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      Im gonna put out all the streaks out there and what i think of them, your job is to rate them in order of there most usefulness, and the best LIST gets the correct answer and CHA_CHING a 100 points



      SAT-COM- this couldnt get any worse, you need 3 to get a decent Scanner, and you need to communicate with your teammate so you use it together, in other words this is not my favourite and i never use it.


      IMS- this is a wonderful streak just lay it around a rush hour traffic corner and watch the kills pile up, and its impossible to escape it, watch them corners


      DOG/WOLF- this think is like a bi-polar child, its not tamed and its not wild, it waits for you to die and then gets a kill or sometimes it doesnt even get a kill and just returns to you. But this is a streak that you can just cant stop using, just like in MW3 predator missiles.


      SENTRY GUN- Sentry gun is all about placement, depending on where you lay it it can be either the best streak at your disposal or worst then a SAT-COM, personally i lay it randomly and wish for atleast 3 kills, this streak is useful for cutting down main roads tho.


      BATTLE HIND- the HIND is another hit and miss kind of streak, it depends a lot on the map: open maps tons of kills, closed maps you'll wish for atleast one. I find this streak so-so i have had games where it keeps annihilating the enemy and times where it doesnt even get one kill.


      VULTURE DRONE- a flying sentry gun, probably one of the more useless streak in Ghost, slow reaction time easily destroyable. (WATCHES YOUR SIX, MORE LIKE WAIT TILL YOU DIE)


      TRINITY ROCKET- while the idea behind this was great, it did not end up the way it was predicted, sometimes the rockets go in different directions all over the place and at times the mother rocket gets a brain of its own. Im mostly lucky if i get a single kill from it.


      GRYPHON- this is probably one of the better streaks in Ghost, just recently i made a post about it asking how i can do better with it, but i realized my mistake, i was destroying the drone myself, i found out a little late when i got the patch to DESTROY GRYPHON, i was like i never ran into any and then i realized.


      MANIAC- Super speed, crazy knifing skills (MICHEAL MYERS IN ARMOUR)


      JUGGERNAUT- super slow, shows up enemy radars, easily flanked, and easily gang-banged, and no the minigun does not even things out, there are way too many negatives.


      HELO PILOT- AAS-72x what can i say man, this is the one and only BEAST STREAK in the game, anyone who uses this can get a guarantee CRAB MEAT PATCH (get 10 kills with a single streak) i have gotten more CRAB MEATS with this streak then i have used itself, and just recently i dropped a MULTI and TRIPLE in the same game same AAS-72x, best streak in the game> PERIOD


      LOKI- while i like the Viking god LOKI, it is nothing like that in the game lol, it is slow, other then that everything else on it is not so bad, it has a small rod which launchs rockets faster and reloads faster with smaller blast radius, and the large rod bigger radius more reload time, along with that you drop assault streaks from your carepackages(JUST LIKE THE OSPREY GUNNER), and to finish off the GODS power you drop a MINGUN JUGGERNAUT which chases you around if its not dead by then.  overall its a great streak, but in terms of killabilty its tied with HELO PILOT.



      so there you have it now rate them with explanation and may the best LIST WIN

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          Re: RATE MY RIDE?

          Loki is the best.  Due to the fact of the damage it can do with the rods, the juggernaut and the crates.


          There is so many tricks you can do with the loki.

          The first one is my favourite.  The normal mouse trap, drop a crate at the enemies populated area and rod anyone who gets near it. Or drop a juggernaut next to the crate and let it go rambo all over them.


          Or go commandos and just monitor the juggernaut that you drop. Its visible on enemy radar so most likely,  it becomes a heavy priority for the enemy team. Blast enemies that try to take it out.


          Note: the juggernaut can also do objectives, say if your on domination.  It can capture flags. Really good for tight situations on objective modes.


          Sharing is caring, give your team mates crates to keep the loki at effect. As teammate kills don't count towards yours, but it certainly gives your opponents a hard time and can ensure a victory.


          You can spam three crates from the loki and sometimes, you can get another loki from a loki crate.


          The small rod is the one you should spam for one target. Save the large rod for groups as its aoe can easily pull multi kills. If enemies are at cover, shoot the large rod by the entrance and you can get enemies that are under cover.


