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        200. Re: Ghosts Xbox One Updates (3/4/14)

        I love all of the updates to the playlists. Any chance we will see an actual game of Hardpoint??

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          201. Re: Ghosts Xbox One Updates (4/22/14)

          Thread updated.

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            202. Re: Ghosts Xbox One Updates (4/22/14)

            fix the spawns


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              203. Re: Ghosts Xbox One Updates (4/22/14)

              05/13/14 Update = The grenade turret ruined in Extinction.  I wonder what else there is...


              The way the g.t. works now is not intuitive and too unpredictable for solo, all hardcore and all 4+relic games (large invisible radius where either grenades don't explode or they explode without doing damage).  It now has the performance and reliability of a potato gun.  Might as well have deleted the g.t. as a loadout option altogether.


              The game is automatically starting the breeder on solo/co-op after the last hive on Nightfall.  I think this happened when attempting to make a player that joins during a breeder fight spawn with the breeder on Nightfall. 


              Were the Venom-X ammo pickup scheme mods intentional?  Seems like this change coincided with the attempt to fix the invisible Venom issue.  What it is now is illogical.


              Heavy damage will still cause players to glitch into walls permanently. 

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                204. Re: Ghosts Xbox One Updates (5/13/14)

                So i notticed a lot of people just use this forum to complain...


                - "Guard dog needs to be weaker."

                No you need to play better buttercup, aim and hold the trigger down.


                -"Spawns aren't fixed!"

                They're not going to be perfect. There is a way of holding the spawn on every map. Find a team and do this and it'll eliminate the, "This F*** just spawned right in front of me!?!"


                -"Why don't you guys fix this?!"

                Give it a rest already....

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                  205. Re: Ghosts Xbox One Updates (5/13/14)

                  What do you use it for? To complain about complaining? The forum mods have asked members for feedback about the game. If this is "tell forum members what to do day" I'd say they should continue giving feed back, and troll posters should find another forum.

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                    206. Re: Ghosts Xbox One Updates (5/13/14)

                    you neglected to tell all the extinction players one thing in your newest update... they nerfed the grenade turret, no more firing at the ground if the enemies are nearby... there is no more explosion by your feet when fired within 15 feet of yourself. the rounds just stick to the ground like glue.... lame. if your gonna make an update make sure you include all the right information. or maybe its in their and im reading it wrong. Please fix and let all of your fellow extinction players of the newest "fix" to their precious grenade turret.



                    Extinction Player

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                      207. Re: Ghosts Xbox One Updates (5/13/14)

                           So people have been complaining about bull crap in COD Ghosts. Well...I believe most of that is from TTK. Players get killed so fast it is hard to comprehend what happened. It might be hard to understand what I'm saying but the speed in which you die is contributing to claims of BS in the game. I die so fast I don't see blood on my screen. I don't know how many times I flinched therefor I don't really know how many times people shot me. The hit markers are much improved in this game. So in reality, it seems like we die and kill fast, but really, it is the fact that bullets register as bullets. We think we die fast in the game, but that is actually good hit detection. When the Heavy Duty playlist was introduced I saw the amazing potential this game has. For people that don't know, Heavy Duty was a short lived game mode that had increased health for all players. It was incredible. There would be more gun fights, less campers...because they are not scared to go out of there caves knowing they wouldn't be shot in a second. If you were being shot at from the front you could aim down sights and have an increased chance of winning the gun fight. At the moment it is coming down to who has aimed down first. *Cough* camping *Cough*


                      You could turn on a camper have have the time to aim down sights and kill the camping infection!


                      I think more health would decrease a number of campers. The large maps, the very short time to kill, and the lack of players on large maps encourages camping. Thats it. The standard playlist should be what ground war offers. Ground war should be 12v12. C'mon guys! It is 2013 or 14 now I guess. I remember my long loved game in 2007 right when the ps3 just came out. Warhawk could cram in 32 players in a game. That is pretty damn good for a game in 2007.


                      Anyway, back on the topic of campers. The camping hoards, I believe, would abandon their caves and normal players can indulge themselves the fast paced game play of what Ghosts had to offer. My time spent in Heavy Duty really showed me the potential. Many various issues and flaws people pointed out in normal playlists were not seen in Heavy Duty.


                      This game has a chance!!! Just listen to the community Infinity Ward!

                      It would be surprising to see if a dev saw this which is most likely not going to happen. Although I had to do it so I can have the right to complain about the BS.


                      I made the effort to suggest the fixes.



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                        208. Re: Ghosts Xbox One Updates (5/13/14)

                        How I found out:  started a hive, got on turret, immediately died, got back on the turret, immediately died


                        It was nice having this as an alternative to the portable turret.  5-relic runs, especially in hardcore and solo mode, will be impossible to score well on let alone escape if they do this to the portable turret as well.  This change leaves only one viable strategy.   

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                          209. Re: Ghosts Xbox One Updates (5/13/14)

                          the new game mode reinforce was never added into the game? was looking forward to trying it and now am rather upset that it is mentioned in the patch notes but not in the game itself.

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