect you to be willing to play the objective, We at [DLeG] put the Win above all else.


      [DLeG] current status:

      Level 21

      Platinum Division

      16 Members

      Add or PM me on my PSN:


      (For a limited amount of time we are also recruiting PS4/360/X1 clans to our roster, each clan will be given full power over their own platform.)

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