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    ghosts joint top with black ops 2 for being worst cod of all time

      Tired of the BS it really is unrealistic its unbelievable really is, went on core for free for all as theres no free for all in hardcore and how people can play that i dont know and how a k7 is more deadly that s honey badger or the honey badger more deadly than the ak is really just a joke even with armour piercing, someone stabs me when i am laying down even though its a stab kill as of i was standing up i mean wtf hahahaha, my kd was 2 30 last week its now 2 15 its been the worst week ever on the game everyone seems to have this advantage, infinity ward are a disgrace please activision get rid of them like treyarch and give someone else a go at making cod just like sledgehammer are getting the chance to make cod better or average you need hungry teams out there to prove themselves in the cod community iw havent made a good cod since mw2 as i didnt play cod4, all their games are hacked more than others