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    Team Players Needed - All Platforms Ghosts

      Hey guys,


      My friends and I started a clan on Ghosts called The Irregulators and are looking for members. Your K/D does not matter, and if you don't want to, you don't even have to talk to anyone in the clan. However, we're looking for people who would like to help contribute to the clan. To get clan XP, all you'd have to do is play with anyone else in the clan - you wouldn't even have to say a word to the,. If I see you helping, I'll likely promote you before too long. It's a group where if you wanted, you could reach out to other people in the clan and play with them. You don't have to be good, our clan is completely based on being relaxed. We love to win and work together, and would love to have others to come on in and reap the rewards with us. If you want, you can also tell me about your friends and I will accept them too. We're doing well in the clan wars and want more people to come on and in and help us out if they'd like.


      To get invited on Xbox - The Jester1xx (Me)

      To get invited on Playstation - thekillerdj (Only avaliable on weekends, post here if you want in before the next weekend)

      We still need a leader on PC, so if you'd be willing to be our leader on PC, post here and I'll invite you! You may also join even if you don't want to be the PC leader.