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    Shotguns need BUFFED (not bulldog)

      I'm an avid shotgun user from MW3 and ghosts shotguns just don't compete. The range on shotguns is way too short to be a viable option on these maps and the OHK is still hit or miss with FP6 and TAC12 and the MTS just sucks period. They should put a unique feature for each shotgun such as the TAC12 or extend the range slightly while increasing the damage of each pellet. One way to make the shotguns great and fun again is making Deadeye work for each individual pellet. This would be the equivalent of putting damage on like MW3 and would take up do many perk slots that it wouldn't be OP. Anybody else miss the USAS12? Or even the Spaz12 and model? They should shorten the range on the bulldog and the fire rate slightly to make it more like the striker. Let's get our Shotties back!

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          No, Shotguns work exactly how they should in this game. Buffing them would make the OP on small maps.

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            I hate shot guns and those who use them you should all be kneecapped and banned. Too many times have I been shot from across the map (strikezone, whiteout, and now ignition) Look I own shotguns several actually. Prime example I have a 12 gauge Saiga ( think shotgun on an AK47 frame. at one hundred yards with Rifled slugs it has a drop of 10 inches. Tell me again how this is accurate? you would have to aim at the HIND to hit the player, Yes they should all be nerfed,,hell banned for that matter.

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                then i should be handicapped


                but i can see where both of you are coming from, OP thinks the shotguns suck have **** range because he is trying to use them on huge maps, you think the shotguns are cheap because you get killed from them on small maps


                heres my take 1 on this, from having used the weapons and from having died by them i have come to these conclusions


                1. if your gonna use shotguns on huge maps, get ready to go negative

                2. if you use shotguns on small maps, get ready to put on your TRYHARD PANTS cause your gonna drop at least 20 kills


                Considering how fast you die in this game shotgunners dont stand much chance in huge maps, heck even in FREEFALL there are so many long sights and its one of the smallest map


                and you all are forgetting one  big factor, because these shotguns dont have the range of MW3/BO2 shotguns we have to be super close to the enemy to kill them, trust me when i say that


                as for the shotguns


                FP6- this is the strongest shotgun, so its fair they even it out with horrible range (even then this is my favourite shotgun)

                TAC-12- its a hit and miss, because its a well balanced weapon, good power with range so they gotta make sure you get some hitmarkers


                MTS- this shotgun is so weird lol, i just cant figure out why its so horrible


                BullDOG- this is probably the most hated shotty because it is the closest to the Striker from MW3, where players just went around spraying and praying



                do the shotguns need BUFF/NERF? no you just need to choose the maps you will use the shotguns on correctly or put on over kill, run around with long range weapon and when going in buildings or close range take out the shotty, HAPPY KILLING

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                    I agree with your breakdown of the Shotties I can tell you use them. Yet I must say on the bigger maps you can use a shotgun and not go negative as long as you play right. I've noticed that ghosts maps are broken down into different areas perfect example is tremor. The burning building is for close range Shotties/SMG's and the rehab center/3 story is for AR's LMG's and then they have B Dom and C dom for snipers with long sight lines. You can effectively run a large map with a shotgun even on whiteout as long as you stay in the fishing village/cabin/sawmill.  Stonehaven is a different story though lol Shotties are far from OP in this game to everyone who thinks they are don't use them period. They could use some help just give me back USAS12 in a DLC!  haha

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                    It's an arcade shooter not a super realistic game shotguns are fun to use you have to play differently. I understand the range with slugs is unrealistic and I can't say I haven't sniped someone across map which really is kinda dumb but it's in the game so it's w.e but really how often does that happen once in 1000 kills?

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                      I can  promise that you have never been shot from across the map with any shot gun LOL. One shot kill from across the map is a sniper kill. I have no problem with shottys on ghosts one way or the other. Don't use them, but I don't have an issue being killed by them either. It happens.

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                      Agreed, and im hoping they have a dlc gun that out performs them all!?  I'd love to see the spaz make its return!  The shottys don't have an undr barrel attatchment, but could have a explosive round too!?  The trade off would be you having to load the two rounds?  Anyways,  the effective range for all of them could use 5 feet maybe!?

