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        210. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (4/8/14)



        I was wondering if grenade launchers were adjusted? It seems they have become stronger. I run with blast shield and I still die with one hit from the Kastat and grenade launcher attatchment. I've also noticed that when using the Gryphon if one is to shoot a missle at someone with blast shield on, it takes like 4 missles to kill them. I understand I'm contradicting myself a bit, but something seems strange since the update.



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          211. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (4/8/14)

          Alot of people used to like this game theres alot of room for things to be fixed esp the spawns that you can't see to get correct for some reason but you really need to focus on fighting the HACKERS there even in squads it's bad when u just start a match and a guy has 2 kills and calls in a oracle and a ground jammer. all these people runnning around with "MODZ" in there name .

          but it's like you can't keep up with them , there youre biggest problem this game is more fulled with hackers than any other cod game and its a issue that needs to be fixed now more than later. if you value the community and fans please find a way to fix it ,it undermines the whole game . DLC,MAPS,GUNS,doesn't matter as long as youre getting killed by invisible people knifing you , support streak hacks, people shooting you from across the map with a smg with pinpoint accuracy,aimbot, people with Square blank boxes where youre prestige should be .map rotation would be awsome to bump it up a bit , i cant tell you how many times i end up on the same map 3-5 times. what would be awsome is a button that would allow you to disable the dlc maps and just play the regular maps . alot of people want that im sure . & for the love of god do something that gives people a reason not to camp. its all over this game. thanks

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            212. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (4/8/14)

            Spawns are still a huge issue that has yet to be addressed properly. It seems to me that every time I update this game the spawns get worse. Maps like Stonehaven and Whiteout are chock full of spawn camping and instances where I'd spawn right next to enemy players. The only map this should be occurring on is Strikezone. I've been playing Call of Duty before it went mainstream, and in my now 7 years of playing it's been getting far worse than I could imagine. Please, address SPAWNS before anything else, as doing so would make me one happy customer.

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              213. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (4/8/14)

              Unfortunately, there's little Activision can do in regard to "hackers."  Best case scenario, the studios catches them, but it takes these kids 5 mins to make another PSN account and they're right back at it. As much as I disliked paying to play online, doing so helps minimize cheating.

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                214. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (4/8/14)

                please unnerf the snipers a little

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                  215. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (4/8/14)

                  So much for the fix on these hackers there note that as been done about it.

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                    216. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (4/8/14)

                    Glad to see you are working on updates.

                    I have two VERY important suggestions:-


                    1. Please can you fix a problem with joining parties.

                    We have a clan of over 40 people, and are friends with a clan of 20 or so. We often are able to party will a full 6 players, and sometimes play private matches with a full 12, but run into issues getting into parties most of the time with an error from Ghosts, displaying: "Unable to join," or something of the like. No other COD game gives us this issue, but for some reason Ghosts does. We try different things such as changing the party leader, and then inviting again; but a lot of the time, 1 or 2 people cannot join, when they should be able to. We waste about 20 mins trying to figure out a way around it to get everyone in, where it should just simply work and take 5 mins like all other releases.

                    Please look into it. 


                    2. Spawns

                    Ghosts is one of the best releases yet. You guys did a great job! But many people are leaving Ghosts already, because there is one big problem with the game that is utterly game breaking - Spawns. People who aren't playing anymore, can't buy you next DLC; and this is the direction you are heading in by not fixing the game itself. People simply do not buy new rims for a car that doesn't run.

                    I'm not going to get into all of it here, you have Teanah's thread asking for spawns feedback in this forum, with an overwhelming 500 posts or more. Those numbers tell you that's what people want fixed the most; and quite frankly, also tells you why most people stop buying DLC or stop playing altogether. People are becoming offended that other "small" things are getting priority fixes that are not bothersome to the community at large.

                    Please listen and fix.


                    When you kill someone, they shouldn't be able to have a second pop at you like this, before you have even recovered or reloaded. They have full health, and a loaded gun and spawn behind you; the revenge spawn system has destroyed most of what makes Ghosts a good game. Fix it soon, because Ghosts spawns are a laughing stock all over YouTube, and it is hurting you guys.

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                      217. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (4/8/14)

                      You are calling Ghosts the best game yet? I'm gonna give you half a point for that. Oké, the graphics are good. It can be a fast played game like COD used to be. But that depends on the players you're up against. You're right about the spawns. They are sh*t. But I don't think they care enough to fix them. They have the money in the pocket. So why would they do anything about it? And they still making money of their micro items. I just think it's not right to charge people extra money if they bought the season pass. But that's an other discussion. But it's not just the spawns that are a problem. It's the wallbanging and the other things that aren't right. Getting shot when you're 10 feet around a corner? The health that in my opinion is way to low. You don't need gun skills anymore. I'm not saying I'm the best COD player out there, but I could win a lot more gunfights if the health would be a little more, and you needed more accuracy to kill somebody. And some of the guns are way to OP. But saying this and that, and posting feedback to them is not gonna change a damn thing. They just do stuff the way they want to do it. They made up a new spawning system that doesn't work. But I don't think they have ball's for it to admit they were way off with that. Nevertheless I'm gonna keep playing Ghosts, although the game is broken. Just playing clan v clan. Cause the people playing pubs are all camping. But maybe that's the new generation of COD players. All sitting in a corner waiting for someone to pop out. Can you imagine 12 of the same player's doing the same thing? 10min in the game and the score is still 0-0. That would be hilarious. Let's just all hope that the new 3 year cycle of bringing out games is for the best. And that the games are improving with that.

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                        218. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (4/8/14)

                        "Mute all except party" as in bo2 please

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                          219. Re: Ghosts PlayStation 3 Updates (4/8/14)

                          When you get into the game, press start and go into Mute Options and there is an option for this.

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