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      Now i have come across tons of different players, there are those that are really good and then there are those that think they are good. Now we all know the story about the players that think they are good, i wanna talk about the players that know they are good.



      So these players have above average KD, and drop more kills then anyone in the lobby and end up at the top of the leaderboard often, these players know they are good, ARE THEY REALLY?


      What if i was to say that player with a 2KD is not really good, its just that the players he is playing against are SH*T, has anyone who does good at this game think that? I mean if the enemy team is evenly balanced and you still drop the same amount of kills and end a top of leaderboard KUDOS to you.



      But the truth is, the enemy team is SH*T and not only that your team is SH*T too, hence you are able to do so well, but no good players are so ignorant they think they are good no matter what, they never stop to think.



      I have 2.34 KD 3.02 W/L stilirise1979 is my witness, i think of myself as the player that just gets lucky thats all, im not good im lucky, i just end up being in the right place at the right time and get lucky, im horrible player in fact.




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          1. Re: SO YOU THINK YOUR GOOD?

          I'm sure that has a lot to do with it, but technically, if you are better then bad or average players in the lobby, you are pretty good. In that situation at least.


          Also, we all like to say the match system is broken, but think about it. If the match system paired good players against only other good players, there would be a lot of people raging and quitting COD. It's sad, but true.

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            2. Re: SO YOU THINK YOUR GOOD?

            or people would be reverse boosting like we had in BO2

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              3. Re: SO YOU THINK YOUR GOOD?

              I fully agree on the matchmaking system. If the 2+ K/D players only had to play each other and didn't get easy targets with the 1.00 or less many people would quickly find out they are not as good as they think they are. Opposite is probably also true. Some low K/D players might move up when not playing against guys doing this since COD4 with 4+ K/D's.

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                4. Re: SO YOU THINK YOUR GOOD?

                There's a reason they call me OP Bare B

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                  5. Re: SO YOU THINK YOUR GOOD?

                  better players will have luck on their side more often than less talented players.

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                    6. Re: SO YOU THINK YOUR GOOD?

                    I believe its all about experience. Map knowledge and how a game mode is best played. I understand your point with good players avoiding competition to preserve their KD, but a truefully good player only shows his/her skills when placed under a hard match. Then again,  a competitive team that you are facing doesn't actually determine how good you are, because you could have a crappy team vs a  a full party of skillful players. Say that good player held down the team, but that doesn't change the fact that the team could be feeding kills on the team mates giving the enemies streaks that drop huge disadvantages against the good player in the crappy team.


                    Then again, each game mode has its definition of a good player, how a player uses a weapon and when it is used could also define a good player.


                    I do know a few players that leap from lobby to lobby looking for an easy win.


                    The best way to actually define a good player that has a high kd is looking at the leaderboards. Check the average kills per match on the kill board. The average kills display the usual amount of players that you may drop in a match (based on a major calculation of your kills vs time played)


                    In other words, you may find a player with 3+kd and when you see his average. .. its like 8. Which means he just camps most of the time.


                    Average kill specifications

                    0-5 noob

                    5-10 camper

                    10-15 good

                    15-20 expert

                    20+ professional

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                      7. Re: SO YOU THINK YOUR GOOD?

                      Still boils down to connection. Who has host, who doesn't. I've gone into lobbies with my teammates, all of them are 2.5 K/D's or higher and are good players. We'll get matched against complete randoms with 0.7 K/D's or lower. Yet one of them has host and they completely dominate us as we're almost a full second behind them. All of them are positive while my squad are all negative? Doesn't make sense and shouldn't be that way.


                      I'll play solo in TDM or KC and, clearly, I'll have host and go on a tear like 25-3 or something while the opposing team, filled with good to average players, are all double negative. Next game, hosts change and it's the complete opposite and I'm the one going double negative and they're all going positive. Before any of you say get better internet, I have Verizon FIOS so, yeah, I already have good internet.

                      Personally, I think I'm an OK player, not great but definitely not a noob. Were connection/host not an issue, I think I could be a 1.75 K/D player, maybe even a 2 K/D player. Currently I'm 1.40 K/D which isn't bad IMO but I think I'm a little better than that.

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                        8. Re: SO YOU THINK YOUR GOOD?

                        UH Ok its connection , it the others guys suck, its im that good,,,,,Bullsheet. How about this for a thread, instead of wasting time and space with such things for the rest of the day post what you like about Ghosts, no posts on hacks mods, campers, connection, just what about the game you like. Yeah lets try that for half day

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                          9. Re: SO YOU THINK YOUR GOOD?

                          I agree with you entirely actually, I too romp the games when I am host it does make one hell of a difference but then so does everyone.

                          Therefore you have to consider your kd as the average it is.

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