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                        I think the shotguns all work as they should. I see no need to buff them. MW3 had the best selection of shotguns IMO and I'd LOVE to see my beloved USAS12 make a comeback. The Spaz 12 in MW3 was a beast with grip/steady aim. BLOPS 2 shotguns were all crap. Kinda wish they'd offer more shotgun options than 4 but, oh well.

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                          Here's the real problem: you have a bunch of hackers (also player that exploit the game) to the point where they're the norm', when using shotguns, players complained about it being secondary and then it's long rang shots. Now the shotguns are at a point where you can make an argument to put it back as a secondary weapon.


                          Because as a normal player, using the shotguns in Ghosts would make you feel like they're useless. Hackers took a powerful weapon, and did some hacking crap to make it seem overpowered. There are more hackers and lames that uses hacks than regular players just playing the game the way in was made.


                          So when you see a player running the entire match by using a shotgun, with less death, that's a hacker or someone who's using exploits. Because in reality, the shotguns were screwed over. And it doesn't help much with the lag going on.


                          So for me, I want them to be secondary again. I don't want to hear people's response to my comment, if they haven't used a shotgun.

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                            As far as I know, when it comes to shotguns, Deadeye actually does affect each pellet. Now, whether they should be buffed or not, I'm Neutral leaning toward No. I can use all of the shotguns pretty effectively. The only one that I feel needs a buff is the FP6, and that'd only be a range buff. Otherwise, they're all fine to me (for those that are gonna go on about how much the MTs-255 sucks, it's my 2nd favourite shotgun behind the TAC-12. So I can't complain about it).

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                                The MTS? Really? Really really? Haha nah as long as you like it thats awesome! I am going to do some private testing on Deadeye with the Shotties to see if it actually makes a difference and I think the OHK range could be increased but only SLIGHTLY or even make it more consistent. I am pretty good with a shotgun as it is yet when I go play MW3 I feel they are perfectly balanced compared to all the COD's.

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                                1- there is apparently a shotgun coming out with dlc pack 3. i saw a picture of it somewhere online, I believe someone posted it in the forums somewhere, and it was called the jackknife or something like that.


                                as for the buffering, none of them need buffed. they all performed as they should. now as nerfing, the bull dog needs nerfed slightly. I do not have a huge issue with it, except for the power that thing possess at decent ranges. I mean for a shot gun spraying, i shouldnt be getting capped from 50 yards away in 1 shot. and it does happen, and no people im not talking about slugs, most people i see have normal ammo equipped.. im sure if you have played strike zone you know what im talking about. but it doesnt need to be nerfed to much. just a tad,


                                otherwise all is well with them. sorry about my lack of punctuation and poor spelling. im a bit out of it right now getting pissed at clan wars. stupid teams boosting all day ******* it all up, and then me being the only player to actually score for my team. only 19 points and i got them all by myself. stupid people i tell ya, stupid people.

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                                    Am I the only person that thinks the Bulldog HAS been buffed. I use the Bulldog just for fun on the smaller maps when I get bored every once in a while. The last 2 weeks or so I've been landing 2 and 3 shots without a kill. In fact, getting knifed after landing the shots. And I don't mean once in a while, I mean to the point where it's almost unusable! Anyone else notice this?

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                                      I would actually really like to see them put another shotgun in a DLC I must admit and if you come across a picture or link showing the new shotgun please post it. I agree completely with your opinion on the Bulldog what irritates me is how badly it makes you flinch... to the point even if you try to return fire your aim is so off you die regardless. The Striker from MW3 is how they should make it IMO. Sorry to hear about your clan not helping you out in clan wars thats not right man especially when you are working your a** off trying to get a node lol I think it's time for a better/more active clan dude lol

                                      P.S. it's an online forum I think you can get away with not having flawless punctuation it's not like we are writing an article for a magazine or something you need actual proper punctuation haha