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    My Nightfall guide (solo)


      weapon specialist

      armor piercing ammo(try n buy the upgrade)



      riot shield



      • Remember dont search any spots at the beginning of the game
      • try and complete all the challenges in this first area
      • knife as many of the aliens in the first area as possible dont waist your ammo
      • keep a riot shield on your back
      • spend your money wisely but never keep max money if u spend money wile on a hive you will get more hive bonus.
      • Use the traps


      First Area:

      Upgrade order - Weapon specialist +3 then max ammo



      Your going to want to clear 2 hives with one of those hives being the locker room. If you completed all of the challenges with these first 2 hives u should have atleast 4 skill points put them all on your weapon specialist making it +3 (fast reloading) you should also have enough money to buy the LSAT out of the locker room so do so.


      After you destroy your second hive and have your LSAT its now ok to start searching go through and try n find atleast grip and muzzle but if u can get rapid fire also that would be great. Also try and find atleast 1 Trophy system. place the trophy system next to the snowcat thats in front of the breeder fence.(trophys block the fire bombs)


      After your finished searching destroy the rest of the hives in this area wile completing the challenges. Afterwords you should have enough skill points to max your ammo so do so. Now it should be time to fight the breader for the first time.


      drop some armor piercing ammo if u dont have much and if u have enough cash for a sentry place a sentry between the stairs and the side of the tower so that it can help protect your back. Stand next to the snowcat near your trophy. when the breeder life bar shows up start shooting its head b4 the breeder unleashes its machine gun attack (duck behind the snowcat for protection) afterwords  stand up and continue shooting the breeder. dont worry about the eggs or the fire bomb just keep shooting the breeder. if u do this right it will only take 1 1/2 clips of the LSAT to take the breeder out.


      Second Area:


      Upgrade order- Armor +2, Sentry +3, Armor +4. Weapon specialist +4


      Secret Rhino- After beating the breeder rush through the fence and he should be up on top of the locker room, use your sentry if its still alive to help take it out for some extra cash


      Once you defeat the breeder you should have 2 skill points put them both on armor. then its time to search. Try finding the remaining of your attachments your going to want muzzle, grip, red dot, and rapid fire. once again keep an eye out for trophy systems. bring any trophy systems u have left from the previous areas or find in this one and try and put atleast 1 on each hive.


      once you finish searching your going to want to destroy the "out in the open" hives and by this i mean hives that dont have traps, such as the one between the stairs and the building on the right after you first beat the breeder, or the one to the left up on the deck after you first defeat the breeder. there is also the one with the crate that has the trap on top that one is aggravating at later times so knock it out as fast as possible.


      when destroying your  "out in the open" hive drop a sentry right next to the hive so it can help kill any aliens. With any luck your sentry will survive and u can take it and any trophy u had on that hive with you to the next hive. Spend any skill points u have on your sentry (i know your armor is only +2 but thats fine) your sentry should be +2 if you completed the challenges.


      your second hive, just like in the first area will be the locker room place the sentry next to the hive so that it will have some cover from top and behind from alien attacks drop your trophy if u have one if. protect your sentry from being destroyed but dont flip out if it does get destroyed just drop your upgraded sentry in the same place. (note - only buy 1 sentry for each hive, always try n take your sentry to the next hive.) if you completed the challenge here spend your points on your sentry to make it +3


      after you open the locker room DO NOT and i repeat DO NOT buy the chainsaw just stick with the LSAT through the entire game. after opening the locker room the next hive will probably be the corner hive.


      place your sentry under the ledge next to the ladder facing the hive, place any trophy systems that you have in the area around u and your sentry, turn the fire trap on and try and stay between your sentry and the crate so that the Rhino(if it spawns) spawns right in front of your sentry. take it out with your LSAT quickly and then let your sentry mop up, (remember keep your sentry safe) use your LSAT to take out any Scorpions. Now its time to upgrade your armor to +4.


