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    Open your eyes IW!


      Yeah guys, i'm creating this topic to discuss with you, people, about the situation of Ghosts, i do like very much the game, but are a few of things that are very wrong, and this things are the LMG's, the thermal scope and the IED's.

      Lets begin with the M27, this weapon needs a huge nerf, the recoil is near zero, the damage is a 3 **** kill at close, medium and mid-long distances, and the thermal scopes REDUCES the recoil, while adds a X-Ray vison, is ridiculous, they can add a few of blur in the thermal, incrase the recoil and nerf the damage of the m27.

      And the IED's (Improvised explosive device, AKA Invisible explosive device) is the most annoying explosive trap of all COD's, when you hear the "bip, bip" you are dead, can't escape.

      And, talking about hackers and cheaters, i find a freaking cheater at least once a week, enter the match, my allies are red and the score bar is giant, all the enemy team is in the 10th prestige with 2 hours of game.


      I still playing COD Ghosts because i enjoy the game, but a big part of the old COD Community gave up the game, my first COD was MW2, and, unfortunately, MW2 is full of hackers on PS3.

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          Sounds to me like your issue is between the controller and the couch.

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            M27 is fine, funny how you didnt mention any of the other weapons such as the LSAT highest fire-rate if i remember correctly, put on grip and no problem with that


            IED- can be stopped with sitrep, or you dont wanna change your classes but wanna complain about it?

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              I'll agree with only one of your complaints, the thermal scope..I have been outspoken against that cheese since ghosts came out



              Oh actually I guess its 2,

              Ya sick of cheaters and hackers

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                Lmg lacks mobility and the fire rate of most of them isn't as fast as a smg or ar. You can easily outgun a lmg user with a sniper, AR or SMG. Shotguns and pistols with akimbo  too. However,  lmg sacerfices mobility for a more steady pace of handling incoming enemies. It is good as it is and isn't overpowered.


                Regarding thermal, incog resists it, therefore,  there is nothing to say about it. Make a run and gun class with an smg using incog, marathon, dead silence and ready up and take out lmg thermal users at ease. Most lmg thermal users are camped in situations where they can see everything.  Stay out of opened areas and common sniping routes to avoid them. Take paths that are covered until you can get close enough to take out the enemy.


                Ied, 4 options

                1.Focus before running into common areas that may have an enemy situated.  You csn easily spot the orange light that flashes. If not placed in a smart hiding spot.

                2. Jump once you hear the beep. It works, you can survive and yoh will get used to it.

                3. Sitrep, points it out for you.

                4. Blastshield, Blastshield will allow you to survive the explosion.


                Cheaters and hackers, there was a big number of them, but they are decreasing and getting banned for their actions. just keep reporting ingame or just move on to another lobby.if you don't report it, be sure that many others will.

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                  because of posts like this, this game loses value.

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                    While I would agree that the cheaters and hackers are rampant.  You should consider yourself lucky that you are only running into it once a week.  Even though I think it may be getting better there are reports of players finding them in 8 out of 10 games they play on a daily basis.


                    As for the rest of your post...Yawn.  It would have been easier for you to just type "Nerf the IED" or "Nerf the M27" or "Thermal" in the search bar and you will find a multitude of posts where these very subjects have already been hammered well below the surface to the point many have become numb to them (including IW I would presume).  It's really just another in the hundreds of "Nerf the stuff that keeps killing me" rants.


                    But hey, at least you still enjoy playing the game!  

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                      try e-sports mode.. no IEDs there... but then you'll probably start hating the MTARX and not the M27! lol

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                          Thermal isn't "X-Ray" if it was you would see people through walls lol.


                          I myself use an I.E.D but I also use Sitrep.... Blast shield is good to but I find Sitrep better because it also shows you Sentrie Guns, and Satcoms so you can avoid the Sentries and take out Satcoms if you wish.


                          The M27... idk haven't had mush of a problem with getting killed by it so far.

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                            I am pretty sure the game didn't die because of LMGs and IEDs considering they are still used less than assault rifles and smgs and C4. In game items aren't killing the game self entitled lazy complainers are killing the game. The devs are also killing the game by listening to these complainers instead of fixing the game itself.

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                              Thermal vision began development in 1923. That's a long time ago! It has gotten better for 90 years now. I can't believe people are complaining about a technology that has been around for years now.


                              Heck let's go back to the good old Thompson "Tommy" gun and your secondary is a sling shot that shot angry feathered projectiles for mobility and a bear trap , an ACME Wile E. Coyote boulder on top of a canyon or a round ACME bomb   for your lethals.

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                                I think the thermal scope shouldn't be a hybrid.  I feel that using a thermal should make the player less effective at close range and more effective at long range.  Incog costs way too many points.  Three points to avoid thermals seems kind of ridiculous.  The ied is vastly superior to the bouncing betties and claymores from previous cods.  I feel that it would be better balanced if they slightly delayed the detonation time.

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                                    The IED has been reduced you should search for IED nerf or patch. There are plenty of videos out there for you to watch from creditable Youtube gamers showing you how it's been NERFed.


                                    The thermal is a distance enhancement for you guys running no sight and red dots then if you get shot from far away the the thermal has and advantage because it has a 4x zoom also. Up close the red dot has the better accuracy. People with thermals should hip fire at close range then aim in at close range. It takes too much time to switch between the thermal and hybrid red dot.

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                                    ied has been nerfed,even with danger close(4)fitted peeps with blastsheild(2)can still run past and not die,also sitrep(2) works..incog also no name,no hitmarkers,and you still get seen in the thermal just dont glow