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        50. Re: LAG

        YA who wants to play when my kid was a 1.732 and now 3 weeks later a .66 seriously Til they update its going to keep having less people playing Til almost none only game I lag titanfall I have a 7.8 kd and I just started when it came out

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          51. Re: LAG

          That's not why there's lag. Ghosts does NOT have a lag compensation problem. It has a huge host advantage. Pro players constantly talk about it. The players who dominate are closer to the host. It's even worse if you go solo because you often are put against parties who all live close to each other and pull host. The problem right now is that the game is putting people far away from each other in the same lobbies. Your comment suggest lag compensation is the problem, but Ghosts has never had a lag compensation problem. I personally blame DLC because it's shrinking the playerbase and spreading players out. It's often going to put DLC users in the same lobby even if they aren't playing on a DLC map. It prioritizes DLC players instead of good connection.

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            52. Re: LAG

            Lag has been horrible since the last update. Now that we have split lobbies for DLC and non-DLC players and a declining player population it has gotten really bad. A couple of nights ago I was playing on Fog and I had to fire before seeing anyone to have a chance at killing them. One encounter summed up how bad it was getting for me. I decided I was going to raise my sights well before reached any corner and did so in the caves. As I moved to the bend an opponent turned the corner and instantly killed me. On the kill cam he saw and fired at me before I raised my sights. On my view I raised my sights well before he got into my view. Shades of MW3. Unfortunately I don't see it getting better with more DLC drops upcoming. 

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              53. Re: LAG

              I believe you are correct. In fact if you play in a party with many players from the same area I think you will have a significant advantage.

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                54. Re: LAG

                First of all you might want to read it again. I never stated why there was lag. I stated a simple fact that when you play in a lobby all the players in that lobby goes to the worst ping. Been the same in all CODs. Its pretty much in most online games.


                You also contradicted yourself. If you are further away lag compensation is the problem because the game uses lag compensation to make up for variances in the connections.


                As for your statement that ghosts has never had a lag comp problem you must be new to the forums. People still complain about lag comp. And you know what they claim ? That people closer to the host with a better connection get punished for being closer to the host or having a better ping. So if closer to the host is benefiting then why are people complaining about being punished.


                Splitting players up is a totally different animal. And being further away also means nothing . You can still be further away than someone else and yet have a better ping. In Titanfall for example when connecting to the servers in the central south I have a least a ping that is at least 20 ms lower than someone in Chicago that is closer to the servers. Why ? Most likely because the population from me to the servers is a lot less in between.


                Now if you have a better ping to the host (because distance does not always determine ping) if you both fired at the same time OF COURSE you would win the gunfight because you have a better ping. Thats how it is in all FPS games.


                And if you play on an actual server you dont get host advantage because no player is actually host.


                And being in a party also does not guarantee that you will be closer to the host.

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                  55. Re: LAG

                  its bad enough that you do it once. Its even worse when you spam it.

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                    56. Re: LAG

                    so wat wud b a recomended download , upload and ping speeds

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                      57. Re: LAG

                      Doesnt really matter. You aren't in control of who the game matches you up with. If others in your lobby have a bad ping, some will get punished.

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