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    Girl player, seeking for Help BO2

      Hi, as you could see above I am a girl, not bragging about it ( sorry if so) But I would really like some tips/advice from those other gamers out there in the community


      I generally have a Issue , where I always tend to rush into a game , or I don't seem to ADS quick enough to get that kill. Im not sure whether or not I am picking the right gun or what I generally use the Mercenary class ... practically ,because it has the Reflex aim and I find it easier to kill with it.


      I don't camp , although I generally fount that in BO1 I did ( Rarely) because I felt that I was running around and getting killed near spawn spots that I THOUGHT would be clear... I cant even remain a camper long enough as i get killed after killing 2 people in that one spot lol.


      I also have this problem , not medical xD , where I seem to always go near the center or everything.. umm you know where the gun fights generally happen. I feel like I dont want to be stuck near the back of the map , but I also don't like getting too close.


      AND OMG.. when ever I am near a wall just near a entrance of a door a player runs past, I shoot them miss ( VERY likely ) and then they turn around and kill me.. >.<


      If you would like to know a bit more on my issue and think you can help me, I will kindly answer , but please be aware I am not very aware on the abbreviations on this game or certain key terms as I have not been playing this game for 1+ year so please be nice ^_^



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          Re: Girl player, seeking for Help BO2

          Hi, let me share some of my tips and tricks so you can improve.

          1. Play stealthy (Optional). I like to play stealthy because it doesn't attract a lot of attention, unless i've just ran into the enemy spawn zone . I do this by choosing a weapon and putting a Silencer on it (unless using a Sniper Rifle). This will keep you off the mini-map when firing your weapon. I also use Ghost (Perk 1) to keep me from showing up on UAV's when moving. These two things will keep you off the Radar, which will help you stay a little bit less detectable.


          2. Your Weapon. Depending on your weapon, you should try to play to it's strengths. The Assault Rifles are designed for medium to long-range engagements, but some are designed for close-quarter engagements. SMG's are best suited for close quarters so they should be used at that range e.g rooms, small walkways.


          3.  As for ADSing faster, the Quickdraw handle does just that. If you prefer to be aiming before you turn a corner, the Adjustable Stock lets you move faster when aiming.


          I've got lots more but i'll do them tmrw cos it's 4.00am and i'm tired as ****. My PSN is xXMJIOLNIRXx i'm experienced and know a lot of tricks and stuff which will come in handy

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            Re: Girl player, seeking for Help BO2

            Hello I read pretty much everything you wrote in this forum... here are a few suggestion from me to you.


            1: Start practicing on bots. You can set them from level recruit up to veteran to see which class you wont have trouble with, its a good solution since you said you have trouble with killing them. (Start from normal see how it goes if you feel you can get 10 kills with 2 deaths only then that's good) always make sure your deaths never pass your kills, that always looks bad.


            2: Study each map very well (So this means in a custom game try to figure out camping spots you've never seen online players use, as well remember camping spots online players have used since the time you have returned back to BO2). The reason I say remember their camping spots is because if they use those certain spots then it means most likely other players know about that spot too. So now when you play online you will be more cautious and will check the spots you have died so many times in.


            3: If the set you use is Assault rifle then I suggest you have the certain perks and attachments for this set:

            Attachments scopes: Reflex, Target finder, or ACOG Scope (Seems to make you see more further)

            Attachments: Fast mag (If you hate having to reload slow, then this will help make you reload faster then them), Fore Grip (Helps you control your weapon if you are not able to handle it), Stock (Makes you turn your gun faster so you will able to look quickly).

            Perks 1: Ghost (Helps you prevent being spotted when an enemy uses UAV), Hardline (If you wish to get your score streaks faster) and lastly Light weight (Run faster then any other player, this gives you a chance to make it to spot you want once the game is started unless the enemy is using light weight too).

            Perks 2: Cold blood (This prevents you from being spotted from an enemies target finder), scavenger (Helps you Re-Ammo so you wont run out of amo, just pick up the little blue bag carfully without dieing)

            Perks 3: Engineer (helps you run through enemies bombs and see their tactical or any score streaks like sentry gun).


            Best perks to use at same time: Ghost, Cold blood/Scavenger, Engineer


            4: When you are using the set (Guns) make sure you don't just think you are good with one gun, start using other guns too. Most likey you will see that their is a gun you will be good with.