      Barrier hive on the left:

      Now it should be time for the barrier hive. If your lucky and get the barrier hive that's to the left under the catwalk then place your sentry on the ground in the corner set all your trophy systems down in front of you, turn the fire trap on and set the drill and keep the same plan as b4 protect your sentry, let it take out most the aliens but be careful because if a rhino spawns it usually drops down off of the catwalk in front of u. help your sentry take it out wile you get away from the rhino. if the rhino destroys your sentry drop another  and take it out. ( spend any points u get on maxing your weapon specialist)


      Barrier hive on the Ledge:

      Now if you have bad luck and get stuck with the ledge hive dont feel bad there is still a pretty easy way to do it. Bring your sentry gun and place it between the giant propane tank and the building. put it back up against the fence so that it can take out any aliens on the drill or in front. drop your trophy systems around u and your sentry gun. remember to take the scorpions out with your LSAT as fast as possible. If a rhino spawns it will usually spawn somewere around the propane tank but i have had one sometimes drop off of the catwalk above the other barrier hive. drop it with your LSAT and sentry pretty fast and open up the next area. (remember to spend any points on maxing your weapon specialist)


      Final Area:


      Upgrade Order - Weapon specialist +4, and the rest can go on your shield. dont worry about upgrading pistols unless u just want to or have leftover points


      Secret Rhino- Now after the breeder opens up the way into the warehouse grab your sentry and run up the stairs dropping your sentry facing the catwalk then run to the catwalk to make a rhino run out after u. take it out with your LSAT and Sentry to get a little extra cash.


      go ahead and bring any extra trophy systems and your sentry place your sentry at the center hive in the left corner facing the hive so that it can hit aliens coming in from all directions. drop A trophy down near it and go searching. by now you should have all the attachments u need but if not now will be your last chance to get them. Any trophy systems u find place 1 on each of the hives if possible.


      after your done searching turn both of the electrical traps on that are around the center hive. plant the drill and go to work. Remember to try and only buy 1 sentry gun per hive if possible and keep the electrical traps on in the center at ALL times when destroying the hive. by now u should have everything important (weapon specialist. ammo, armor, sentry) maxed or close to having it maxed so u dont have to worry about challenges as much in here unless ur going for the achievement


      Grab the venom x and go to the next hive, preferably the corner hive behind the stairs(the ones leading down into the warehouse). place your sentry facing out away from the hive and turn the electrical traps in the center back on same thing as always keep your sentry alive at all times.


      once that hive is destroyed u can do the other hives in any order you want just remember to always keep your sentry safe, kill any scorpions. keep the center electrical traps on at all times. and you will be fine.


      the last hive at the very top of the room isnt as hard as people think. place your sentry gun on the trap part of the platform in one of the corners facing the hive. plant the drill and jump down turning on both electrical traps. then climb back up the ladder and sit beside the drill taking out any aliens including rhinos (i had at most 2 rhinos come 1 at a time) make sure the traps stay on jump down if u need to and climb back up until that hive is destroyed.

      Breeder End Game:


      make sure you have full ammo, your gun is reloaded and have armor. If your sentry gun is still there pick it up and run with it into the breeder area run to the far right corner behind the snowcat and set your sentry down in the corner facing the breeder and pull out your venom X.


      contrary to most peoples belief. you dont have to shoot the breeder in the head with the venom x but it does help alot .shoot the breeder and detonate the venom x 3 times to make it fall. switch to your LSAT really fast as you run to the breeder. shoot it in the side in the Glowing part of its body. as it stands up you can shoot it in the face like normal. but quickly run back behind the snowcat.


      reload quickly keep aliens off your sentry some should have dropped venom x pick it up. reload your venom x. now if u did enough damage to it the breeder will run off for a bit and aliens will come. to the right of the snowcat and next to the hive a rhino will pop up. your sentry should help u hit it but quickly take it out with your LSAT as it appears. The Breeder will launch eggs to the far left (where you ran in at) and will spawn hunters take them out to get a few more venom x ammo. do this untill the breeder returns.


      Reload all your weapons as the breeder is returning and pull out your venom x then shoot and detonate 3 more times to make the breeder fall one last time. quickly run out there and shoot in the glowing part of its body and or its head. if you did enough damage to it u will have taken the breeder out, plus gotten the speed slayer achievement. But watch out for stray aliens.. they can still cause you to go down and lose even if the breeder is defeated.


      I hope this guide helps. if you have any questions just ask.