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        30. Re: How IW can solve the problem with overcamping.  I hope they, and you, are reading this.

        Lol if you can't beat them join them ?? So the time runs out and no one gets any kills because they're all sitting in corners   Simply make better maps the original maps are just plain terrible . Before they released this game who play tested it ? I know they get people off the streets but what HOBOS ???? That have never played call of duty ??? PMSL might as well have been !

            I'm liking the DLC as its more classic call of duty maps but people are still playing it like its real life and they only get one life ! Quite sure the game could figure out if someone is constantly corner camping and spawn you right beside him/her so you can blow their head off ! Job done

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          31. Re: How IW can solve the problem with overcamping.  I hope they, and you, are reading this.

          sit rep,  dead silence, blast shield, agility, aim assist , all help against campers if someone uses thermal you also have incog, not to mention the kill cam that shows you were the shot came from, a sniper cant even use a silencer because of hit markers unless you get a head shot, not to mention the fact that its easier to kill a stationary target than a moving target, you have smoke grenades, stun grenades, and launchers and huds that show up where a shot just came from which makes off the grid useless, theres always a way, i had 3 people inside the castle yesterday and using a usr with variable zoom and contextual lean i was able to duck in and out with a shot in between and killed all 3 with 4 shots while they all camped

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            32. Re: How IW can solve the problem with overcamping.  I hope they, and you, are reading this.

            If only I got paid for every thread I have read complaining about campers. As already said they have been in every FPS ever, and will continue in future games too. There are already numerous things in the game to identify the camper, motion detectors, tactical equipment, support streaks, thermal scopes, the list is endless. Yes these things have counters, but no camper can run them all at once. Have different classes and pick the one you need.


            I sometimes camp, sometimes rush, but always play to the match. By that I mean adapt to the situation I find myself in to get the best result I can. No point in complaining about how others choose to play, it's their game, their right. But it is also my game, and my right to back out of a lobby if I dont like others play styles.

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              33. Re: How IW can solve the problem with overcamping.  I hope they, and you, are reading this.

              Jeremysmokin420 wrote:


              Are you kidding me?  This is Noob basics.  All of those I already implement. 

              Then if you're still being outsmarted by someone camping then you are either doing it wrong or they are simply better than you.

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                34. Re: How IW can solve the problem with overcamping.  I hope they, and you, are reading this.

                I have been and have fallen victim to countless 'camp-offs' and I must say we do see you coming every time! haha :-) I'm not sure the problem is really with camping itself, I do agree that sometimes camping is necessary, especially if your in a lobby where your whole team backs out and your left 6v2 for a few minutes until new players can join the host. Also if you end up getting spawn trapped... or it may just be that sort of game. What annoys me most is when somebody looses all track of the game type or objective over sitting in a room and clocking up kills for kill-streaks, I honestly do think that ruins the fun of the game. But with that said I think the whole format of the way COD offers up killstreaks has become very boring. It's just gone down hill since mw3.


                In order to truly balance the game out they need to separate the kill-streaks out into reward catagories that run simultaneously with each other and their delivery should vary per game type. For example...


                Kill-streaks go back to the classic... UAV @ 3, Predator @ 5 and the new guard dog @ 7. And it should get capped at that.


                Then lay score streaks on top of that as a second simultanious run racking up captures, defends, plants, defuses, revives, assists etc into a point pool with all the big hitting score-streaks as a reward for actually playing the game. Meaning if your using your chopper gunner to kill people trying to defuse your bomb then your kill-streaks will roll on. And when your playing team death match your earning score-streak points from each kill because thats the objective. For TDM you can even add a streak multiplier.


                I genuinely think a system like this would see truly good players shine.


                And lets just say death streaks made a come back. I've played many a game where I've been killed over and over, I'm talking Nuke Town spawn trapped and chopper gunner style. If there was appropriate death streaks the game would balance itself back out of that situation. The newbies could have a little fun and people wouldn't get so bored of dying all the time.


                What I'm trying to say is that the "kill-streak" system is the cause of camping. If you didn't get any big hitting rewards out of it... people wouldn't sit in a room like a **** while everyone else is trying to complete an objective. And the rest are just bored of dying over and over again.