            5: Do not I mean do not shot without aiming I see most people do not aim when they shoot from a far distance or medium distance. Eventually if you try yourself you will see it will take one whole amo just to kill them if you don't aim from far away. Their is a chance you may kill them from a short distance without aiming but it is always best to aim it.


            6: Make sure you are playing with a good team if you are playing hardcore do not shoot your team mates. Learn the difference from your team from the enemies okay?


            7: Try practicing in a custom game with an online player who is willing to help you get better.


            Well just remember these main rules when playing or before playing again.


            If you would like to see how I play which maybe will give you an idea how I know these rules will work:

            Go to youtube and search: Optic-S-Killer (The O,S and K do have to be capitalized in order for you to find the video)


            I will gladly help you get better if you want want to play at some point.

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              Re: Girl player, seeking for Help BO2

              Hi, you should add me at sgtRyanV or illl add you (Im 12 and pretty good). I can teach u a lot even how to quickscope trust me i will make it easy for u... PSN: sgtRyanV

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                Re: Girl player, seeking for Help BO2

                Thanks guys so much for the information!!


                My PSN is my username on here ; ICONicHolleh

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                  Re: Girl player, seeking for Help BO2

                  Sure! But I havent got a Mic :3 I'll add you

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                    Re: Girl player, seeking for Help BO2

                    It seems that you're having trouble with reaction speed. Tips for aiming faster is to use the Quickdraw handle attachment or use Dexterity. Quickdraw reduces the time it takes to aim while walking or not moving, but when running the effects are less noticable. Dexterity (Perk 3)  lets you ready your weapon and aim faster after sprinting. I always use Dexterity, because it helps you  if you play more offensive. Dexterity also lets you climb/mantle obstacles faster, which is a added bonus.


                    Now looking at when a enemy runs past you, if you have an Assault Rifle, try and aim for the chest and above. If you're using a Submachine Gun try hip-firing (not aiming). This is kind of hard to address because i've never had this problem. What i would do is check the minimap to see if any enemies are shooting and see how close they are to me. If there is an enemy, i'll wait for them to pass me then shoot them in the back or if they know i'm there and are waiting for me to run in, i wait a few seconds then just jump into the room and shoot


                    To reduce the amount of times you die by being in the middle, try looking for the side path which looks into that area. Like on Turbine the path that leads to the mounted machinegun room is more covered than the middle so it is safer to take, but be careful of players that might be looking at that spot (you won't always know if they're watching, just anticipate where you think someone might be, referring to S-killer's #2: Study the map), because there could be enemy snipers. One tip to find or avoid your enemies is to look at the location of teammates on the minimap. If most of your teammates are on one side of the map, the enemy is most likely going to be at the other because the game is going to try and respawn your enemies at a safe place, further away from their enemies (your teammates).


                    Here are some attachments and perks that could improve your gameplay

                    -Laser Sight: Reduces/tightens hip-fire (non-ADS) spread

                    -Quickdraw: Faster ADS

                    -Stock: Move faster while in ADS

                    -Dexterity: Aim faster after sprinting

                    -Toughness: Less flinch when harmed

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                      Re: Girl player, seeking for Help BO2

                      Other tips would be:


                      Don't sprint everywhere, by all means sprint from cover to cover but don't sprint into the open.


                      Aim down your scope as you go around corners slowly.


                      When you enter rooms always check your corners and enter the room expecting someone to be there.


                      After camping and getting about 2 kills, move on to another camping spot.


                      Quickdraw and Foregrip would be good attachments to use until you get used to how the gun(s) handle.


                      Supressor keeps you off the map as well and used with other stealth perks can make you almost invisible to streaks and red dot stalkers.


                      Firing in bursts is better than holding your finger on the trigger button causing your gun to recoil and move off target.


                      Use Engineer it shows up enemy equipment like Sentry Guns, Guardians, Bouncing Bettys and Claymores in red, teamed with an EMP Grenade will help you destroy this equipment.


                      Most of all. Just have fun playing the game.

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                        Re: Girl player, seeking for Help BO2

                        eeveryone add me psn is YoBoLoRoUoXo I have no mic atm

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                          Re: Girl player, seeking for Help BO2

                          Add me z-yTry I can carry u thru every game xD

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