          You don't need to move around and search for opponents,  try to  note where they allarebefore using to save the moving around time.


          Loki can take down helo scout, battle hinds, and helo pilot and that is what makes itthemost devastating streak to use.

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              Re: RATE MY RIDE?

              Loki reason written above


              Helo pilot, takes out countless enemies. Easy to use and very powerful. Hard to use on small maps like free fall or roofed maps like flooded. But tops the loki on mobility as it can pick up enemies far more easier.


              Gryphon, if used right. It can be very devastating. It's mobility, target locator (thermal and target finder) and damage makes it very powerful.


              Maniac, if ur good with a kinfe and throwing knife, u can be invincible with this streak. Its speed will allow you take on countless opponents. The throwing knife can save you at difficult situations,  esp. At mid range. Use cover, stay in tight areas where ranges are all close.


              Sentry, like you said. It's all about location. It can hold down positions.  It is easy to take oit and get around, but for a 7 kill streak. .. it can be effective and at times, could take out many opponents.


              Sat coms, if this is used correctly and by a group, it can be better than the oracle. You can use a perk to gain benefit of all sat coms on the map.

              Note: only if used by a group. One person running a sat com is pointless.


              Dog/wolf as it can fail to cover u at times, but it has sooo much uses. Some even indirectly.  If your running and gunning, the dog can take out flankers and if there is a corner camper hiding in a room. Wait by the door and the dog will take it out. U can also use the dog to aware you of nearby opponents.  When it growls,  an enemy is close, when it cries, an enemy is at mid range. Look at your dog and you will see it facing the direction of the incoming enemy. Sometimes,  the dog can terrify enemies (weaker players) get confused at what to shoot at. The dog or the player and end up dying by either before responding.


              Battle hind, as this is an AI streak. It can take out enemies in the range of 0-5 per hind. It's easy to take down and isn't as scary as other streaks, but it does have an effect on the match. Sometimes it takes too long to take out targets, so it isn't really reliable to pile kills with in comparison to other streaks.


              Juggernaut,   as this is an easy target to take out. .. it should never be underestimated. Its most effective un tight closed areas. The minigun operates like the chainsaw. It's very devastating at close range. So stay away from opened areas and go into cover. U can occupy any location.  Use the pistol if u need to gi faster and use the bomb if there is opponents camping in area that you plan to enter.


              Ims, as u said can take out multiple enemies in populated areas. The motherlord of ieds lol. The ims can also hold down objectives.  Not in blitz, though.


              Trinity rocket, fast to use and can pick out 0-4 enemies. I usually get two kills... ._.but thus can be effective by pulling a few kills towards your next streak. The only problem for me, it is easy to evade and not really accurate. 


              Vulture,  low duration, doesn't really target fast enough to be effective in its small period of time.  Doesn't shoot long range. AI on it is very poor. As you can be knifed in the back while the vulture is up and it's main purpose is to cover your six (which means ur back) I have several threads requesting to buff it up for these reasons.

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                  Re: RATE MY RIDE?

                  amazing list by the way i used your tips on using the GRYPHON next game i went back and got like 6-7 kills with it, it really is a beast, what really was happening i noticed was that the enemy was not the one destroying the GRYPHON i was blowing it up lol im horrible, anyways thanks for the tips and know i have the Patch (get final kill with GRYPHON) now i just have to get kills for the other patches

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                Re: RATE MY RIDE?
                a squaddie driven,game controlled, artificially enhanced mobility scooter,whose passenger's heads blow when it meet and gets beaten by a camper van
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                  Re: RATE MY RIDE?

                  SAT COMS very useful in Hardcore Game Modes


                  Griffon is my favorite. I stay in the center of the map and fly it high moving it up and down so it won't get hit. It also helps me from destroying it myself. LOL! Also it's smart to deploy it in an open area as it will give you better reception.


                  Sentry guns and IMS. I put sentry guns in a corner facing at a 45 degree so it covers two pathways and an IMS in the rear path where someone might try flank the sentry gun from the rear. I also like to get a few long distance kills from an upstairs room and earn my IMS then leave the IMS in that room and move on. Love hearing them rage from getting out smarted.

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