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    WANT TO JOIN THE LEGENDARY LIONS - Mature Gamer's-Blops 2/Ghosts-PS4-XBOX-1 UK-USA Over 21's

      Help us start a new side to this all ready established clan , we are now going NEW GEN XBOX-1

      Legendary Lions recruiting for ghosts. We are an established clan of mature gamer's , we play to win , we all have positive scores in all game modes. You must be 21 and over have a headset, be able to speak English and communicate with other team members. We learn all call outs and have a great team of admins to help and give you fantastic advice..We have gold clan tag already in ghosts which is simply LION.

      We have a forum on the ENJIN website so just make an account.

      To join just write in your browser The Legendary Lions go to website and and apply .EASY

      Also we have a you tube account also just write The Legendary Lions , hey presto

      In ghosts at the moment we all have win/loss ratio of 2 and above , and are level 14,

      Other information we are a dedicated tight knit clan of 50, so you'll always be invited to a group of 6.

      Any problems add Jimallfixit on XBOX-1