                But its just my opinion :-)

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                  35. Re: How IW can solve the problem with overcamping.  I hope they, and you, are reading this.

                  I don't know how many other fps games you play, but people camp in games with kill streaks, and games without. It has been this way for over a DECADE. People  have/will camp because they choose to. NOTHING will EVER change that. Don't fret, next year there will be a new buzzword to blame loss on. Drewbloke, I wasn't pointing this at "you" . Please don't take offense.

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                    36. Re: How IW can solve the problem with overcamping.  I hope they, and you, are reading this.

                    Jeremysmokin420 wrote:


                    There was a reason why camping wasn't as massive in Black Ops 2 as it is in Ghosts.

                    Have i fallen into the twilight zone or something? What is the matter with people, are we so selective into out thinking that "camping" is now the topic to try to justify our fails?


                    What part of BlackOps2 complaints and whines did you miss along the way, if you were even present during that time in the forums?


                    Let me see:


                    1- Target finder LMG complaints and how cheap that was, no?

                    2- Riot shield target finding players with shock charges (did that not happen)


                    But because many who write here seem to forget so easily BO2 and Ghost are not immune to the defensive player, the dude who PREFERS to hide more often (which is his/her Choice).


                    Let me cite a few notable examples of "camping complaints" in the BO2 era:


                    1. Re: Extreme Camping
                    2. Re: Hey guys do you want to become a pro at camping? Well click on this!
                    3. Re: Patch 1.04 = More Camping!?
                    4. Re: Greatest Camping Performance Ever? The Mind Of A Camper - Discuss
                    5. Speaking of camping...
                    6. Camping!!
                    7. Camping is OP
                    8. Why DO people camp???? Just why exactly do people camp!!!


                    These are but 8 examples of the same complaint, the same attitude of failure and the same old as dirt whine,


                    What the OP fails is mostly at, that by speaking of this subject more and more, you are only PROMOTING it!


                    Its time to wake up COD player, mentioning this as you do, with the undertone that it WINS will cause more to do it. Fail throughout fail.


                    Nice Marketing for this issue.

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                      37. Re: How IW can solve the problem with overcamping.  I hope they, and you, are reading this.

                      Who are these people you speak of that play it for the fast paced action. You are one and you don't speak for anybody else but yourself. The very annoying vocal minority that repeatedly complain about camping were exposed as the minority when you couldn't even get many to play the heavy duty game mode. Unfortunately you continue to try to get the developers to force others to play your way. Too many entitled wannabe run and gunners from MW3 and BO2 that aren't remotely as good as they think they are, which is why you whine endlessly until you get the developers to change the game. How the people who use the easiest weapons to use and have the most perks to aid them continuously boast about how they are the most skilled is just laughable.


                      And a little history lessen for the revisionist historians, IW games have always been AR dominant with the exception of MW3.

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                        38. Re: How IW can solve the problem with overcamping.  I hope they, and you, are reading this.

                        Because the vast majority don't agree with you otherwise they would.

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                          39. Re: How IW can solve the problem with overcamping.  I hope they, and you, are reading this.

                          to me, although i'm not one of them, i believe that campers have the same right to be in game like everyone else!


                          question, who's the bigger fool? the one who tries to play run&gunner, when he obviously fails to be one? maybe because of a lack of skills or whatever? or the guy who realized that he lacks them and choses the camper playing style? again, to me, i play run&gunner and can tell you, i'm NOT frustrated at the end of the day, maybe because my playing style suites me unlike you...


                          and sure, ghosts is different to the other cod's, but every cod was different to the others, but the thing that all have in common, what's always the same, is the complaining about campers lol...


                          to me, i have only one enemy i fear, my biggest threat, my nemesis, the fun-killer-godzilla-ghost...the terrible spawning system! so...


                          @ teanah


                          want to remind you that there is another interesting thread too, one that you opened, one that has past the 500-comments-mark and SURELY THE BIGGEST REASON people avoid to play this game, as numbers don't lie...so why not invest worthy time to fight the REAL problem, the giant-problem compared to this tiny camper-one? (note: this here is by a ps-gamer, the console that got NO improvements on spawning since START!) hope you think about it, thx

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